Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Link of the Moment: Let's Dance to this Song

i'm going to share a music video below. what makes the music video special? well, it gave me inspiration. how? the star in the mv is kev jumba (he's in amazing race now with his dad). and if you have heard him sing.. you'll be surprised that he has a mv. iyaz told him in his face that he doesn't want to sing with him coz he can't sing. trust me, he really can't. and also, see how philip wang dances in the video. another reason for me to be inspired. hahaha.

if you're not aware of it, i have the best singing voice in town. and i can dance so well, that i would win first place if i join contests. okay, in all honesty, i am honest. bwahaha. for the first time i'm going to hell. hahaha.

that's why this mv gave me hope that i can have my own mv in the future. this mv is part of the funemployed webseries that is a funny series in youtube. and also, my sister and i would somehow get a last-song syndrome when we hear this. and the lyrics of the song is really true. the most cliche pop song. hahaha.

hope you'll also enjoy the video. wait! i don't need to be a youtube star to have my own mv, right?


Sidney said...

Kumusta ka na? Long time no hear !
I hope you will get your own music video soon ! Look forward to it !

dodong flores said...

I echo Sidney's comment. I'd love to see your own music video. We'll be your very very first fan...

tin-tin said...

hahaha. thanks sidney and dodong!
calling mtv or channel v, i already have fans. hahaha ;p