Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the Series Goes On

i admit. i love watching drama series. and somehow, i prefer asian series. why? because they are just a number of episodes. unlike american series that have lots of seasons. it's just that, sometimes after the first season, i don't get to follow anymore.

here are my favorite series. you could try watching them if you like. i'm sure you could find subbed versions. hehehe.

Bad Family/Wanted: Perfect Family
vacation period.. tv was on a local channel for our maid. so i got to see an episode and i think i became curious or had some questions on the episode. so i tried to look for it on the internet. watched it and liked it. the kid made me cry. and i got introduced to heechul of super junior. but i still didn't know super junior that time.

summary (korean series):
a little girl was the only survivor when her family met an accident. she had amnesia and the doctors said that what could help her is to recreate her family and have her experience happy moments. so her dad's secretary hired "uncle" to create a family.

i have written about this before. really an inspirational drama series for me. and i have seen this when i needed it most. a good watch for those who are having a hard time with their career lives.

summary (japanese series):
bambino came to tokyo to be an italian chef. he realized that being a chef is not an easy task

Devil Beside Youbecause of some multiply posts, i watched another taiwanese series. then someone recommended this. i started watching this, and i prefer this than the other series that was talked about. hehe. common story actually. honestly, i don't know why i included this. maybe just to add something from taiwan. hehe.

summary (taiwanese series):
qi yue is admitting her love to her crush thru a love letter, but he didn't see it. and next thing, it was in the hands of the school's biggest bully. they got close but then the bully's dad is marrying qi yue's mom.


i think this is the first korean series i watched in dvd. caught some episodes of it in our local channel and liked it. and it's popular here. so i borrowed the dvd, and i love it. really funny. i like rain here better than in ninja assassin. hahaha.

summary (korean series):
a famous actor bought a house and lived in it without the knowledge of the owner. in order for the owner, an ordinary girl, to get the house back, she served as his servant and then they had a contract marriage with the house at stake.

Maging Sino Ka Mananother series that i have posted about before. my family was able to watch the pilot episode. because of that, we had watched this drama. and because i liked it. especially the lines.

summary (filipino series):
jackie was believed to be dead. she had amnesia and met eli, a poor boy. they got married in the province. but in reality, jackie is a rich girl who is an only daughter and has a fiancee, jb. there is also jackie's cousin who is also her bestfriend, celine, who is inlove with jb.

The Slingshot/ Story of a Man
saw this accidentally, which is a good thing. i was doing something and the channel in our tv was on kbs world. and this is the show that was being shown that time. caught a few scenes, then later on i realized i was really watching already. then i researched on when the next episodes will be shown, and started really watching it. this was not popular in korea, but i really love it, and i have not seen any bad reviews yet. it's not your typical series. not a love story, but a suspense that talks about stocks, business, politics, etc. and what makes it good is that it is a battle of wits, on how the lead can outsmart the bad guy. and i really told my sister to watch it. now, we're watching it. yes, it's okay with me to repeat it. and i have not seen the first episodes, so it's okay.

i just saw the tagline: "his sling was in his hand and he approached goliath." now i know why it's titled slingshot. hehehe. but the tagline is right.

summary (korean series):
kim shin is seeking revenge for the death of her brother who committed suicide due to bankcruptcy of his company because of false reports. he is against chae do wu, son of the chairman of a large company. do wu is a smart evil guy, and has to outwit him to be able to survive.

honestly, i can't remember how i came across this series. i just remembered looking for reviews on the series, and they are all good reviews. haven't seen anything bad. so i really tried to look for subbed videos (which is really hard). finally, the broken links were fixed. and one soul from australia was kind enough, she sent me a dvd of the series! as she said, sharing is good.
this series made me think if soulmates do really exist. and this has the best ost! and the ost is in english!

summary (korean series):
honestly, i don't know how to summarize this. dong wook is a playboy, met a naive girl. then he met his soulmate without knowing it, until he realized she is his soulmate.

You Are Beautiful

got curious about this since i've kept on reading articles about its premier. so i said, i'll try to watch the first episode. my sister watched with me. then next thing we know, we've been addicted already. it was shown in korea on wednesdays and thursdays, my sister and i would be excited for thursdays and fridays because that's when the subs would come out. hehe. quotable quotes also, which appeared in my facebook statuses. hehehe.

summary (korean series):
go mi nam pretended to be her brother as new member of the popular all boy-group a.n.jell. two of the members know that go mi nam is really a girl and is falling for her.


sorry for a bad summary. and nonsense review. if you've got time, it's nice to check out even just one of the series.

and why i wrote this? i don't know, maybe by writing the series that i like you still get an idea on the real me.

hope everyone's having a good 2010 :)

by the way, the pictures are from the url when you click it.


tina said...

wow. dami ah.. im sure magkakasundo kayo ng sis ko. mahilig rin sya nito. hehe.

richard said...

A Chinese frined of mine likes Korean soaps.

Unless it has aliens and monsters, I probably won't like it.

dodong flores said...

Hi, Tin-tin!
Full House is a nice Korean drama. I watched it from the local channel a few years back. I didn't get to watch the full length of the season because of my work schedule. I was trying to find a DVD version of it but to no avail. Hmmmnn... If you can possibly point me where to rent this one (you borrowed yours, right?).

The most recent Korean telenovela my wife and I get to watch is Shining Inheritance. It ended last week.

Another Korean telenovela is now airing shortly. It is titled Queen Seon Deok. My wife and I both like it but since it is in the later part of the prime time, we decided not to follow it anymore. We needed to sleep early so we can wake up early the next morning for my preggy wife's walking exercise. Sayang, I don't get to see this Korean series tuloy :)

tin-tin said...

tina: kulang pa yan. hehehe

richard: aliens and monsters? am not fan of those. hehe

dodong: hiniram ko sa officemate ko dati yung full house. dami dvd nyan sa mga tiangge. shining inheritance? di ko masyadong gusto. di ko na dapat paonoorin ending, but nakita ko bigla na ipapalabas sa gma, pinanood ko tuloy. hehe.
queen seon deok, supposedly papanoorin namin ng sister ko.. kaya lang tinamad. hehe. taas ratings sa korea nyan, and nanjan si park yejin. hehe ;p

Anonymous said...

I wish not agree on it. I regard as nice post. Particularly the designation attracted me to study the unscathed story.

ghee said...

di ko napanood ung the sling shot.
may isang korean drama series dito tuwing umaga na natutuwa akong panoorin,for the first time,kaya lang,dahil subtitled lang,di ko maintindihan pag busy ako at nakatalokod sa screen,hahaha!kelangan ay nakatutok para maintindihan,lol

happy new year pala!

RennyBA's Terella said...

Woow, what a collection and quite exotic to a Norwegian you know :-)

Don't know if I've done it, so to be sure; Happy New Year!

Sidney said...

I don't watch TV...looks like I miss quite a lot.

Happy New Year !

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Mahilig ka pala sa Korean telenobela. Sabagay wala namang masama duon na maging pastime mo sa gabi. Marami naman talagang kakaiba sa kanilang telenobela kaysa sa ating mga telenobela. Natututo pa tayo nang kultura nila. Thanks for the post. God bless.

Bryan Anthony said...

hi tin! i miss you gurl!

Anonymous said...

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zingtrial said...

tin-tin :) good collection.