Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hongkong & Me (H&M)

how do my sister and i tour the streets of hongkong? by finding H&M stores. at first, i was thinking of what's the big deal with the store, and we still have to go to hongkong just to visit it. then we went, and bam! now, it's my favorite store. hahaha.

h&n stores can be found in malls, but where are these malls? now, that's the challenge for me and my sister. we would get the store locations from the net, then with the hongkong map on hand, we would look for it. believe me! we have seen more of hongkong and known hongkong coz of this. may it be hongkong central or kowloon side.

what's so great about this store that it became my favorite store and would go into much trouble of looking for it's different branches?
1. the stuff sold there are really nice. for the first time, i regretted not buying a dress i saw
2. it's not expensive. and my sister told me that you can find something similar to other known brands but they would be priced double
3. the staff are great. hands down. really helpful
4. and as i mentioned, you would be able to tour hongkong by looking for the stores

how great the store is? my sister and i visited three locations. and for all those stores, there are really lots of people. as in lots of people. may it be a weekday or weekend, office hours or not. so my tip for you is that to fit the clothes at the men's department, and pay your goods there also.

so why am i blogging about this store? nothing, i am just happy with the store. it's my new favorite, remember?


TK said...

hmm... mukhang nagiging commercial nanaman ang blog mo PrettyOne. Goodluck sa iyong business venture. profitable daw talaga ang blogging industry. Godbless!!!

tin-tin said...

nagkataon lang na inadvertsie ko ang h&m. super natuwa kasi ako sa stores and staff nila

bw said...

we have H&M here and I agree with you. They're cool and for some reason women love them :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Those are very practical suggestions to find your favorite store in Hongkong. It's nice that you and your sister were able to go to Hongkong to shop. I remember that you also went to Singapore before. I wonder what you find in H&M stores that you like them. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

RennyBA's Terella said...

Did you know there is a H&M in Oslo, Norway too?

However, if you come and visit, it's much more fun to take a mini cruise on the fjord :-)

backpacking philippines said...

HK in my mind...lots of other places i want to explore there, food trips and shopping too...probably in 6 more years :P