Friday, September 03, 2010

Easily Influenced

last week, i bought nutella. the week before it's california maki twister. and why did i buy them? coz they're being posted by my friends in social networking sites, it got me craving for those thus buying them.

after buying the nutella, i realized how easily influenced i am with the statuses of my friends. or how i get envious easily? hahaha. i don't know why.

i remember before, some friends and i were talking about hotdogs. it really got me want to eat hotdogs, so i went out to go to ministop just to buy hotdog. the statuses also made me crave for quickly, mcdo breakfast, etc.

this just proves, i'm weak when it comes to food ;p

1 comment:

Marina said...

I don't know about being envy of my friend's fb status but I do look around to see if anyone made a short review of a restaurant or a movie they just watched.

I love nutella!! =)