Thursday, September 02, 2010

Link of the Moment: The Allergy

i don't smoke. never tried it. i have lots of friends who do. this is the only discipline that i have in my body, i won't smoke. hahaha.

when i was in college, and even after college, people thought i smoke. i guess coz of my friends, and i don't know.. i look like someone who does? anyway, i know it's hard for people to quit. i don't nag my friends to quit. but they know that i'm not into it and would prefer for them to stop.

i found this hilarious video, a campaign for the American Cancer Society. and as the video asks, what i your motivation? i guess, it's all about that. my sister quit smoking for vanity reasons, and she did it. i don't know what your motivation is, but i guess if you have one, you can achieve your goal. so for those who quit smoking, what was your motivation?

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