Monday, June 02, 2008

Breakfast, Anyone?

when at home, i don't eat breakfast. for me, breakfast would just be drinking milk. but i would love to have breakfast with friends especially before reporting for work. it is okay with me to wake up extra early just to have breakfast with friends before going to work. it is my dream to do that. that is why i am thankful to dino coz he made that dream a reality when he suggested to have breakfast before when he had a thing in ortigas. and the reason why i was so envious when abet's angels has breakfast in makati.

lately, i've been having breakfasts with my college buddies. but it's not the usual breakfast where you wake up early. we had breakfasts because it's already 6am and we are still together. haay..

so why am i writing this? well, the sagada peeps had breakfast this morning. also, it's just that i am hoping to have breakfast with the angels one of these days. or with a friend before i start the day at work. i think it will be a great start of the day. unwinding before the stress kicks in. huh? what? hahaha. sorry for this nonsense post. i just have nothing to write.

hope everyone will have a great june :)


kyels said...

I don't eat breakfast too but when I'm w/my peeps, I do. It's fun just to wake up early in the morning and go for breakfast together.


TK said...

psychologists give word association tests to reveal your innermost thoughts. For example:



That's why I was actually waiting for an announcement of an engagement at the end of this rambling entry. ;->

Wil said...

Breakfast with friends is great. Hopefully your friends are morning people. :D

Lalaine said...

nde rin ako pala kain ng breakfast... pero kapag kasama ko din friends ko... masarap mag breakfast kasama sila... kahit kape at pandesal lang solve na! :)

Anonymous said...

Kapag napadaan ka sa Makati, let's have some breakfast. Milk for you, coffee for me.

I rarely eat breakfast before I started working. Lagi kasi akong tanghali magising kaya breakfast is BRUNCH already for me. :p

Those were the days.

bw said...

Wow... 6am is kinda early - what time to you leave from the house ?
I'm sure you and your friends are having a great time having breakfast everyday :)

I'm a cereals and milk guy but when it comes to breakfast, coffee and bagel with cream cheese cuts the deal for me. Can I buy you one ? haha :)

duke said...

i'm back, peklat!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

naku breakfast is good.

RennyBA said...

I eat cereals for breakfast, but then again, you know I'm married to an American :-)

A great June, well as you've seen in my last post, it has been a great start!

Leon Basin said...

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Leon Basin said...

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Tintin,
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day since we get our energy from it to be able to do our usual chores. Thanks for the post. God bless.

Lizeth said...

i can't start my day without breakfast! :S

Free Movies said...

Milk is good. I mix it with my quacker oats everyday!

Hey tin, got an email add? I have a PM (very wholesome) for you.



Ann said...

Ako naman hirap pakainin talaga ng breakfast mga kids ko, siguro wala pang gana kaya lang kailangan nila yun dahil papasok sa school.