Sunday, June 15, 2008


one of the main topics during our Mindoro trip was our Non-Negotiables when looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend. and this has been a constant topic recently with my friends. nd last friday, when i went out with the wakieboardies (i really missed you guys), this had been brought up again and again.

anyway, for me.. my non-negotiable is not to date an ex of a friend. maybe not really an ex but someone my friend got involved with in the past. that's why dino and tristan has no chance for me. sorry. hahaha.

how about you? what's your non-negotiables? for those who are already married, what were your non-negotiables before?

Ralph and Thinz, before you tell me that there are no non-negotiables and your requirements would be disregarded if you become inlove.. i'll agree to that.. but as much as possible, you try to stick to this non-negotiables.and i am sure, somehow we all have our own non-negotiables.


kyels said...

As long as the person is genuine and sincere that's about it. But of course that person mustn't lie about the family background, etcetera.

TK said...

Newsflash: 2 binata nag suicide. tumalon sa billboard sa EDSA... (hindi kaya "Dino" at "Tristan" ang mga pangalan nila?)

Wil said...

Non-negotiable? Siguro kung hindi approved ng mga magulang ang relationship, hindi puede matuloy ang relationship. Kelangan ang approval. Tingin ko.

tin-tin said...

kyels: sincerity is really important. he should not lie, coz the truth will still be revealed. so just be honest, right?

tk: sira! hindi magpapakamatay yon. at hindi nanliligaw yung dalawa. my two closest friends, kaya sila nagagamit kong pangalan. hahaha ;p

wil: hmmm... pwede.. pero later on if you prove yourselves, you can gain approval naman diba? :)

bw said...

Could I say that true love could circumvent the non-negotiable you are referring to ? I've seen women marry the ex of their best friend and live a wonderful married life !

In truth, if our friend dumps his/her partner, the dumped person should be as free as a bird - aye/nay? :)

I think there should be non-negotiables like don't marry your sister or someone of the same sex but other than this, the rules are pretty much open I suppose hehe :)

Just my 2 cents :)

Lizeth said...

i agree with bwÜ

if the love that you feel for each other is wouldn't think of non-negotiables! you'll make things work!Ü

Richard said...

I had ttwo non-negotiables:

(1) had to be a woman
(2) had to be able to marry in the Catholic church

I also had some strong preferences:

(1) Catholic
(2) no previous relationships (if I could wait for my perfect match, the least she could do is have waited for me).
(3) no bad habits (smoking, drinking, swearing, unhealthy diet, etc)

freeze said...

i can come up with a long list of non-negotiables... that should explain why i'm still single. why can't i just be foolish in love. haha :D