Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friendship Never Ends (Thank You)

For my 27 years of existence in this world, it is only this year that I have experienced my lowest point. And I'm sure a lot of people would be surprised to hear this. 2008 had been a very different year for me. There had been memories for this year (Anawangin, Mindoro, dinner with friends), but there had been more of sad memories. Actually, it's just shallow but they affected me deeply. So how did I survive? How did I cope with my depression mode? It's thru my friends. There had been friends who I see once in a while that puts a smile on my face. But there are two groups in my friends list who had been there listening to my sad talks and made me laugh, comforts, understands and tried to be supportive. They are the Wakieboardies and the Angels.

They are special mentions because they are the ones I text or write when something is bothering me. They would just listen, sometimes has a comment but the important thing is they listen. That's why thank you my dear friends. You just don't know how much you've helped me to be sane.

Wakieboardies, I hope there'll be another out-of-town trip for us. Thank you for the pamorningan sessions. And for the spontaneous meet-ups. The emails, everything. I also hope people would not feel out of place when they're with us. Hahahaha. I just can't believe that one trip would make us bond like this.

Angels, I miss you girls. I don't know why I had been quiet. Even if I would really love to reply to your messages (text or ym), I really controlled myself not to. And I don't know why. Nagpapamiss. hahaha. Kay Papa Abet lang ako nagreply when he got back to Manila. Hehe. Hope to see you soon and I hope I can join again sa out of town trip nyo.

But to all my other friends who I have talked to this year, my new friends who I just met.. thank you. In your little ways, you've also helped me. Thank you!


Jassy, I don't have kilig kwentos. But when I have, that would be my next post. Yup, contrary to popular belief, I don't have any kilig stories. Tin, okay na? Hehe.


manilenya said...

Buti ka pa may mga kaibigang ganyan..pakilala mo naman ako sa kanila :)

swerte mo ha!! paambon naman ng swerte :)

kyels said...

Good and true friends will always be there for us irregardless whether we're in our highest or lowest point in life. That's the beauty of having true friends, di ba?


Lizeth said...

i miss my friends too. :(


tin-tin said...

manilenya: sige, pakilala ko sayo. pero magpakita ka muna saken. hahaha ;p

kyels: yup, that's what you call tru friends :)

lizeth: why do you miss them? are you away?

emcee said...

the pleasure was ours tin. :) sabi nga, you can't help help yourself when you help others :)

let me put say this, i owe u more!

honga noh?! it all started with one out of town trip! :)

Lalaine said...

true friends are hard to find... sila yung mga taong magsasabi sau ng totoo kahit pa alam nilang masakit para sayo na marinig yung bagay na yun... sila din ang mga taong handa lagi makinig sau... ng walang kontra o tanung tanong. :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Tin-tin,
Actually if Christ is in our hearts we would not mind any depression or sad moments because we have that indescribable joy in our hearts. Thanks for your meaningful post. God bless you and your loved ones always.

tutubi philippines said...

happy father's day!