Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pink Sisters

eversince, my favorite church is the Pink Sisters Church in New Manila. it's because the plce is really like holy. i love watching the pink nuns praying infront. yes, they're some kind of snobs because there are these rails that separate the nuns from the churchgoers. but still.. i love hearing mass there coz i really feel close to God. hehe.

edu would keep on telling us that praying in Pink Sisters and leaving your prayer petitions there, would really help you. it's effective to visit them and pray. and i believe him. coz after visiting them last holy week (in New Manila) and just recently (in Tagaytay), it's like my prayers were heard. and remember i mentioned before that i woke up one day feeling that there are people praying for me. i guess they are one of them.

anyway, what's my plan for the future? i have this certain plan that only the wakieboardies know about. but on the sunday the wakieboardies (minus tristan) went to to pink sisters, after the mass my family learned about that plan. was it after or during the mass? i am just amused with the reactions i got from my family when they learned about it. especially with my brother's suggestion so just that my plans would not push through. maybe in august, i'll make a suvey about that plan to see what your reactions will be. well, i got to ask some of the angels during one of the confi before. but i'm sure they think i am not serious. hehehe.

i'm sorry if my thoughts are scattered. it's been a while since i wrote in my blog. and i just can't believe that i've visited pink sisters thrice already this year. and two of those are in tagaytay. oh well... that's what you do when you need all the prayers...


kyels said...

Having faith is good b/c it helps during bad and good times. Besides, faith keeps a person moving.


TK said...

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee,
The LORD make his face shine upon, thee, and be
gracious unto thee
The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee,
give thee peace.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

ako din, sa pink sister (baguio) ako nakaka pray ng super solemn.

tutubi philippines said...

i have fond memories of that place. a few years back i was always there. i also knew about 2 families with devotion there every first sunday

Wedding Glitters said...

i didn't know there's pink sisters in new manila. i only know the one in tagaytay. at least now i know a nearer place :) thanks.

Anonymous said...

Pink Sisters Church... very unique name.

Well, whatever that secret plan is, we hope that your prayers are answered and it becomes a reality :)

ghee said...

Pink sisters,Tin?bago sa akin yun ah!pero i imagine how they look :)

BTW,I have a tag for you gurl!Click here!

Richard said...

I have never heard of the Pink Sisters.

So ... your dream is to become a professional surfer?

RennyBA said...

What your focused on, you'll get more of you know :-)

Wishing you a lovely end to your week!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

The Pink sister nuns are not snobs. The railings were there to remind them and the people attending their church about their separation from the world. They have already committed their whole lives to the Lord, thus the reason for the railing. Praying will bring wonders to those whose faith in the Lord is intact. Thanks for the post. God bless.

manilenya said...

Maybe next time I'll visit Pink Sisters, I need more people to pray for me e lol!

My favorite was St. Jude, and I love attending the novena every Thursday, though I am not a fanatic, it gives me the tranquility that I never had outside that church..kahit na siksikan pa lol..saka sarap ng fish ball sa tapat e hehehehe!

I useed to bring my daughter, niece and two cousins..hirap kasi magdala ng dalawang makulit na bata lol!

rei said...

thanks for the post! i grew up going to pink sisters in Baguio. It is always a tranquil, refreshing feeling. Ever since we moved here in Manila, I didnt know there's a Pink Sisters Convent here too. Thanks for the post! May the Lord bless you with all His sweetest surprises, be it with your plan or anything/anyone you have in your life now. - rei

Vina said...

hi.. the real name of the Pink Sisters is " Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters", they are adoring Jesus 24/7 " Jesus in the Holy Eucharist" Its a very beautiful vocation and the life is a Sacred Gift from God.. let us thank them for their unceasing prayers and sacrifices for us.. thank you also for sharing this to all.. God Bless

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tin,

What's the exact address of the Pink Sisters Church?
How can I get there from Cubao?


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