Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thesis Kwitis

last monday, i consulted a dermatologist regarding my hands. his prescription was an anti-allergy medicine. since the derma is in the former rustan's cubao, my mom and i had lunch in gateway. we tried to buy the medicine in watsons there but it was out of stock. but i was told by the pharmacist that the medicine costs P8.76. okay.

since my mom was going to ortigas, i just rode the mrt. passed by farmers and bought the medicine in watsons in farmers. i ordered 10 packs alreay and easily told the pharmacist, "P8.76 each, diba?" when she checked it was only P8.26. ha! same store, different buildings (just 5 minutes away from each other) but different prices.

well, the pricing didn't really come a surprise to me. it just brought back thesis memories. my thesis topic was the price dispersion between the virtual and conventional markets. but actually, i also came across the price discrepancies among the conventional stores.

my product was paco rabanne for men. i chose this because this is the first perfume that i remember my dad used. though i really don't like the smell, i still use this as my product. for papa! that was how i loved my dad.

i've discovered during my store checks that the prices in the different rustan's stores are not the same. and when i was asked about this during my defense, i used my instinct to answer the question. though same stores, they have different prices depending on where the store is located. they have different target markets. like watson's even if it is a drugstore, watsons farmers caters lower class citizens compared to watsons gateway.

i am just hyper with this topic. because it's my thesis, and most especially because that answer is an answer i haven't found in any of my research but just came from my common knowledge. sorry.. proud lang talaga ako ;p

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mei said...

hmm.. yun pala yun. the next time i buy something, i'll make sure to go to the most maka-masa store i can find. hehe. thanks for the tip! =]