Friday, February 24, 2006

Beware of Motorcycles with Two Passengers

i love to walk. that's why sometimes when i go home from the office, i just walk. that's how near our office is. last night, an officemate and i, walked home together at around 8:30 in the evening. of course we were deep in conversation. later on, there was a motorcycle behind us and slowed down. my friend's bag was on the danger side and the passenger of the motorcycle grabbed her bag. thankfully, my friend was alert. she snatched her bag back. the motorcycle kinda lost its balance, that's why i guess they just went ahead and didn't try to grab it back again.

my officemate told me that some police really check motorcycles with two passengers because of this modus.

but even if there is only one passeneger, still be careful. coz another friend was nearly carjacked. a motorcycle tried to stop him, but he just went ahead and really pursued him wherever he went. finally, he saw two policemen and called their attention. the man pursuing him didn't notice the policemen. the pursuer was asked by the policemen and he admitted that he was planning to carjack my friend.

so friends, please be careful...

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