Friday, March 10, 2006


note to myself: do not watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. anymore in the ETC channel in the mornings or you'll be late.

my favorite tv show is FRIENDS. and i remember last saturday when i went with marvin and jopay to the covenant house, we had a little debate on who would be better for rachel. is it joey or ross? mine is definitely joey. but they prefer ross. then the arguments turned to who would give rachel a better future. hahaha.

it's just sad that FRIENDS have ended already. and it's pathetic for my part that i still haven't seen the ending :(


dreaming-neko said...

uh oh! another friends-aholic! :)

Abaniko said...

You haven't seen the ending? I hope that won't give you sleepless nights. I haven't seen any episode of Friends. We've got no ETC channel. :(

Toe said...

Star World used to broadcast Friends everyday and that's how I was able to watch each and every episode of it until the ending. It was so much fun! Hi BTW. Found your blog through blog hopping.

tin-tin said...

toe, i wouldn't be able to catch the starworld telecast. it would be late already when i would remember it :(