Wednesday, March 22, 2006


last monday, i visited my derma because of allergies. it came to my mind, that dermas now are in-demand. especially with facials being popular nowadays. and my friend paying P3,000.00 for her derma consultation plus some products. am just so lucky that my derma still charges only P250.00 consultation fee and her products are really effective. though she charges cheap, she really is a good derma. she had been our family derma for more than 10 years now. and she really knows her job.

now, i'm praying that i am gonna be healed from my allergies. coz affected are my hands. three parts of my body that i am really proud of: hands, feet and legs. that's why when i burned my legs in camiguin, i really cried my heart out not having any care with my surroundings. and now my hands, aargh!!!! even if i'll be absent from work, i am more concerned with my hands. you know where am allergic? detergents and dishwashing soaps. arte!!! hahaha :)