Wednesday, February 22, 2006


my second family is the UPLB Economics Society or Econsoc. it is my organization in college. it had been my second family to the truest sense. i live with them (meaning i just go home to my dorm to take a bath, hehe) in the org house, never made me feel left-out and helped me discover my talent.

yes, until now, i feel at home with them and they always make me in a good mood. that is why when i feel down, i would go to los baƱos and just bond with the resident members. yes, they know how to put a smile on my face.

during my last year in college, i was elected as External Affairs Head. from the term itself, externals. our committee is in-charge of the activities that deals with those outside our organization, such as the college sportsfest, outreach programs, parties, and even our organization's alumni homecoming. i believe econsoc made me like to do outreach programs to orphanages. and it unleashed my talent in organizing parties. no kidding! yup, i try to organize surprise parties. or if not surprise parties, gimiks/parties for the alumni of our dear organization. just like last saturday. an alumni homecoming that was not sponsored by the resident members. even if it was not for free, many attended. but i'll admit, i was not alone in organizing it. there were three of us. and we were really busy that night having fun :)

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iyna said...

haha. ang galing nyo talaga. at ang galing din ng pic nyo. :)