Thursday, February 09, 2006

Paradise in Davao

Just came from a trip in Davao, particularly in Samal Island. We stayed in Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort. Even before arriving in the Resort, the trip was already a paradise.

It was my first time to ride in the Business Class of PAL. Even if it was almost a 2-hour trip, I barely noticed. I really enjoyed my ride, from the comfort of the plane to the very friendly and accomodating flight attendants, it was heavenly.

Arriving in Davao, I can't believe that there are still cabs that are not airconditioned. I thought it only exists now in Baguio. And their flag down is only P26.00 with 1 peso for every 500 meters or so and some of the airconditioned cabs charge only P2.00.

The next day, we went to Samal Island. Wow! It was just a 5-minute ride from Davao City, costing you only P10 per boat ride. They served us dalandan juice. I am not really into dalandan soda or dalandan-flavored juice. But the juice they served... it was fresh fruit juice! For snacks, I ordered fresh mango juice as opposed to the canned mango juice that they have. And when the juice arrived.. it's true! It's fresh mango juice. It's not mango shake but mango juice. The food were spectacular. Fresh seafood talaga.

When I was searching for a resort in the web, there were reviews on the Paradise Resort and their zoo. Honestly, I was expecting a zoo with lots of animals but when I got there it is just Bird Sanctuary with a python and deer. Though it was not what I expected I enjoyed the sights of the birds. Especially the ostrich and seeing a heron laid eggs.

Even if the resort is private, with its accesibility, there were still lots of people going there. Was lucky to be staying there and got the chance to have the beach for a night swimming or an early morning swim. And I think my color now will attest to how much fun I had swimming.

I haven't been to Pearl Farm, but if you'd like to go to Samal Island on a tight budget, try Paradise Island Resort.


Duke said...

one of my bestfriends is from Davao. I've never visited the place though.

I would love to go there one day!

melay / carme said...

i've been to davao a couple of times too. lovely place. lovely people.

and where can you find a P99 buffet?

can't wait to go back there.. Ü

dreaming-neko said...

happy heart-day,, sweet tin-tin ! :)

tin-tin said...

duke, i'm sure you'll be able to go to davao someday.

carme, i didn't see that P99 buffet. sayang!

neko, thanks. happy hearts day to you also. :)