Friday, November 02, 2018

Guard My Heart

i am currently watching a Korean drama, with one episode left. it's a thriller. title is Sohn (The Guest).

it's about a psychic, a priest and a detective working together to stop the possessed from killing and exorcise the possessed.

i'm not a horror fan, but i can't stop watching this. it really made me follow it every week.

but every time i watch the drama, it makes me think. how am i as a person? how is my heart? is it free of hatred and bitterness? how can i guard my heart that i won't have bitterness in my heart?

i remember this episode, he loves his family. his family is his life. but still in the end, when he was possessed, it revealed that deep in his heart he had some bitterness in his heart regarding his family.

so if ever i would encounter someone/something who would want to possess me, would i be possessed?

also, this drama made me pray more. i am the kind of person who likes to count the seconds. i mean for example, i am waiting of something, i will count the seconds. but now, instead of counting i would recite the Lord's Prayer (Our Father).

so how about you? how's your heart?

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