Sunday, May 07, 2017

Day 2 in Shanghai: Feeling Better While Sick

i was sick the whole trip and i think the worst is during day 2. and honestly, this is our most adventurous day. but still there are things i enjoyed even if i was feeling sickly..

Line Cafe

if you're a fan of the Line messaging app or their games, you would love to visit this cafe. actually, even if you don't know Line and just a fan of cute stuff, you would still like this place. it's crowded with Line characters stuff. you can have a date with Brownie

or even James..

or just seat beside Cony.

their food is also cute. i just had hot choco (thanks Joyce & Yan for the treat), but honestly i didn't like it. it's bland. but the cup is cute.  hehe. oh, and it's expensive. it's 34 RMB.

but still i suggest you to visit it. and the best thing about the cafe, picture-taking is very much welcome.

told you, i was sick. it was difficult for me to smile

The Food at Dongjing Station

it had been a long train ride.. it's lunch time and we still don't know how to get to Zhujiajiao Water Town. good thing there are vendors selling outside the Dongjing station.

for just 5 RMB, you can have your fill of this. 

and 8 RMB for the noodles, and they have friendly staff

Light Milk Tea

the day before, we saw a long line of people at a certain shop in Xintiandi, so we decided that we'll try it the next day. since it's really late already, there's no more line anymore.

and good thing, they still have one of their bestsellers. the cup in their display photo is nice (shaped like a bulb). and we're surprised that it's really shaped like a bulb! and it's made of glass.

but you know the other great thing about it? it lights!

it is more expensive than the milk tea stores nearby, but i think it's worth it..

Simply Thai

we really don't like to eat Thai food coz we're in Shainghai. it should be Chinese food and not Thai. but it was really late, Mystic South is also already closed.. and Simply Thai in Xintiandi is open until 12 midnight. so we just ate there. but you know what, i'm glad we ate there. i love their food! and the serving is for sharing. but i'm warning you.. it is spicy! if you're tired of Chinese food, i totally suggest for you to try Simply Thai.

since it's really late, we're the only ones in this part of the resto
with our orders while waiting for my sister
Tom Yum


Pad Thai

with these places, we visited, i felt a little better from my sickness. actually, not mentioned here is our main agenda for the day. i'll try to write a separate post where that will be included

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