Sunday, May 03, 2020

2019: Arashi Year

If I’ll describe my 2019, i think it’s Arashi year for me. First time to watch their concert and first time to see them up close (and not even a concert). And I think the major extracurricular activities that I had last year was because of MJPH (an unofficial Arashi fans group in the Philippines). I still feel so blessed to see them in Singapore. It was afterall a perfect timing. My only plan that weekend was to celebrate my birthday with friends then a week before, Sho was telling the world that they will be in Singapore on the date I’m there.

I’m thinking why I was so blessed last year with Arashi.. i was not a major fan like some that i know of. I don’t buy their merch unless bags. I didn’t even buy their album (sorry, practicality kicked in). Then I realized, God blessed me coz even if I was not that supportive of them myself... I was helping other fans in their fangirling feels through MJPH. I may not have spent for their CD, but I spent my own money and contributed time just so that activities will be a success.
To summarize, when you share, God will provide and He will provide more than You have given.

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