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Day 1 of a No Itinerary Chill Trip in Shanghai

i've said in a previous post that i was not able to finish our itinerary for Shanghai. well, i was able to write something but it was not enough. so our trip was more of an anything goes, but for the first day, i was able to write something and we kinda accomplished it. here's our day 1. i'll try to recount what happened to us, maybe it can help you in some way when you visit Shanghai. and just a note, everything that we visited in Day 1 is worth recommending. visit them also :)

Burger King in Pudong Airport

i have to mention this place. we had a red eye flight. we arrived in Shanghai at 2:30am. there's no public transpo yet, except for cabs. we can't check-in still, so what to do? stay in the airport until 6am. good thing Burger King is open for 24 hours. since it's the only open store that time, it's full. but you can stay at the connected restaurant (The Aviator). you can relax also since some of the seats are couches.

MagLev Train

the fastest train in the world. we were traveling for 301kph. but you won't get dizzy. within 15 minutes, we're in Longyang Road already.

and before we know it, we're in the city proper already. and the MagLev is spacious.

it costs 50 RMB for one-way. but if you arrive on the same date, you can have a 20% discount or just pay 40 RMB. just show your airline ticket.

Park Hyatt

i'm not really sure what you can see in the Observatory in the Shanghai Financial Center, but if it is just the view, I recommend you just go to the restaurants of Park Hyatt Hotel (it's just beside the Observatory).

though it's only the 87th or 91st floor, at least you will have a magnificent view

be comfortable (and they have a luggage counter so you can move and relax comfortably)

and great food! we ordered waffle, french toast and hot choco. i love their hot choco. it tastes like tablea. you should order it.

and the most important of all, you can access the networking sites! Twitter, Instagram, Facebook... so if you super miss your SNS, it's a great place to visit.

honestly, with those three food, experience of dining in Park Hyatt, having our SNS, nice view and comfortable breakfast, it's like we were able to save some money compared if  we went to the Observatory.

5th Floor of IFC Mall

carrying our luggages, we kinda walked around the Financial Center. and saw the IFC Mall. since there's an IFC Mall in Seoul that is memorable for me, we decided to check out this mall. we saw the directory and saw that there's a roofdeck on the 5th floor. and good thing we did! there's totally not much people and you can view the streets of the Financial Center.

and a good photoshoot spot.

Fuxing Road

it's on our way home. and just as we were strolling, we totally felt that we are in another country (not in the Philippines). hehe. and the old buildings are a nice change. i think it would look better during spring or fall


our favorite place. it has everything. and it's clean and stylish and really nice. we're always there everyday. not only because it's our neighbor but it's really a good place to visit. you can find everything there, malls, banks where you can exchange your money, good food, everything.

Xintiandi Style

it's a mall in Xintiandi. sorry, i really don't have a picture of this. but anyway, i included this coz in the mall, you can find lots of good stuff. there's a bookstore/cafe where you can mail your future self or other people in the future. just tell them when you want it to be delivered. but i think you have to buy the postcards from them. and i also saw the books Ode to Joy, and When a Snail Falls in Love (with Wang Kai and Olivia on the cover), but it's in Chinese. hehe.

credits to @robellejoyce for this photo
and the mall has a supermarket. honestly, i think this supermarket sells the expensive stuff. hahaha. but! a big but! we've looked at a lot of stores selling white rabbit, and this is where we found the cheapest white rabbit pack. so i suggest that you buy white rabbit there.

and one thing i like again in this supermarket. they sell Rio. hahaha. i just have to buy it coz Yang Yang is endorsing it and you can see it in almost all mainland dramas. though i didn't see three squirrels there..

how to go there? it's just Exit 1 of Xintiandi Station.

Mystic South Yunnan Ethnic Cuisine

literally our favorite restaurant in Shanghai. we ate there 3 out of the 4 nights we stayed in Shanghai. and the reason we did not eat on the second night is because it is closed. the food is great and the servers are friendly and fast. though on the first day we had difficulties in communicating, later on we got used to each other. hahaha. they recognize us already. and the food is not that expensive.

how did we discover the place? before the trip, i searched on top restaurants in Xintiandi and this is in the list. this is on the top of my list but i thought that i'll have difficulty in finding it since it's not in iPhone map. so we tried looking for the second in my list. then we passed by it. and i told my companions that it's in my list so we tried it.

we asked what are the bestsellers and i have to agree that they really are the bestsellers except for one. anyway, here are our favorite dishes that we ordered and i recommend that you order them also. i can't find the picture of the menu, so i'll just post the picture of the food and just put what i remembered from the dish (and we didn't order all of them on the first day. hehe)

cold noodles. my favorite. even if it's winter, it's still refreshing

tilapia. joyce's favorite. a little spicy though

Grandma's Mashed Potato. my sister's favorite. it's 9 RMB

K11 Mall

while i was going around Xintiandi alone, of all the malls there, i don't know but i decided to enter K11. and i think i made the right decision.

what i like about the mall is that parts of it is like an art exhibit. i was not able to explore the other exhibits.  but when i visited, there's also an instruction on how to do a crane, but of course i failed. but i tried coz i want to do this and have my wish come true.

sorry, i don't know where my pictures of the mall are 😐

this had been a chill day 1 minus the luggages. we've been to only a few places but still it's a fun experience and the places we visted in day 1 are places we wanted to go back to.

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