Saturday, March 04, 2017

How We Survived in Shanghai?

i don't know anything about Shanghai. i have just started a drama filmed in Shanghai, so i really don't know anything. i tried to do our itinerary but i failed. i only did he first day and a little on the second day. my companions are not also familiar with Shanghai and we don't have any Chinese skills. also Google is not working. so how did we survive?

(note: this is not a paid blog, but it just so happened that they're the ones we used and i would just like to share it instead of people wondering what it is. also, i'm an iphone user during the trip so mostly would be based on iphone, just kindly search it on Google Play)

1. Wifi

yes, Google is not working but the wifi helped us a lot in looking for places, talking to our host/car rental anytime and anywhere. as i have previously blogged, we used iVideo and it was fast and really reliable.

2. (iPhone) Map

since Google is not working, we can't rely on Google. Waze is not working well. so i tried using the map of my phone. i never used it before but it became my bestfriend in Shanghai. i depended on it so much. not only on the directions but also on the top restaurants nearby. yes, you can search for restaurants near your location.

3. Subway Card

sorry it won't rotate..
this helps a lot especially if you love to commute coz you can also use this when you ride the bus. i'm guessing even with the other transportation, you can use it. but at least just even with subway, it would save you time and effort of buying tickets. and the card is just 20 Yuan.

4. Metro Subway App

this app also helped us when we try to see how we can go to one place to another. it made life and transfers easier

5. Translator

it's in Shanghai that i realized i relied on Google too much. of course i can't use Google translate which is the only translator app i have in my phone. good thing my sister has the Naver Papago Translate app. it helped us communicate with our driver and others. just type what you would like to say and show the Chinese translation to the other person. and because of the app, our driver led us to a cheap restaurant that is really good.

6. Calculator (on your phone)

so this what i did in Shanghai when asking for prices especially from the street vendors. i just say "Dushao" (how much), then show the calculator in my phone and let them type the amount

7. Rent a Car if you're going to Suzhou

i truly recommend that you visit Suzhou. the parks there are really good to visit. but it's better to rent a car. why? (1) coz it's far. (2) the parks are not walking distance from each other so it's better to rent a car to make your life easier.

we rented a car from and Felicia who became our contact person is really helpful. i've inquired from a few other sites and she was the one who sent the lowest rate. and the great thing about them is even if it's last minute, they were accommodating and helpful. we decided to just rent a car on the day of our departure. i just messaged her at 9am and we needed the car at 11pm. our car was Buick GL8. just drop them an email at

8. Val, our AirBnB Host

Val was a great host. she patiently answers all my questions, and trust me i have a question everyday (like is there a church nearby). even before we booked, she was already helpful. her place is in a perfect location. 

don't mind our bags. hehe. thanks to @robellejoyce for the pic.
i very well recommend her properties. though the one where we stayed, you should be quiet but it's okay. you can check all her Shanghai homes here . i think all her other homes also have great locations based on the reviews.

9. Whatsapp and WeChat

these two are the popular chats in China. sometimes Viber would work but not most of the time. Facebook messenger, i would receive notifications but we can't open them. so these apps (ad iMessage/FaceTime) are what we use.

what's good about WeChat is that it has a translator, so it makes communication easier.

10. Look to Your Left and to Your Right Before Crossing the Street

even if you're on the pedestrian lane, you still should look (especially to your left) before you cross. coz the traffic for vehicles in Shanghai is.. turn left/right with care

i hope this list would be of any help to those traveling to Shanghai and i guess to other China cities.

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