Monday, February 28, 2011


my father convinced me to study in uplb so that i would learn to be independent. after 4 years, i don't think i achieved what my father meant as independent.

but last january, for only a month, i think i got what he meant by independence. being in a very far away place, i have to do some work that i do not do at home. i think this was what papa meant.

in that one month time, i have realized a lot. from what i cannot live without (someone should do my laundry, hehe); the importance of milk to my skin (also how i can slim down coz i don't drink milk); why i still don't have any kids (though my kids would really be different from my "daughters" that's for sure); my relationship with my family esp my father; how city-girl i am; how spoiled i am; and a lot more.

yes, i've learned all that about myself for only a month. i wonder what lessons will the rest of the year bring me


zingtrial said...

Hi, :) You said it all.

charlie-j said...

kyut nmn! At least me natutunan ka. Actually kung sakali yan dn sna ung plano kong matutunan. =D

un nga lang mukhang sa mas malayong lugar ko matututunan. Hehehehe. Shhhhhh.

So i guess, ndi mo nmn ako minumura nung pinasasakit ng mga alaga mo ang ulo mo. Hehehehe. Peace. See u soon!

Anonymous said...

good for you. As for me natuto ang na maging independent nung nagaral ako sa Maynila.

looks like you're vacationing somewhere far these days :)

Sidney said...

I guess the learning process is never totally over!
I guess that is what makes life interesting.

dodong flores said...

Despite all of that and no matter what, you should remain pretty ;)

Seriously, I wish you good luck. Being independent is a nice thing to have... :)

jooL yen said...

ui inde naman siguro oLd...hahah

but true i get that sumtyms din...but it only happens when you're around people younger than you :p

~gothic babe here (from 5 yrs ago..haha tgal kong nwla)

tina said...

great that you are learning! cheers to independence.. although i still have many process for that!! :)