Monday, February 14, 2011

I Am Old?!

mark10 kids are really young (umm.. kids?), and even if they are really really young, i never felt old with them. actually, i don't feel old until last month an essay about a barbershop was written by jason (already a middleschool student and not from mark10). here's our conversation:

tin: it was opened 1990? then it's not old
jason: it is old
tin: it's 1990! it's not old!
jason: yes, it is. it was opened before i was born.
tin: when were you born?
jason: 1996
(realization hit me: "oh my! i am old." i dont' know why, but still i asked..)
jason: umm.. older
obama (interrupting): grandmother

note: they both know my real age. i know i'm not old yet to be a grandmother, but still after this conversation, i really felt old.


Anonymous said...

sana pwede na lang natin ifreeze ang time noh? i'm starting to feel a little old na rin. sana hindi ako umabot sa point na i look like my age. gusto ko parating mukhang bata. hehe

Ping-i said...

Welcome to the club! lol

Anonymous said...

they say "the problem is not adding years to our life but adding life to our years". we are getting older every second !

JCS said...

I am older

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

No you are not old Tintin. You are as young and as beautiful as you want yourself to be. Sometimes people focus on themselves and how they look that is why they feel all those negative thoughts in themselves. Age is just a matter of perspective. You can be as young as your zest for life or as old as your fears. You can be as beautiful as your dreams or as ugly as your doubts and anxieties in life. Life is like a mirror. It just reflects what you want to see in them. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Anonymous said...

oh c'mon, age is just a number, don't let it get to you!

TK said...

Your Highness, Musang. i beg to disagree. Pero everytime you think you are Old, PrettyOne, just think of me... a fossil fuel compared to you... hey wanna go wakeboarding?