Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ouchy Back

i'm still suffering from back pains and this week had been the worst. can't have bentosa coz i'm going to attend a wedding on saturday. so i'll just have it hopefully this sunday. i don't know what's causing it. most probably bad posture. i admit i have a bad posture. there are also some who had been saying osteoporosis. i know i just turned 28 the other week, but hello?!?! isn't 28 still young?

but one thing they can't tell me is i lack calcium. if one day a doctor would diagnose me of lack of calcium, i'll really laugh or get mad. if there's one kind of vitamin that my body is full of, it would be calcium. unless, what they say about milk being a source of calcium is false. i love milk. everyday, i drink milk. i don't eat breakfast but i have to drink milk in the morning. that's my breakfast. it can substitute water for me. i guess, my skin is like this also because of milk. so it would really be funny if i'll have low calcium. i may get emphysema or lung cancer even if i never smoke, because of second-hand smoking. but lack of calcium, that then would be funny.

actually, this is a nonsense post. i just have to update my blog and my back is still really ouch-ouch.


ann said...

Ako rin dati may back pain but after kong magpahilot(pinas), nawala na.

I hope maging ok ka na rin.

kyels said...

Mmm ... Are you okay now?