Sunday, November 30, 2008

Music Beat

i love music, though music hates me, i still love it. a long-time wish is to have a duet with this good singer, and we'll sing Better Days. but of course, my family and friends don't want to jeopardize my well-being that is why until now they have not granted it. of course, everyone's dream is to have a recording or an album of their own. and i also would like that. but that would really be impossible. that would be a joke.

but if ever i had been a good musician, that would not be a joke. i would like to have been given an opportunity. and there is this site that makes it a reality. their love for the music led them to establish have their own production. for the Beats they make, they share it to others. but of course, it comes with a fee. if you're into music and you hiphop, this site is for you. honestly, though it comes with a fee, it is okay. why? because they get a chance to help others also, especially aspiring musicians.

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