Saturday, May 26, 2007

Quotable Quotes

i had been a fan of Maging Sino Ka Man. it's a television series here in the philippines. i got addicted to it since i've watched it from the beginning. and the actors are really good. it would really make you feel the drama. it has just ended last night, but there's a book 2. honestly, i don't know if i'm happy that there's book2 or maiinis. hehehe. but i think i'll still watch the book2. hahaha. and another thing that makes me like it, are the lines.. quotable quotes. and as a tribute to that, here is my list of the quotable quote lines.. for my foreign readers, i am sorry. i'll not translate the lines. i might translate it the wrong way. hehe.

"I never... said that... I love you." - JB (the ever-famous line)
"Yes, I am a slut, but I am the best slut in town." - Celine
"You don't need to love me back. Just let me love you." - JB
"Kailangan mo magpalaya para maging malaya." - Dadoods
"If I haven't said it yet, I want to say it now, I love you." -Celine
"Halos hindi na kita makita, kaya lahat ng pagmamahal iniiwan ko sayo." - Eli
"Buong buhay natin, hanap tayo ng hanap ng magmamahal sa atin, mamahalin natin. Pero pag nandyan na, pag hawak mo na madalas pinababayaan na lang natin makawala. I mean, what is it ba? Is it pride? Fear? Natatakot ba tayong masaktan?" -Celine
"Kahit sa pamamaalam, pwedeng magmahal." - Dadoods
"I've never been a traveller for I have never left. I am lost simply." -JB
"I know that you don't love me. But you better not somebody else.."-JB

there are still lots of quotable quotes but these are all i can remember. and how come i know these lines? it's because when i heard these line, i texted it agad to my friends. hahaha :)


The King said...

how come i never received your texts? haha!

I watched the pilot back in October 6. Pero hindi ko na nasundan kasi walang TV sa apartment. So pasilip-silip lang ako from time to time.

May isang line si JB eh, something like this:
"I know that you don't love me. But you better not somebody else.."

Basta to that effect, hehe.

I agree, the scrip is just great. Not too mushy, tamang tama lang ang drama, tapos tagos pa, diba?

Nga pala, nakalimutan mo yung:
"Ow ow! Nagsesewlows akow!"

PS. All four leads here were great in terms of acting. Sam and Anne were a revelation, I think. Kasi, expected na rin na magaling si Bea at Lloydy diba?

Talamasca said...

Not a big fan of the show. Sorry.

Anyhoo, happy birthday in advance to you! And I'm all hoping that you get what you wish for. Ktnxbai. ;-p

Alternati said...

I am not a real fan of the show... but my sis and bro-in-law and some of my friends are kaya I have heard these quotes. They usually give their rendition of the quotes the day after pag pinagkwekwentuhan nila. hehe... And ako eh nakikinig pero di makarelate kaya kinikwento nila mula beginning. Kaya I know the story of the show, pero second hand info lang. hehe

tin said...

Not an avid viewer of the show. Pero yung kaklase ko nagsesend rin ng mga quotable quotes sakin ng Maging Sino Ka Man. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Very nice quotes.. Credit yourself for remembering and sharing them.. you sure have a great collection in your wisdom bag :)

Jhed said...

OMG! Maging Sino Ka Man is the best show ever! Haha!

At may Book 2 pa?! Sana hindi magkatotoo ang sumpa ng sequels.

tin-tin said...

the king: hindi mo nareceive? sisihin mo globe. hehehe. at tlgang naremember mo yung date kung kelan ang first ha. and i'll copy yung line ni JB ha. nakalimutan ko. hehehe. nagulat ako kay sam.. among them 4, si bea pinaka-ayaw ko umarte. hahaha ;p

talamasca: it's okay. and thank you in advance :)

alternati: hahahaha. dme din fans noh? minsan okay din magpakabaduy. hahaha ;p

tin-tin said...

tin: okay lang.. maganda lang yung lines nila. worth sharing :)

bw: thanks!:)

jhed: true!!! kaya parang ayoko ng book 2 dhel sa sumpa na yan nga. pero malay mo. kse sinabi na naman nila na may book2 bago pa magtapos :)

kyels said...


The quotes are beautiful na!


Thanks for sharing.

chase said...

Hahahha you are so romantic! I am also like that looking for those quotable lines from romantic movies especially like Love Actually or The Holiday

Anonymous said...

Ahahay, pwede ka ring kumuha sa "Quotes Of The Day" na subfeature ng bawat entries ko. Nyehehe.

Sidney said...

Those are indeed remarkable quotes!
When do they start with book 2? Maybe I should watch!

Ferdz said...

Di ko sya napapanood pero natawa ako sa mga quotes. Hapet yung mga writer nito ah.

TK said...

Et tu Tin?! favorite din yan nila Sage at mga byenan ko.

Wil said...

>>>"Yes, I am a slut, but I am the best slut in town." - Celine

Well, at least she's looking at the bright side. hehe

Rey said...

jean watched this series religiously, and so are my brother and two guy cousins who lives with us.

I used to sit with them to watch this (later I opted for Heroes and The Shield-- watching alone in the bedroom), but there's just a lot of slipholes in the story, and it's just been dragged way too long that it becomes boring. Plus the "self-talking" has been exploited so much in this drama that it becomes a cliche'. even with a "Book two" coming, I still have no clue why they made the ending too bland.

Anyway, Jean don't like me criticizing it since she likes it very much like you. hehe... Sorry ha. Though if its any consolation, it's one of the better acted drama on Philippine television lately. Especially that certain Sam Milby. He did surprised me. :)

lazarus said...

I watched a few episodes. Paano ba nagtapos? Nagkabalikan ba sila ni eli? What about Sam Milby and Anne Curtis?
Dami kong tanong. Super twins kasi pinapanood ko. he he he.

ann said...

Nakipag birthday kami last friday, then yung friend ko hindi kasama yung mga anak nyang teen-agers , ayaw daw magsisama dahil last episode ng Maging Sino Ka Man.

ghee said...

nakss,kaya pala maraming kinikilig sa maging sino ka man dahil puro love ang mga quotes? hahaha!

musta na Tin?

rHo said...

talagang fan na fan ka ng MSKM ha??! hehehe! alam mo ba, nagsisisisi ako ngayon dahil sana noon ko pa siya pinanood! ayan tuloy... naghahabol ako ngaun! andun pa lang ako sa naka-graduate na si Celine from rehab! grabe.. ang layo ko pa noh sister??! waaahhh... ttyagain ko talaga yan!

Toe said...

Oh darn I missed the ending!!!! Did Eli die?

So fan ka pala ng teleserye namin ni Honey... hehehe! :)