Thursday, May 24, 2007

Birthday Wish List

i know that my birthday is still in 6 months time. but i already want to post my bday wish list. why? i just want to. hahaha. and unlike in the registry that when the gift is bought it will be erased, it would be okay for me to receive these gifts more than once. these are shallow gifts and not that expensive but these are things that make Pretty Tin :)

1. Lampshade - i sleep with lights on. so that would consume a lot of bulbs. and electricity bill. hahaha. but my mom is not mad with me about the bill. only about the lightbulb. so if i have lots of lampshades, i won't be replacing the bulbs often. i'll use another lamp, then when all are burned out, time to buy a new bulb. hehe.

2. Ballpen - i always use ballpen. that's it. hehe

3. Handkerchief - i can't leave without a hanky. before, i think i have the most hankies. but now, it's like all my hankies are missing. as in ang konti na lang at mabibilang mo na. sad

4. Shoes - i know every girl wants this. but i have another reason. hehe. i don't know what's with my feet now. but my shoed don't last long now. i mean my shoes could only last for a month's time. and i don't even use that that often. i really can't believe it. especially if during elementary and high school days, i use only one pair each year. and di siya nasisira. weird! that's why shoes will be a great gift for me.

5. Flipflops/slippers - i love wearing them. i am proud of my feet kse. hahaha.

6. Watch - i'm not comfortable without a watch. it's nice to have lots of watch so you can use a different one with every outfit.

7. Puzzle Books or whatever Puzzles - i love solving mind puzzles. crosswords, or whatever. i always want to test my mind.

this is just for fun. but if you want to take this seriously, why not? hehe. and if you think there is a better gift for me but not in the list, i'll still accept it. hahaha. how about you? any bday wishlist? :)


ann said...

Ang bilis naman, birthday mo na naman ulit, parang kelan lang yung birthday post mo last year.

I hope lahat yan eh maresib mo sa bday mo.Happy Birthday!

racky said...

exchange gift na lang tayo :D

pag-iipunan ko na yan!

rHo said...

advance happy birthday sa'yo kahit sa susunod na 6 months pa yan!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hehehe!!

sana makuha mong lahat yan lalo na yung lampshade!! nakakaawa yung mga bulbs nyo sa bahay.. hehehe!

tin-tin said...

ate ann: syempre birthday ko ulit! masaya magbirthday kse. hehehe ;p

racky: oo nga. magkalapit lang kse tyo ng birthday :)

rho: advance thank you! hehehe. nakakaawa tlga. pero wala ako pakialam. hahaha. bad ko ;p

Daisy said...

Awww i should have posted something like this before my birthday! sayang! i'm sure you'll be getting those items in your list!
happy birthday in advance!

kyels said...

My birthday's over ... Hehe!


chase said...

Well I hope you get all you want during your bday... I hope I can contribute something! *wink*

Alternati said...

Speaking of, mine is just around the corner... waaaa!

Thanks for the greeting ha. :)

I like surprises really, and I personally like gifts na alang physical na silbe pero may emotional value. hehe, may sense ba?

Add mo ang flip cellphone na never ever masisira sa list mo. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Nice wishes ... other than the thought of getting old :) I bet you can get all of them :)

Anonymous said...

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