Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Weekend Boasting and a No Way Tag

Cebu - Roxas - Batangas - Dumaguete.

Have never spent a Saturday yet at home or particularly in Manila this year. I was always out of town and the latest was in Dumaguete. As my sister told me in YM, “hambog!” (braggart/boastful). Hahaha. Talaga! hahaha. And that’s what I love about having my own blog. I can boast around and it’s okay, because it’s my own blog. You will read it or not, and I won’t even get hurt that much even if you don’t really read unlike if I see you not really listening to my stories. Hehehe.

Anyway, the story… My officemate (along with her sister) and I availed of the P99 promo of Cebu Pacific. Their original plan is Cebu for the Sinulog. Fortunately, all flights are fully booked coz if they’re going to Cebu, I won’t come along. Just been to Cebu and it was for two weeks. So suggestion was Dumaguete. And there were still lots of vacant seats. Yipee! We bought our tickets before Christmas. So when I saw my cousin Vera and her boyfriend Stephen during the weddings, I told them and somehow made plans. I told them that I want to go diving but I don’t know how. And because Stephen is a really kind-hearted and generous guy especially to Vera’s relatives, he said that he’ll give us an intro to diving FOR FREE!!!

So Jan. 19, we headed to Dumaguete. We met the scuba diver friends of Stephen and they taught us the basics of scuba diving. Actually, it was Borge who was our dive master. But his friends are really helpful, especially my diving buddy Ian. For the intro, we went as far as 15 feet. Saw lots of fish and corals! Ang ganda! But I experienced problems with my ears. I still don’t know how to equalize.

The next day, we went to Apo Island. I went first, with buddy Ian again. We went as far as 7 meters (21 feet) coz I already know how to equalize. Naks! Hehehe. Since there’s a limited number of gears only, i gave my friends a chance to dive. but I got addicted to it. So, I was really persistent that I would dive again. After lunch, Vera and the divers dived into the drop-off point. I also want to!!! But Stephen said that I can’t coz I’m still a beginner, but he promised that I can go diving after them but just at the boundary of the drop-off point. So after them, buddy Ian and I went diving again. Since we’re in the middle of the sea, they taught me how to jump off from the boat. I did not do what I usually watch from the TV/movies that they’ll turn back from the sea and tumble around. I did the Great Stride or I just step off the boat. And I did it perfectly! Hehehe. Well since my buddy was pasaway, and I already know how to equalize, he brought me to the boundary of the drop-off point and a little beyond it. So somehow, I experienced the drop off point. When I asked him afterwards how deep we went, he said 10 meters. But I know when I looked at the watched while underwater, it said 12. maybe it’s the time that I saw not the meters. Hahaha. It’s okay. 10 meters is still 30 feet! Hehehe.

Honestly, even if it was just last weekend, I already miss diving. I’m getting addicted to it. And my cousin Randall just has one response to that: “Welcome to the club!” hehehe.


This is a long overdue tag from Duke and Wil. 10 things that I would never do. Never say never is one of my mottos, but I hope I’ll never do these talaga.

I’ll never…
1. Regret anything. – I don’t want to regret anything. I just learn from things that happen. But the closest to regret I’ve ever done I guess is resigning from my former job. hehe

2. Eat a cockroach. – hello?!?!?! I can’t even touch nor look at one

3. Have an affair with a married man. – especially after experiencing what happened to our family after my dad have an affair. No way will I destroy a family for my own sake. And it’s bad. Period.

4. Step on other people to get ahead/Ruining a person’s reputation for my own benefit. – I have to copy this Duke. And I just can’t bear that I’m better off than someone by not being fair. I just can’t. ako pa! I’m always concerned with other people’s feelings

5. Date/Have a relationship with my friend’s ex. - I don’t know. It’s just a rule for me

6. Migrate to another country. – I just don’t like to. As I said in my previous post, I would like to live in the province. I just imagine myself living in another country because I’m studying there or my job assigned me there for a certain period of time.

7. Work in a government agency. – this is a big HAHA for me. Because unbelievably, I’m working for a government agency now. I still do not have my civil service, to give me an excuse not to work for the government, yet I’m here. Haaay… hehehe

8. Work that involves finance. – In college, I failed only two subjects. And they are both Math subjects (Math 17 and 36). Hehe. And my highschool Math teacher told me that I’m good, but I’m careless. So imagine.. I can’t really be involved with money nor math. Yet my previous and present jobs both deal with money and finance. And now I’m planning either to get an MBA or Masters in Finance. Labo ko sobra! Hahaha.

9. Commit suicide. - I’m afraid of hell

10. Send chain letters. – but I can tag other people. Actually, I just can’t think of anything for number 10. hahaha.

So the 5 lucky people whom I’ll tag are:
Tani – coz you love answering memes. Hehe
Jase – I can’t think of anything that you would never do
Vina – same reason as Jase and coz you are going in a vacation. Labo! Hahaha!
Ate Mai – I just want to learn what you would never do
Lei – coz I missed you last Monday. hehehe


Gypsy said...

Hey great meme and great list. :) I envy you for being able to enjoy Apo Island, I hope I will be able to go there one day...What I really enjoyed in Dumaguete was the Sans Rival. Yum!

Lazarus said...

Off to the Visayas na naman? Seems like you're enjoying it Tin-tin.

Scuba diving is in my "Never" list. But I enjoy watching pics taken underwater.

Toe said...

Hey, I dive too. It's so much fun. You can still dive in Anilao. It's nearer. I like your not-to-do list. :) It's a good idea not to eat ipis. :)

tin-tin said...

gypsy: was supposed to buy the sans rival, but we thought about how will we carry it on the way home to manila. so we settled for something that can be bought from the supermarket. hehehe ;p

lazarus: yup, nag-eenjoy tlga ako sa visayas ngayon. hehehe. scuba diving is included in your never list?? why?

toe: good idea tlga not to eaT ipis noh. kadiri kaya sila. hehehe. i hope i can go diving in anilao this summer. or sana before pa. hehehe ;p

duke said...

Diving is a great high!

Thanks for doing the meme :)

Wil said...

wow, scuba diving. not sure i could do that. sounds like you had fun though.

no eating ipis? not even for fear factor? hehe. anyway, thanks for doing the meme. :)

bw said...

Nice to hear you had a great time scuba diving ! Hope you did not get intimidated by weird looking creatures of the sea :)

Agree with you totally hands down on #9 :) #6 is totally admirable. Hats off ako. #7 ooops !:)

tin-tin said...

duke: you're welcome :)

wil: not even for fear factor. you're welcome :)

bw: honestly, i would not touch anything underwater unless my buddy touches it. malay ko ba.. baka poisonous yun. hehehe. and sir, i'm having a hard time leaving a comment on your blog :(

sexy mom said...

you're soooo lucky to move around town, and enjoy every moment of it! as to your NO-NOs, good for you about married men, but how can you tell if a man is married? (lol), sometimes, just sometimes, they don't tell.

jase said...

Hi Tin,

O sige, let me think of things that I would never do :)...hmmmmm isip isip :) maybe for my posts next week, i will write about this.

Musta ka na?

Have a good weekend :)

Sidney said...

I am with Lazarus. I would love to do scuba diving and take pictures underwater but I am not fit enough for this kind of activity.
I think it is a bit dangerous.

But I am envious!

Things you would never do: you are a good person !

tin-tin said...

sexy mom: i still haven't met a married guy who didn't say that he's married.. as far as i know. hehehe :)

jase: hehehe. will look forward to it. may new shows ka ba? :)

sidney: good person? thanks. hehe. after experiencing scuba diving, i now think it's not that dangerous :)

Anonymous said...

naks, mabuhay ka for supporting Wow! Philippines, ehehehe!

I would like to do that someday.. =p Kainggit.

Rey said...

Diving is a good and fun sport. It does require a lot of time though. Buti ka pa. Great to know you're enjoying yourself.

tin-tin said...

rex: hahaha. pero syempre. ngayon ko lang napansin. yan nga pala goal ko dati. maikot ang buong pilipinas. then world tour naman :)

rey: no, it doesn't require too much time. parang sandali lang yung sa amin :)

manilenya said...

avah naman diving para ka palang si mmy-lei :) di ko yata magagawa yan takot ako sa tubig e ;)

ann said...

First time mo mag dive pero ang lalim na agad narating mo.

Alam mo yung 2 months old na pamangkin ko dati sa sn simon,pampanga.Pinainom ng 1 tsp na katas ng ipis, para daw hindi iyakin. Grabe pero totoo, hindi ko alam kung anong paniniwala meron yung mga in-laws ng tita ko at ginawa yun. Ang dumi kaya ng ipis at sakit pa ang makukuha ng bata.

kyels said...

Apo Island; sounds like a nice place to go to ... Hehe.


Off the topic and to answer your question, I am from Malaysia. Hehe.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Thankyou for sharing self. ARE borders are being closed I used to go many p;aces but it is changing here. not for thr better the credit cards here make you a slave of corporate. nature here is a play thing of the mass. so i applode your free sperit.

The Artist said...

What an exciting life you lead and good luck with the diving.

Enjoyed reading your list, You are a clever, clear thinking lady, best wishes, The Aritst

tin-tin said...

manilenya: bakit ka naman takot sa tubig?

ann: lalim, noh? kaya nga sobrang aliw ako eh. hehehe. kadiri naman yung ginawa sa baby. kawaa naman sya. effective ba? oh no! baka dati pinainom din ako a. kse di na ako iyakin. waaah!!!! kadiri!!!

kyels: oh.. i thought you're form the philippines. hehe

tin-tin said...

lloyd: thank you! and thank you also for visiting my blog :)

the artist: wow! thank you for that nice comment :)

skulgirltrx said...

hi Tin! thanks for the visit! =)

wow, scuba diving, dream ko yan...

we're similar with no. 6, because despite that a lot of Pinoys are leaving this country for personal reasons, i'm one of the few who's not lured of migrating to another country. maging turista yun pa! ^_^

i'm linking you up ha if it's ok, mapapadalas ako dito! =)

chase said...

99php? It is almost next to nothing. That is great! Hahaha what a nice adventure you had!

racky said...

* wow diving, sabayan mo ako sa pagsisid sa karagatan ko heheh

sarap ng huhay ha, pa-travel travel na lang, nasaan naman mga pics? para makita ko naman iyong ... DIVE MASTER :P

iyong #4 ... mas marami yatang ganyan dito sa mundo! pero kung malalaman mo lang ang takbo ng buhay nila, no wonder "BAKEEET" nila nagagawa yon, poor souls ;)

Math, fave ko yan ;)

iskoo said...

alam mo nung nabalitaan ko yang promo nayan, nag bobook din sana ako ng one a month trip kaso weekend lang ako pwede tapos wala talaga akong makuhang available slot, bagal ko kasi mamili ng date, hehe. tuwa ako sa cebu pacific kasi affordable na ang lumibot sa pinas dahil sa ginawa nila.

naku ayaw na ayaw ko rin sa ipis....

tin-tin said...

skulgirltrx: oo nga. mas masaya maging turista diba? :)

chase: yup. as their logo now says: 'it's time every juan flies' :)

tin-tin said...

racky: pra ngang nakita kita sa ilalim ng dagat. hehehe :)

iskoo: buti talaga may nakuha kme na seat ng weekend. pero kawawa yung mga nauna sa aming flights, puro delayed. kme lang ata hindi nadelay. anyway, diba last year nag-avail ka ng promo ng cebu pacific? :)

manilenya said...

kasi nga di ako nunong langoy :)

Anonymous said...

Never migrate ha... hmmmm... I wonder if you'll feel the same way after you've visited the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or the clear waters of the Caribbean. Considering your newfound addiction... ewan ko lang! hehehehe

Ditto on everything else on your list, well except #5, our "community" has a laxer rule on dating exes. hehehe

Hmmmm... Ian... hmmmm.... :p

Anonymous said...

WAAAAAW! Long entry ah. Hehe!

Hey, I have a new URL. Please do update your links. Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

wow, adventurous ka pala.

Sana may pictures..

tin-tin said...

manilenya: ako din, hindi marunong lumangoy. as in! pero okay lang. pwede pa rin :)

alternati: hahaha. oo nga noh? makapunta na nga dun para ma-test. as if mura lang. hehehe. hmmm.. i have this feeling you're dating or you dated an ex of a friend. hehehe. and lastly.. what's with the name? :)

tin-tin said...

jhed: nasa old blog mo naman yung new address e. so makukuha ko pa rin new address. hehe

leah: i think to be adventurous is a new year's resolution. hehe. pictures to follow :)

iskoo said...

naku may nag-aalok sa akin ng diving, mahal kasi eh. congrats!

ghee said...

wow!I bet you had fun at Dumaguete.yup,nalareceive din ako ng ganyang promo before i went home kaya lang alam kong magiging busy ako kaya di ko na binili yung p99,super mura ano?

ang ganda ng mga sagot mo sa tag :)

rHo said...

awww.... padive-dive na lang si tin!! ang galing... enjoy na enjoy ka talaga!!

parang may nabasa ako sa post mo dati na galing sa UPLB??! tama ba?! saka na-recognize ko yung mga math subjects! waaahhhhh.... ayoko ng maisip ang mapapait na alaala ng math!! lolz!

stay happy sis! mwuahugggz!

Anonymous said...

try mo lumnpiang cockroach


hi tin!!!

Tani said...

Naku, I've been tagged. hehe..

THINZ said...

wow. .ang sarap nman ng mga pinuntahan mo!

RennyBA said...

Great to know you've had a good time and I'm happy you got diving FOR FREE. Remember when you come to Norway you can claim for a free lunch too LoL

tin said...

wow! mukang nag enjoy ka ate tin ah! :) Scuba diving! Scary, but it looks fun. Hehe. E di pa naman ako marunong lumangoy. Nyahaha!

iskoo said...

like you as much as possible ayaw ko mag migrate sa ibang bansa, pero papayaman muna ako sa labas tapos magbuhay milyonaryo sa pinas, haha

Estupidormitorian Neil said...

Hahaha, yes, it's OUR blog. Don't care bout them. hahaha.

Is it really P99? Gawd, I dunno if they showcased aklan flights with the same price. Squee! ^_^

Waah! You've dived already! Inggit ate tin-tin! Waah!


Eat cockcroaches... fatal seizures.