Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back from the Visayas Region

Warning: a long post

When my officemates asked me, where had I been and I just went to work yesterday. My answer would always be.. Visayas. I don’t wanna tell the three (naks! Three daw!) places that I’ve visited. Actually, it’s only two. Gusto ko three, bket ba? I still count Leyte. I saw their church, and the wet market. So counted na yun. Hehehe.

Two of my favorite cousins got married last Dec. 29 and Jan. 6. One in Cebu City and the other in Roxas City. These two cousins of mine are the 1st two grandchildren in my father side. And I’m the third. So, napressure ako bigla. Hahaha. Of course, I would like to be next. Hahaha. When people asked me before when I would get married? My answer is Feb. 2007. So it would be December, January and February. But as my cousin told me, it’s not really the month that mattered. They’re just a week apart. So your wedding date should be just a week after. Hmmm.. that might be the reason why my wedding didn’t push thru (duh! As if I have a bf to get married to. Hehe).

With the long vacation, especially with nothing to do except to eat and sleep, I realized a lot of things. Some of these are:

  • Even i regularly hear mass, I still don't know how to be a commentator. for both weddings, I was the commentator/lector yet there are still eroors. Contrary to the chismis that Randall's wedding is my practice and DP's wedding is my performance, I feel that for both it is still practice. Mali-mali. Hahaha. Sorry talaga dear cousins. I just really don't know how to be a commentator.

  • It’s a known fact that I would like to live in the province. Weird ako. When every Filipino likes to go out of the country, me, I would like to settle in one of the provinces. After being in Cebu, Leyte (talaga naman. hahaha) and Roxas this past week. I think it’s really Cebu for me. Even if they said that it’s like Manila, Cebu is still different. There’s still something provincial about the place. Hehe. But I still never know… I could end up in a province that has no electricity. (I can’t imagine myself! Hehe)

  • Even if I’m going to Cebu since time immemorial, I think I still haven’t been to its tourist spots such as the Magellan’s Cross and the Taoist Temple. But for those who have plans of going to Cebu in the future you should try eating at Harbour City (I’m so happy for my 1st day Cebu, I’ve tasted their rice toppings again. Well, not in harbour city but in Ding Qua Qua. But it’s still the same.) For the pasalubong for your family who you’re going to see agad, give them Masi. My all-time favorite. It’s not really a known food for non-Cebuanos. It’s not a usual pasalubong coz nasisira siya agad. But it’s yummy, somewhat like tikoy with nuts inside :)

  • I am blessed with my family. Eversince, I already know that I am blessed. But the past week made me feel that I’m really blessed to be a Racho. Starting from my titos and titas to my cousins. Wala ako masabi. Bow ako. My father’s siblings are really kind, mabait and selfless. I’ve discovered this way before pa. Even if my father is like that, they still love my dad. Though he would hear regular sermons from Tita Baby, still he is loved and never abandoned by his siblings. Proof that they are not selfish with one another: when other families would fight for their inheritance. The Racho siblings do not fight. I think they would even give their share to one another. They are not millionaires (I just don’t know with Tito Boy, hehe), but they would still not be greedy about their inheritance.

  • Another discovery... my father’s family are quiet. I didn’t notice that before til my tita’s family (who had been my dad’s neighbor) pointed it out Telling us that when they were kids, they would not know that there’s a person in the other house, until my Lola would sneeze. Hehe. It’s just then that I realized that they are a quiet bunch and the noisy ones are their wives (Tita Mellie, Tita Virgie, Tita Pennie and my mom). Hahaha.

  • My cousins and I were like reminiscing about how joyful our childhood Christmases were. That they are beyond comparison. Every Christmas and May (Tagbilaran’s fiesta), the whole family would go to Bohol. So Christmases were always fun. This went on til early 90’s coz Lolo Dinoy already died, and it’s like it would be expensive already. Now, our Christmases are like pale coz we miss the Christmas when we were kids. I thought it was only us, yun pala even our other cousins like Kuya Randall feel that way. Kuya Randall, enjoy ka pala nun khet na nagbabasa ka lang? hehehe. Joke lang! Love you! So because of that I proposed something to Kuya Randall: that when we have kids of our own, we would have a reunion every Christmas.

  • What I’ve realized when I’m already in Manila.. the reminiscing that happened didn’t really have scenarios. We just reminisce how enjoyable and happy it was but we didn’t really say what happened during those times. Labo noh?

  • All of us grandchildren want to go back to Tamblot (my grandparents’ house) and restore it to its glory (and also show Eric all the rooms. Wawang bata. Di pa raw niya naikot lahat ng kwarto). My dad and his siblings are thinking of selling it, I think. Wala nga silang pakialam sa mga mana nila diba? Hehe. Lyn and Julie, convince Tito Boy not to sell it and just give it to us the grandchildren. Let’s have our reunions there again. Then for the farm, let’s plant and make it a business. But Kay, no marijuana. Adik ka talaga! Hehehe. Lyn and Julie, when you go back here in the Philippines (October ba?), let’s have a grandchildren business meeting, okay? Naks! Hehehe.

  • We cousins are close even if we don’t see each other often (especially us who resides in Manila). We would just see each other when we were kids twice a year yet the bonding is different. My cousins’ cousins on the mother side said that they’re not close with our cousins because they don’t see them. Ganun din kme. But still, we have bonded. And we guys have matured. Before, 1st days would always be awkward especially since we don’t speak Bisaya. But now, it’s like we have seen each other just yesterday, and even if they speak in Bisaya, my sister and I (I just don’t know with Eric) would somehow understand them.

  • Whew! What a long post. I still have lots to say but I don’t wanna bore you anymore. Thank you for reading this, if ever you read it nga. Hehehe.


    and Congratulations to Kuya Randall and DP! Welcome Ate Giselle and Kaye to the Racho Family!


    Ferdz said...

    Wow! Seems like an eventful vacation. Iba talaga pag me mga kasalan, pag nagkakasalan or reunions di maiwasan ang mga reminiscing moments pati syempre ang sayahan.

    Ako di pa nakakatapak Cebu, hope to visit it one of these days. Enjoy the year 2007 :D

    Anonymous said...

    Well Tin, definitely agree with you that living in the province is less stressful. The people are friendlier, air quality is better and the place is less cramped. Great to hear that you enjoyed your vacation and what a great family you have. You are truly blessed :)

    cess said...

    kaya pala ang tagal mo nawala, ang damning activities.

    congratulations to your family kasi nadadagdagan (at madadagdagan) na naman kayo. mas masaya.

    ako rin i prefer the provinces, cebu or davao. mas tahimik.

    Rey said...

    nasan ang picture ng commentator?

    manilenya said...

    at bakit walang pic ang mga pinuntahan?? pano kami maniniwala? lol!!

    jase said...

    I also looovveee Cebu! Something in the place that is sooo cozy!

    Anyway, wishing my dearest a happy happy new year! may you find a boyfriend to love and marry this year :)

    tin-tin said...

    ferds: yup, iba tlga ang kasalan. masaya siya. reunion din ang nangyayari pag may kasalan. di ka pa nakakatapak sa cebu? sama mo siya sa list mo :)

    bw: how's your vacation? so, where did you spend it? :)

    cess: tsaka ang layo ko kse. ayoko naman mag-internet sa cebu/roxas. minsan lang naman ako nandun eh. cebu or davao? hmmm... sa city dapat? yung parang manila? para di masyado mamiss ang manila. hehehe :)

    tin-tin said...

    rey: walang picture. they didn't take my picture man lang! :(

    manilenya: secret lang natin ha.. wag ka maniwala. kse di totoo yung mga pinagsusulat ko. joke time lang ang mga yan. hehehe

    jase: wow! thank you so much jase! not to marry naman this year. khet next year pa. hehehe ;p

    iskoo said...

    i love countrysides, kaya mahilig ako sa bundok kesa malls. pero kapag tumira ako sa province gusto ko simple lang, may swimming pool, malaking tv na may wireless internet, atbp, hehe.

    exciting pala, baka ikaw na nga susunod na ikakasal. hihi

    Anonymous said...

    Wow! Masaya ako at naging masaya ang vocation mo! :)

    mukang ok pala dyan sa Cebu! Iba talaga ang ambiance ng probinsya kesa sa Manila. Nakakatanggal talaga ng stress. Fresh air kasi. Hehehe! Basta, iba talaga ang feeling!

    chase said...

    I do agree that Cebu even in its metropolitan status still has this provincial charm. I can now tell the difference since Ive been to Manila before as well.

    tin-tin said...

    iskoo: nung nasa cebu, ang sobrang pinuntahan ko malls. actually, every province na puntahan ko, parang malls ang pinupuntahan ko. haahah. at napakasimpleng buhay ang gusto mo ha :)

    tin: cebu? fresh air? ummm... pwde pa siguro. hehehe :)

    chase: you're from cebu, right? so what do you like more? cebu or manila? :)

    Anonymous said...


    ako din, never been to cebu

    ut it seems like you had fun, thats good

    here's to god life!

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, it's great you're back Tin! Happy New Year!

    It's great that you had a wonderful vacation. Pareho tayo... I prefer to live in the province. There's nothing like fresh air, no traffic, and no stress.

    Don't ever ever be pressured about this marriage thing. There will be a time for that for you... and it's going to be perfect.

    What a wonderful family you have. You are indeed blessed.

    Anonymous said...

    I guess from Roxas, you took a boat to Cebu via Palompon, Leyte. We've seen whales in the area before. Have you seen any?

    There are so many beautiful places here in Cebu. No traffic. Everywhere in the metro area is 15-30 minutes away. And nauna ka pang nakapunta sa Starbucks IT park.

    tin-tin said...

    bryan: you should include cebu in your to go places :)

    toe: hahaha. kaw tlga ang uber one na nag-aaffirm saken when it comes to wedding blues. hehe. thanks ate tonette. yup, i'm blessed with my family. parang ikaw :)

    lazarus: yup.. you're so right!!! and i've seen dolphins!! hindi daw whale yun sabi ng cousin ko. hahaha. kala ko nga kung anong tinuturo niya na island ng cebu, yun pala dolphines. heheeh. naunahan kita sa IT park? hehehe. kapitbahay kse ng cousins ko :)

    Tani said...

    Happy New Year, Tin-Tin! I understand about remembering the happy times, and not actually remembering where they took place. Just the people you shared those happy moments with. Glad you had a great vacation in those parts of the country.

    racky said...

    kaya naman pala antagal nawala! ;)

    mejo related ang post ko dito ah ... heheheh

    ann said...

    Kaya pala ang tagal mong nawala. Nag-anak dati ang mother-in-law ko sa kasal. Afetr the wedding hiningan ng konting speech ang mga ninang at ninong, nanlamig syang bigla...hahaha!

    Instant family reunion pala ang pasko mo.

    cruise said...

    alam mo mukhang di rin ako pwede lector sa kasal, malakas ang aking stage fright. pero sabi nila practice makes perfect.

    vina said...

    Tiiiiin! welcome back, and good that you enjoyed your vacation.

    yuri and i weren't able to meet up, masyadong marami ang bookings niya, hehe.

    anyway, have a great weekend tin!

    tin-tin said...

    tani: you're so right. what's important is that you had good memories with these people :)

    neneng: pano naging related? di ko nagets. hehe. basta alam ko bago ang lay-out mo :)

    ann: salamat sa laging pagbisita sa blog ko ha. di naman ako nanlamig sa harap nung naging commentator ako, di lang tlga ako maalam. hahaha :)

    tin-tin said...

    cruie: trust me, di stage fright yung akin. di ko lang tlga alam. hahahaha :)

    vina: hahaha. busy ba masyado si yuri? umalis na ba ulit siya?

    Daisy said...

    hullo! napadpad lang from ideasnpink site. =) You're right, Cebu is really a nice place to live in.

    Anonymous said...

    Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2007!

    I love big cities but I like to go to the countryside once in a while! I guess Cebu is more on a human scale than Manila.

    You ar lucky to have such a fine and frindly family. In the end family is the most important.

    rHo said...

    naku pareho pala tayo... malimit pa akong magkamali dun sa may bandang simula ng mass, yung dalawang beses pala sasabihin ng pari yung "let us pray"! hahahaha! pinapaupo ko kasi agad sila e hindi pa pala dapat! hahahaha! sobrang nakakahiya talaga yun!!

    oh well, ang saya ng bakasyon mo ha!! good... good... so, kelan ang balik mo ng Cebu? di pa po ako nakakapunta dyan! hahaha!

    jef said...

    It’s a known fact that I would like to live in the province. Weird ako. When every Filipino likes to go out of the country, me, I would like to settle in one of the provinces.

    You just don't know how I looong to settle back in the province...but yun nga lang, low career opportunity. Someday, I will settle there for good.

    Belated Happy New Year pala!

    kyels said...

    What an eventful vacation!

    Pressure? Awww ... Relax, slowly.


    RennyBA said...

    Warning; short comment!
    Thanks for keeping us posted! Glad to hear you had a great time with family and all.
    Wish you a great year ahead too and a wonderful end to your week:-)

    Anonymous said...

    Medium long Comment:

    Sounds like you had a brilliant vacation with all that family of yours. The way you tell about your papas side of the family in contrast to your moms family is really great reading.
    Have never been to the Phillipins, but it's a dream from childhood to visit once. I don't know why it's that way, I suspect I've heard it from ships crew, when they where Norwegians. Nowadays Norwegian ships have Philipino crew, which are considered world class.

    I've read your blog many times, via my friend RennyBa, but never ever commented any of your great postings. Shame on me. But I'll be sharpened in 2007. Promise.

    Thanks for sharing your holyday. It's impressing.

    Prosperous New Year and a nice weekend.

    Anonymous said...

    tin! may cebuano roots pala ang family mo... it's true, iba talaga ang charm ng cebu. i miss it na, having studied and worked there for a long time. it's actually 'moasi', and it's yummy nga for dessert. have u tasted the dried mangoes sa guadalupe, also yung chicharon sa carcar.
    here's to a fruitful year ahead! at sana malapit na talaga ang wedding mo...this year maybe? ;)

    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations to your cousins!

    I can't imagine two weddings in a row like that! It must've been really great.

    Seems like you had lots of time to think ha, but I guess that's ok kasi the long post compensated for your long absence! :)

    I would also love to retire in a province. (pero syempre I CAN'T live without electricity!) hehehe... I just love the slowness of time there and how people are rarely in a rush.

    My father's side is the exact opposite. Pag magkakasama kami, parang palengke ingay. Mapa bata or senior citizen, dumadakdak nang dumadakdak! heheheh

    Great to hear you had a fun time in the 2... I mean 3 cities you visited over the holidays. :)


    ghee said...

    Hi Tin Tin! great to know about your family bonding!and you have your own adventures pala.

    sarap sa Cebu at sa province.kung lumaki ka sa manila,no wonder why you prefer living in a province.kahit ako,gustung gusto kong pumunta sa province :)

    happy 2007 Tins!!
    Im back na ;)

    THINZ said...

    wow sarap nman ng vacation mo! i wanna go to cebu too pag umuwi ulet ako next time.. kelan kaya yun? hahahahha

    tin-tin said...

    daisy: thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)

    sidney: thanks! happy new year to you also. where do you prefer to live? :)

    rho: kaya bilib na ako ngayon sa mga lectors. hahaha. i don't know if i'll be back this year sa cebu. :)

    tin-tin said...

    jef: i'll retire there siguro na din lang. but sometimes, may mga good opportunities dun. swertehan siguro. hehe :)

    kyel: hehe. thanks. i'm not pressured now. hehe :)

    rennyba: shorter comment. thank you. you too. hehe ;p

    tin-tin said...

    toraa: thank you so much. you've left comments before, so don't worry. you work in a ship? i hope you would be able to visit philippines one of these days. just tell me and i could tour you around :)

    carey: actually, boholano roots. hehe. pero di kme nakapunta sa bohol last time. umulan kse malakas. moasi ba yun? hehe. where did you study? let me guess.. san carlos? hehe ;p

    alternati: i've always wanted to live in batanes. just to experience life without electricity. but i won't live there noh? and i think i won't also survive without electricity. may mga kuryente na naman sa probinsya noh? may cable pa nga eh. buti pa nga sila may disney channel. hahaha. pag may reunions, maingay na din, kse maiingay mga asawa nila. hehehe :)

    tin-tin said...

    ghee: may provinces din naman jan sa japan diba? hehehe. welcome back! :)

    thinz: hahaha. sana soon :)

    duke said...

    i'm back.

    nao said...

    hey sis gandang tin, sayang.. di ka napadpad bandang upper Visayas, sa lugar ng tatay ko sa Siquijor.. nag EB sana tayo ahahaa!

    heto ako.. may jetlag, pero naglalagalag.

    happy 2007!