Tuesday, January 16, 2007


i was supposed to do Duke's tag, but i think it can wait. hehehe.

last night, at the Singles prayer meeting, the Gospel was the Wedding at Cana. for those who are not familiar with the story, this is Jesus first miracle. He attended a wedding and the wine ran out. so, Mary asked Jesus to perform a miracle. and Jesus just turned the water into a wine.

last night, the activity at the prayer meeting was to write in a piece of paper the events in 2006 when the wine ran out, and on the other side to write the events when the water turned into wine. in other words, problems/trials and blessings.

natahimik ako bigla. sobrang i can't think of any when the wine ran out moments ko. all i can think of are blessings. i know i didn't celebrate my bday for 2006, but i still didn't consider it as a problem or what. there came a point when i don't want to serve in the LSS or SE, but still i didn't see a trial in my life. emo moments lang ako nun. hehehe. but for the blessings, a lot. for every problem that i'll try to think of, all i can think of is a blessing.

but the way to describe 2006 for me is a year of semi-fulfillment of my dreams.

first, 2006 had been a year full of travelling. around philippines nga lang. but it was really from northern luzon to mindanao. and mostly are job-related. coz that's what i really like with my work. the travels.

second, i asked God for something. well, it was a demanding request. but still i asked Him for it. and you know what??? He somehow gave it to me. well, still not really given to me. but He made me see that it is possible. that nothing is really impossible if it's according to His will. well, now i still don't know what His will really is.

third, being able to serve in Mark 10. i love kids. and i really want to be a pre-school teacher. but it's not for me. so God just gave me the Mark10 kids. Mark 10 is a ministry for the kids. the Youth ministry is for 13yo to 21yo. Mark 10 is for those whose age is below 12. saya!

fourth, i got to serve Him in many ways. especially by sharing and testifying about His love. and being able to serve in outreach programs. also, with this outreach programs, i got to serve again with the Youth ministry. it's 2007 already, but super blessed tlga ako with the YLSS Lipa.

fifth, my family. i saw how blessed i am with my family. and got to see most of them again at the end of the year.

ang dami pang blessings, but for now ito muna. i know 2007 will be a year of change for me. there will be lots of changes. i just don't know what. but i pray that it is for good and has something to do with what i'm praying for for the longest time. hehehe.

but a change that i know is specific. i'll be fast in taking a bath. 15 minutes maximum. new year's resolution. hahaha! sorry tlga guys last saturday. for the YLSS Lipa Team, thank you so much. you had been more than a blessing last weekend talaga. Jimly! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! you're serving kids pala! I love kids too. Once na akong naging VCS teacher sa church namin, and i've handled 6-9 years old. :)

Keep your faith in God! God bless you! :)

ghee said...

sarap nman pala ng job mo,Tin tin..maraming travels :)

ano ba yung hiniling mo?na curious tuloy akong bigla,LOL!

pareho pala tayong mahilig sa kids,minsan,nakukulitan na ako sa kanila,pero one day lang na umabsent ako,miss ko agad sila :)

Anonymous said...

wow, thats so nice. i admire you for seeing/focusing on the blessings God gave you.

snglguy said...

Hey who knows, maybe this year you'll find that special someone to walk down the aisle with. ;-)

manilenya said...

hmmnnn wishing you more blessings this 2007 :) you're so lucky!
try ko isulat ang mga blessings ko last 2006 para mawala ang lungkot at negative na mga iniisip ko :)

tin-tin said...

tin: yup, i'm serving kids now. saya noh? hehehe. thanks. God bless you too :)

tchan663268 said...

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tin-tin said...

ghee: that's what i love aboput my job.. yung travels. i prayed for it and God gave that to me. ang galing! hehehe. yung hinihingi ko? you'll know about it sooner or later din. hehehehe. true! minsan ang kulit ng kids. miss ko na nga sila. i think feb ko pa sila makikita ulit kse full weekends ko now. naks! busy lady daw ako. hahaha :)

cess: thank you! :)

tin-tin said...

snglguy: i just don't know about that. but i hope so. hahahaha :)

manilenya: try mo nga. you'll feel better. so bket ka nalulungkot?

racky said...

maraming blessings na dumarating sa iyo kc marami ka ring naiaalay sa iba :)

masarap talagang kasama ang mga bata, maraming natutunan sa kanila na sa atin "na matatanda" eh balewala na/di na pinahahalagahan ... ang kasimplehan ng buhay ;)

sana'y matupad ang mga adhikain mo ngayong taong ito ... kung manalo ka sa lotto. balato naman para makapagbakasyon uli si ako(sabay ganun) heheheh

rHo said...

sana patuloy ka pang i-bless ni Lord! you're such a good person kaya you deserve all of this!

ingat ka lagi!

iskoo said...

Our inner peace begins with counting our blessings, keep it up tin-tin!

bw said...

Tin - hmmm.. looks like something's definitely cookin' for you in 2007 :) Down to 15 minutes? I thought 30 mins is already a Guiness record for women :) My record is 5 mins, esp when I'm in danger of missing my train, kasama ng sipilyo :)

Sidney said...

You are a born optimist ! This is a nice attitude!

tin-tin said...

racky: ayoko kita bigyan ng balato, di ka naman bumibisita pag nandito ka.

rho: wow naman. thanks po :)

iskoo: true! thanks iskoo. honestly, di pa rin ako sanay pag seryoso ka. hehehe ;p

tin-tin said...

bw: dati, 5mins lang ako maligo. pero wala pang toothbrush yun. matagal na din ang 30mins ha. khet sa girls :)

sidney: of course! hehe. thanks :)

carey said...

...and a thousand more blessings to come for 2007! kasama na dun ang special someone for you... naks.
it's good to look back and realize that we are so blessed despite the odds. :)

chase said...

15 minutes? That is quite fast. At least I always have around 30 minutes unlike before I always bathe for like 2 hours

Richard said...

I don't think a bath should ever be quick. It is something that needs to be savoured and enjoyed.

I am glad you have so many blessings. We all have things to be thankful for in our lives, the problem is that too often we forget to look at them.

The is no problem is asking God forcefully, or repetitively. Remember the parable of the old woman who went to the lawyer's house to demand justice. She was persistant and annoying, eventually the lawyer gave in. There is no problem in being the same (just don't be arrogant).

Gypsy said...

May this year be another year of you witnessing Jesus turn water into wine. Happy New Year!

Tani said...

Alam mo, as a Catholic, when I say the rosary and reflect on the mystery of light, I am moved by the number of times I myself have ran out of wine. But then, God always provides for me. I am moved by His generosity, and eventhough I don't deserve it at times, God finds a way to say not to fret and that I DO deserve His blessings however which way I have forgotten Him. Maganda yun activity nyo. I will try to do that daily or as often as I can.

vina said...

hi tin! have a happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

last sunday father rodrigo preached about the Cana wedding. he pointed out that it is a metaphor or symbolical of Jesus' marriage with the christian church...i forgot the rest of his sermon

solli po...


Anonymous said...

thats a good start a fresh start, to make 2007 a year of change. Godspeed!

ann said...

Iba kasi ang feeling pag nag seserve ka di ba? Kahit pagod parang magaan pa rin ang pakiramdam.

I wish you more blessings this year.

zingtrial said...

Hi tin-tin,You have your heart in the right spot He!He!He!.Nice to serve kids :) blessed you.peace and love.
Wish you all the best my friend

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear a recap of your blessings. I try to think of good things as well, ok.. most of the time. I like wallowing in depression every now and then. hehehe

I think I have an inkling of what you're wishing for, I might be wrong pero I got the idea from your last post. :P

Hope IT does come true for you this year. :)

RennyBA said...

Good summery - thanks for sharing!
Btw: Sorry I haven't been around for a while, but have been busy celebrating my wifes birthday and we even have the in-laws from the US visiting. Come on over and contribute if you like:-)

kyels said...

Serving kids ... Man, I am sure you're really good with them! Hehe.


ghee said...

Hi TinTin!you seem very busy ah! :)
salamat naman at nagpapakita ka pa rin kahit wala ka palang update :)

ingats always!

racky said...

sige, ikaw na lang pumunta sa amin at nang maipasyal kita ... sasamahan na rin kitang mag-shopping ;)

Anonymous said...

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