Friday, August 04, 2006

long overdue meme

And now, my second tag for the week. From the talented rey.

3 things that scare me:
1. cockroaches!!! – wait! They don’t scare me. I just hate them. (plastic! Hahaha)
2. an accident happening to my family
3. that I’ll not die in style. Hahaha.

3 people who can make me laugh:
1. joey de leon and michael v.
2. jack black (just saw nacho libre kse. Hehe)
3. cast of friends

3 things I love:
1. God
2. walking. It just really relaxes me
3. singing!

3 things I hate:
1. cockroaches!
2. hypocrites
3. feelers

3 things I don't understand:
1. life
2. economics. Hahaha. And to think I’m an econ major. Hahaha
3. for now, it’s God’s plan for me

3 things on my desk:
1. papers!!! Lots of papers and folders. Hehehe
2. desk displays that are gifts from my officemates
3. kalat! Parang malaking kalat ang table ko

3 things I'm doing right now:
1. doing this
2. listening to music
3. thinking of all work I have to do. hehe

3 things I wish to do before I die:
1. visit my friends who I have not seen for the longest time
2. do something that I have dreamed of
3. go to amanpulo. hahaha

3 things I can do:
1. smile and laugh
2. cook!
3. sing in style. hahaha

3 ways to describe my personality:
1. rules girl but at the same time a rebel
2. friendly and suplada at the same time (puro at the same time ha)
3. halo-halo. hahaha

3 things people might not know about me:
1. I don’t know how to lie. I’m not kidding. You’ll know when I lie, that’s why I always tell the truth
2. I took guitar lessons, in yamaha. But I didn’t learn how to play the guitar
3. I’m afraid of the dark. I can sleep with lights closed, but it should not be me who’s gonna close the lights. Or else, I’ll run to my bed with my eyes closed. hahaha

3 things I can't do:
1. tell a lie – see above for details. hehe
2. swim. I love the beach but I don’t know how to swim
3. be organized. Aargh!

3 things I think you should listen to:
1. God’s voice
2. praise/religious songs
3. my singing voice. hahaha

3 things I don't think you should listen to ever:
1. pessimists
2. backstabbers
3. temptations. hehehe

3 of my absolute favorite foods:
1. pizza!
2. tortang talong (what’s the english of this?)
3. chips

3 things I'd like to learn:
1. play the piano
2. ilocano
3. a foreign language

3 beverages I drink regularly(excluding water):
1. milk – I should drink milk in the morning. I don’t feel good in the morning until I drink milk
2. tang mango juice
3. coke sakto (I’m not really a coke drinker, but since it’s for free.. why would I say no to it? Hehehe)

3 shows I watched when I was a child:

1. Bioman
2. Nickelodeon show in channel 9. finders keepers every Wednesday, and double dare every friday
3. dog of flanders (I remember nobody played outside to watch the ending. And all of us cried)

just as my previous meme, I won’t be tagging anyone. But if you want to do this, feel free to do so.

But I have a challenge for you.. 3 things you want to tell me.


Abaniko said...

You don't know the English of "tortang talong"? Easy. "Tortang eggplant."

tin-tin said...

hahahaha. wait! torta is omelet in english, right? so it's eggplant omelet! o diba? hehehe ;p

jef said...

Hello, I misread "few months" to "few day's" kaya I thought tapos na bday mo...sowee hehe!

dreaming-neko said...

it's kinda like the 4 post minus 1 :)

your all about: God/goodness, food, friends and cheerfulness! bless you :)

Rey said...

That's really enlightening, Tin... No flashy, over-the-wall kind of retorts, just honest, cheerful answers. And I guess it sums you all up-- in a very nice kind of way.

Yeah, I should hear your singing. So upload any of your karaoke recordings and let us have a feast of goodtime. :)

jase said...

Hi Tin-tin, i absolutely hate cockcroaches too! They're just horrible! I shudder at the thought!

tin-tin said...

jef: hahaha. it's okay. nagulat lang ako. i'm gonna expect a bday gift na nga sana eh. hehehe ;p

neko: yup, it's somehow like that. but the 4 post i received is somehow revised so it's still kinda different. and thanks neko! God bless you too :)

tin-tin said...

rey: thanks. i told you i don't know how to lie. hehe. that's why rey you should trust me when i tell you now that don't dream to hear my singing voice :)

jase: absolutely horrible! i just really hate them!!! yuck!

racky said...

may dala akong ipis ... eto o! heheh

turuan kita ng ilokano at deutsch! *wink*

einen guten tag noch (have a nice day)!

Toe said...

Ahhh. the mysteries of the law of supply and demand. :)

Estupidormitorian Neil said...

3 Things I wanna tell you:

1. Tortang talong is Aubergine Fritatta.
2. Oh, so your desk is a mess. Good job! Whohoo!
3. I don't know where in our country I could buy Coke Sakto for only 5 pesos. Really.

tin-tin said...

racky: waaaah!!!! alis! alis!!!!

kahit inaway mo ko, thanks for teaching me. isusulat ko lahat ng ilagay mo dito paramatutu ako. sana lang mapronounce ko ng maayos :)

tin-tin said...

toe: huh? nawala ako dun ha :)

neil: wow!!! and i thought i've solved it with eggplant omelette. hahaha. congratulate me now coz i just cleaned up my desk. hahaha. you want a 5peso coke sakto? go to our office. it's just 5pesos here :)

vina said...

3 things i want to tell you!!!!!

1. i am organized and an obsessive-compulsive (but not extreme, i have to make that clear)
2. i stock up on rolls and rolls of toilet paper
3. i love buying all sorts of disinfectants and household cleansers (and actually enjoy using them)

WAIT. the last 2 just emphasizes my being obsessive-compulsive.

but i insist, it's not an extreme case.

snglguy said...

Don't worry about being afraid of the dark. Once you find the right guy, he'll turn off the lights for you. Unless he's afraid of the dark too, then you'll both have problems. Hahaha :-D

tin-tin said...

vina: yup, i remember you telling us that you love disinfectants and other cleaning materials. hehehe. but the toilet paper is new. grabe oc-oc ka talaga. hehehe ;p

tin-tin said...

snglguy: now, you gave me another reason why i shlould have a boyfriend already. hahaha ;p

ghee said...

Hello Tin tin! i hate cockroaches,too!

The Queer Chef says Hi!!

Anonymous said...

Hey - you already know a foreign language! You really mean a second foreign language.. ha ha

tin-tin said...

ghee: they're yucky, right? ;p

bw: you have a point there. yes, it's second foreign language. hehehe ;p

jairam said...

1. i hate insects that crawl
2. i hope you had a great week
3. i hope you will have another great week ahead
take care.

cruise said...

mahilig ka pala sa singing, maganda siguro boses mo! kantahan mo naman ako, hehe

Ann said...

alam mo dito wala pa akong nakita na ipis na katulad nung sa atin..maliliit lang na kulay brown ang meron dito kaya di nakakatakot. Kaya nung makakita sa pinas yung mga kids ko...hehehe...napakalaking riot.

Sidney said...

Cockroaches as a group are part of the worldwide food web. They are omnivore scavengers which clean up our environment and help recycle the organic litter that would accumulate if it were not decomposed by organisms which include cockroaches. Furthermore they serve as food for small mammals, birds, amphibians and lizards. There are over 3000 species of cockroaches and only 10 species are on the World Health Organization list of human pests. The other 3000 species are welcome members of the biodiversity on this planet.

I hope you change your feelings about cockroaches ! ;-)

tin-tin said...

jairam: thank you! i hope you'll have a great week also. and i hope you had a great weekend :)

cruise: mahilig lang ako kumanta. pero pramis! di maganda boses ko (sabi nila). hahaha ;p

tin-tin said...

ann: hahaha. siguro dapat diyan na lang ako tumira. hehehe ;p

tin-tin said...

sidney: you're back! welcome back!
wow, that's a lot of information. honestly, one of the reasons i hate them is because they're dirty. but you put them in a good light by saying that they clean the environment. and another thing i hate about them is that they just appear out of nowhere. waah! i just hate them. sorry sidney

Sidney said...

I think you can even eat them! ;-)
Full of vitamines!

racky said...

may kasama namang Baygon 'yon! direct from Bayer, Leverkusen!!! heheheh

auf wiedersehen (see yaaahhh)!

tin-tin said...

sidney: yuck!!! no!!!!!!!!

racky: khet na! ayaw pa din!!!
grabe! ang haba naman ng see yah.. einen guten tag noch (yuck! as if alam talaga. hehe) :)

racky said...

sarap pala ng personality mo ... halo2 ... sigurado espesyal yan :D

di ka ba kuryos sa aleman na ipis? hehe

bis dann ... hanggang sa muli ... ( pangungulit)

Rey said...

When I went to China and Thailand, they have these kind of cultured cockroaches and bugs... They roast it and eat it as snacks. They sell it along their streets, in an umbrella cart, the way we sell ice cream, popcorn or mani.

Ano kaya kung meron sa pinas nong ganun? Weird siguro pakinggan... Imbis na sisigaw ng "popocorn! popcorn!", eh ganito: "Ipis! Ipis po kayo diyan! Crispy at mainit pa"!!! :)

Bibili ka, tiyak.

tin-tin said...

WAAAH!!! magpopost na ako. puro tungkol sa ipis na ang comments!!! yuck!!!!! promise kinikilabutan ako