Thursday, July 20, 2006

challenging meme

got this from snglguy. i found it challenging because if there's anyone who's gonna respond to this, it's gonna be a challenge to think of the answers. hehe. here's how it is...

If you comment on this post, I will…

1. respond with something random about you.

2. challenge you to try something.

3. pick a color that I associate with you.

4. tell you something I like about you.

5. tell you my first/clearest memory of you.

6. tell you what animal you remind me of.

7. ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you.

8. pick a song that reminds me of you.

After I respond to the above mentioned 8 points in this blog, you will have to post the same meme, and my response, on your blog.

so, now i have to respond to snglguy's response.

Tin-tin> Oh, the food lover. Hehe, ok here goes…

Random: You impress me as someone who’s spiritual and yet at the same time, a rebel.

weird! coz i think that's the perfect description for me. friends who are really close to me and knows my story would know what i mean.

Challenge: I challenge you to try to be closer to your Dad.

hmmm... looks easy. hahaha. i'm trying to be close to him now. i just helped him the other day to fix our printer. hahaha

Color: Errr, Pink? You seem like a Pink loving kinda gurl…

actually, i just started loving pink recently. and you know what? for this week, pink is my color. my clothes should be pink or close to the shade of pink. hehe

Like: I like that you can be honest about yourself and it shows in your writings.

wow! thank you! :)

Memory: Uhhh, the best memory about you that I can think of? Err, that nice and uplifting comment you made in one of my post.

ummm... really? i did? what was my comment. sorry. i have a short term memory gap. hehe

Animal: A Pussycat. You can purr but at the same time have sharp claws.

i don't like cats pa naman. but i like your description. hahaha

Question: Who was the “inspiration” guy that you wrote in one of your entry?

wow! now i'm amazed with your memory. you still remember that? hehehe. he is an officemate that had been an inspiration. nothing more :)

Song: Hmmm, I think it would be Bette Midler’s “From a Distance”.

from a distance?? isn't this song about wars? hehehehe

there you go! any challengers? hehehe :)


yuri said...

my gosh tim ako ata na ha.... hmmm.. closer to ur dad? well try to bury the hatchet na girl. from a distance? my gosh very beirut vs. israel. HOORAY for Pink!!!!

Rey said...

Hmmm... This is interesting. It would be fun to see what this food-loving pretty girl has to say. :)

tin-tin said...

hahaha! wow yuri! you're the first one. well, my dad and i are so very much beirut vs israel at its finest. hehehe. well, here's my response to you:

RANDOM: the first time i saw your pic in my comment box, i found you cute. aminan na! hahaha. at first i thought you look like john lloyd, but yuri, you look way better than him :)

CHALLENGE: a background song on your blog but you should be the one singing

COLOR: of course pink!

SOMETHING I LIKE: your witty yet serious comments and posts

FIRST & CLEAREST MEMORY OF YOU: first is your picture on my comment box. sabi sayo, crush kita agad. hahaha. but the clearest is your post on toilet 101. because i just realized then that it's also part of your service

ANIMAL: a colorful fab butterfly. i can't believe you're still a caterpillar

QUESTION: how's your lovelife? hehehe. i don't have any idea about it.

SONG: Home by Michael Buble, coz i think it pretty much describes you

tin-tin said...

rey: while i was replying to yuri, i didn't expect you're already here. hahaha. post this okay? coz i also wanna know what a talented artkitekto could say about me :)

RANDOM: really soooo talented and a soccer fanatic! i'm envious of you coz i really don't know how to draw.

CHALLENGE: draw a caricature of me. conceited talaga! hahaha

COLOR: black and white. black because of the color of your blog. hehe. but it's really black and white because of your sketches

SOMETHING I LIKE: the good things you say about me. flattering. and really boosts my self-confidence ha

FIRST/CLEAREST MEMORY: also first encountered you in my comment box and i was really fascinated with your picture. a man drawing, moving pa. hehe. clearest is really your post on love united video. hehehe

ANIMAL: rabbit. because you want to have more kids, right? hehehe

QUESTION: had you ever been a soccer player? i mean a real soccer player and not just for PE ha

SONG: i really can't think of anything. but since you truly love soccer and it's my clearest memory of you.. then it's Love United. hahaha :)

RennyBA said...

Thinking of the consequences, I don't think I dare to comment this post :-)

mei said...

i'm here! i'm here! :) aren't we just loving this meme? =D

Anonymous said...

Hayan! Andito na rin ako. LOL. I will wait for your response. LOL.

tin-tin said...

renny: hahaha. don't worry, you're not really required to post this. but since the rules are for me to reply to you, then i guess i have to do it :)

RANDOM: a man full of wisdom and who loves his country so much

CHALLENGE: for you to post this. hahaha. just kidding.

COLOR: midnight blue or dark blue. i don't know. i just associate you with that color. hehehe

SOMETHING I LIKE: how much you love your country. how proud you are. and how you also convince your readers to love their hometown. and it's like i've already been to your country with your pictures and stories

CLEAREST MEMORY: greeting me happy st. hans' day because i really researched who st. hans is. hehehe

ANIMAL: dove. because you're like a peace-loving person. and doesn't the dove even if you free it would always return home?

QUESTION: besides norway, where else would you like to live..if ever given a chance

SONG: "Ja, vi elsker dette landet" the national anthem of norway. is my reasearch correct? :)

tin-tin said...

mei: this is really challenging. hehehe.

RANDOM: the better version of me. honestly, i see myself in you if i'm a good girl. para kseng ang bait-bait mo

CHALLENGE: kaw na mag-propose sa bf mo para maging next year nga. hahaha. joke! my challenge for you is to post something about your bf. why you love him so much. ang sweet diba? hehehe

COLOR: pastel colors. it's so girly and they're like gentle colors. hehehe

SOMETHING I LIKE: your feel-good posts. sobrang uplifting kaya sya. it's so refreshing to read your posts

CLEAREST MEMORY: asking me who i am when i sent you the e-card. hehe. i forgot to say my name. takot ka, akala mo kung sino noh? hehehe

ANIMAL: goldfish. i find them gentle. and gold is for you. labo! hahaha

QUESTION: have you ever done something bad? feeling ko kse saint ka. hahahah

SONG: top of the world. because you always seem to be on top of the world. even when you're down, it won't last long. you would reach the top of the world soon din :)

tin-tin said...

jhed: bakit ka naman kinakabahan? ito na. lagot! hehehe

RANDOM: ang friend ng bayan. basta feeling ko friend ka ng bayan.

CHALLENGE: since you always post about your beefs (naks!) in life and everything else. for one week, you will just post the good things that has happened in your life. it can be on that day, in the last 10 years, or whatever. basta something positive :)

COLOR: green. coz of the color of your blog before. and sometimes green-minded ka diba? aminin. hehehe

SOMETHING I LIKE: sobrang makwento mo. anything under the sun talaga

CLEAREST MEMORY: your penguin post. hehehe

ANIMAL: penguin. hahaha. coz they don't get sunburn, right? walang connection? wala rin naman connection title mo dati diba? ;p

QUESTION: what happened to you and ...? i forgot the name. hahaha. sorry. may memory gap talaga ako. best 9 days, but why the abrupt end?

SONG: Somebody by depeche mode. para kseng the song is perfect for you. hehehe

snglguy said...

Great work Tin! I'm glad to see that you are enjoying this meme... :-)

mei said...

wahaha! natawa ko dun ah =) let me see with the challenge... =D

carey said...

Tin! gawan mo rin ako, heehhe... I already did this meme from Ric's blog, Oks lang ba? comment ka rin dun sa blog ko, will do the same. :)

Ann said...

ang galing mo tin, nahulaan mo..hehehe.Pano naman baka pag ginawa ko yan tapos madami mag comment, waaahhh..baka magkamali pa ako ng sabihin di na ako balikan. Pero sige nga gawan mo ako..hehehe.

vina said...

Tin, just want to wish you a merry christmas...

hehe, happy weekend!!! just drop me a line lang anytime if you want to do anything or go somewhere...i would love to meet you. don't worry, di naman kita paiinumin eh!


tin-tin said...

snglguy: enjoying? ummm... i have no creativity na nga in my body, it's being squeezed out pa masyado. hahaha. pero syempre, i'll do the same for you na din :)

RANDOM: you seem like a very serious guy. at pinoproblema lahat. hehe

CHALLENGE: crack a joke on your blog. not a sarcastic joke, okay?

COLOR: brown coz of your blog. or gray coz of your post re your hair. hehe

SOMETHING I LIKE: how much i'm learning on current events coz of you. sad to say, i don't read the newspapers so your blog is really helpful in updating me with the current events

FIRST/CLEAREST MEMORY: i always see your names kse sa mga comments so i visited your blog. then i enjoyed reading your posts. ayun! i became your regular reader

ANIMAL: aside from the basset hound, it's the hawk

QUESTION: how old are you? just kidding! what is your job po ba?

SONG: moonriver. coz the song is classic, just like your writings. naks! :)

tin-tin said...

mei: anong challenge gagawin mo? yung kaw magpropropose or you're going to write about your bf? heheeh :)

tin-tin said...

carey: sarap magbasa noh? but honestly, nahihirapan ako mag-isip. hahaha

RANDOM: the pink lady who is really into details. pati painting pinapatulan. hahaha

CHALLENGE: write a post in pure tagalog. or pure bisaya. then translate it. hehehe

COLOR: pink!

I LIKE: how your posts even if it's serious can make one smile and laugh

FIRST/CLEAREST MEMORY: clearest memory now is your pagpuna sa painting. haha. but the first is i think yung typical conversation at home. nonsense stuff that is being discussed at home

ANIMAL: chicken. coz you didn't comment on the chicken on the painting. hehe

QUESTION: what is the name of your business? the one that you were talking about in the registration with dti

SONG: Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka. coz i think even if you have a leaky ceiling, you'll be happy just like the ones in the painting if you're with the one you love. naks! ;p

tin-tin said...

ann: hahaha. don't worry. you don't have to post this :)

RANDOM: a proud mom who names her children beautifully, especially the name of her daughter. hahaha

CHALLENGE: since you don't want to do this meme. gawan mo na lang ako. babalik pa rin ako khet mali sagot mo. promise. hehhe.

COLOR: red. because of the color of the apple and your blog

I LIKE: i'm learning a lot about the life there. yung tuition fee, the prayerfulness of the people there

FIRST/CLEAREST MEMORY: i just did a random clicking of blogs. (forgot from who) and i never regretted leaving a comment sa blog mo. the first entry i've read on your blog is about the tuition fee.

ANIMAL: snake. sorry.. coz that's what i associate with apples. garden of eden diba? hehehe

QUESTION: why are you there? (ayoko na magbasa ng archives! hahahaha)

SONG: mama. yung song ng spice girls :)

--ann, i never read your archives. i think yours is the easiest so far. that i don't need to visit your blog to refresh my memory or whatever. naks!

tin-tin said...

vina: merry christmas to you too! hahaha

RANDOM: the soul-sisterette of yuri. a very cool girl who is the life of the party

CHALLENGE: i can't think of anything. i know na! arrange a chinatown trip for me. you'll be my guide. this will be an adventure! hahaha

COLOR: green. because of your blog. and seems like when it comes to zanjoe, all you see is green. hehehe

I LIKE: your stories on your travel and food trip!

CLEAREST MEMORY: your ms. universe answer on jase's blog. i had fun reading your answers. sorry, natalo ka ni yuri sa pagwave. hahaha

ANIMAL: bunny. hindi naman mukhang pig yung picture mo ngayon but a bunny

QUESTION: what is ricky's bday gift to you? yuck! nang-intriga. hahaha

SONG: beautiful girl! o diba? hehehe ;p

kuazee said...

me! me! me!

rex said...

i must admit, this is a pretty interesting blog chain thingy, haha! :) pero parang nakakapagod yata for you, haha!

carey said...

thanks tin! check out what i did for u, hehehe...
about that challenge, parang i'll take it seriously ah. :) it's a good suggestion.
yung name ng biz? 'ideasncolors' - related sa nick ko ano? ewan ko ba, yun ang napili ng dti, second option lang naman yun. natawa nga kami eh.

charles ravndal said...

That is quite interesting ha!

mei said...

write about him na lang tin! natry ko nang mag-propose eh! wahahaha! =D

tin-tin said...

kuazee: okay po. I still don’t know you that well so I’ll just try to describe you the best as I can…

RANDOM: kuazee… a unique name that I don’t know the meaning. Hehe. A Filipino at heart

CHALLENGE: post not only a podcast.. but also a video. Acting as our tour guide

COLOR: green.. nature?

I LIKE: your smart and witty comments

CLEAREST MEMORY: you posted something about bohol

ANIMAL: tarsier. Because of bohol. And it’s an animal that is popular here in the philippines

QUESTION: what is your most favorite here in the Philippines?

SONG: ang bayan kong pilipinas. hehe

tin-tin said...

rex: sinabi mo pa. nakakapagod talaga. Hahaha. But you know what? As it goes on.. masasanay ka na rin.

RANDOM: the UP student who is really proud of the maroons


COLOR: maroon = UP

I LIKE: how proud you are of being a UP student. And how you try to help highschool students to pass in UP by giving them tips

CLEAREST MEMORY: when you were given a flyer for a mass wedding. Hahaha.

ANIMAL: carabao.. sorry ha. Kse sa uplb may carabao park. If you say UP and an animal, the carabao park comes to mind. hehe

QUESTION: if ever you’ll study in another school here in the Philippines, where would that be? (should not be other branches of UP ha)

SONG: UP naming mahal. hahaha

tin-tin said...

carey: hahaha. Siguro DTI is reading your blog kaya it’s related. Hehehe. Thanks carey for your answers

tin-tin said...

charles: really interesting :) and a bit challenging

RANDOM: the very creative and talented charles

CHALLENGE: give me a blog make-over. Just kidding! :)

COLOR: yellow.. it’s like your blog always has a shade of yellow. And it’s the color of the banana

I LIKE: your creativity, and how you promote the blog of your readers

FIRST/CLEAREST MEMORY: you gave me a very helpful advice in my comment box when you told me to save first in a wordpad or somewhere my stuff before I change the template

ANIMAL: panther. I don’t know. It just came to mind

QUESTION: aside from doing free blog make-overs, what really is your job?

SONG: kiss me. hahaha. Because of your picture with odd and you like never been kissed

tin-tin said...

mei: nagpropose ka na? hahaha. Di na makapag-antay. hehehe. Mei, regarding your question for me nga pala. Just read my answer to snglguy’s :)

jairam said...

pink girl here too :)

cruise said...

maganda yung naisip mo na maging close sa dad mo, di sayang time mo kung spend sa love ones!

tin-tin said...

jairam: pink girl? i thought you're a blue girl coz of your blog. hehehe.

RANDOM: the restaurant-lover. the positive thinker :)

CHALLENGE: change the color of your blog to pink. just kidding!!! since i always see you as someone good and would never say of anything bad to anyone, i want you to write about the 10 worst restaurants you;ve tried. hehe

COLOR: and i always thought it was blue. pink pala

I LIKE: how you write something about the restaurants you visit. coz it gives me an idea where to try next

FIRST/CLEAREST MEMORY: your entry about the restaurant in don bosco. i forgot its name. why that? it's the first entry that i've read. and thought i've tried it already and my friends are raving about it, yours is the first time i've read about it.

ANIMAL: bear because of winnie the pooh. and dog because of alf

QUESTION: are you really an insomiac?

SONG: under the sea. honestly, that song always pops to my mind when i visit your blog

tin-tin said...

cruise: :)

RANDOM: the great traveller and explorer

CHALLENGE: buy a new camera so your toy will have a new playmate. hehe

COLOR: green. because it seems like you love nature

I LIKE: your pictures. you do great shots. and you really show the beauty of the place you've visited

CLEAREST MEMORY: zoobic safari. because it's my first time to go to zoobic, then you posted something about it na. hehe

ANIMAL: tiger. coz of the zoobic safari

QUESTION: of all the places you've visited here in the philippines, which is your most favorite?

SONG: sound of music. "the hills are alive, with the sound of music..." hahaha. ewan. that's what came to mind now. hehe