Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014: ???

???... coz i don't know how to describe my 2014. honestly, the first thought was shattered dreams. but then i kinda remembered that there had been some good things that happened in my life. i really am not sure if 2014 had been a remarkable year for me, like it's a year i remember for something. all i can think about is how heartbroken i was for having my dream shattered. maybe it's because it happened at the latter part of the year. okay, let's enumerate the highlights of the year:

1. shattered dream. this is number one since i've kept on mentioning it since earlier. what made it more heartbroken for me is that it was not really shattered by other people (yes, partly) but the decision of not pursuing it and losing confidence in myself (the reason i didn't pursue it) hurts even more.

2. monthly meeting friends who i have not seen for a very long time. well, it's not really super every month but i think i only missed 2-3 months. i'm glad last year that i was able to see some friends again. friends i have not seen for years.

3. out of town with the dilags. finally! i got to join the dilags in an out of town trip that needs overnight stay. i just followed them but still i got to be with them for more than a day.

4. visayas exploration with the spammers. we conquered visayas in september: dumaguete - siquijor - oslob - cebu city

5. cliff diving! i don't know how to swim and yet i jumped cliffs with deep waters. i'm so proud!

6. the birth of the facebook thank you posts. it all began when i was starting to lose self-confidence. i need to counter it with something positive. i need to be reminded why i should be thankful. thus the birth of the thank you post. i just post when i feel so down.

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