Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Enchanting Siquijor

as soon as we arrived in the port/pier, we're already enchanted with the beauty of Siquijor. the water is so clear, and it has white sand.

we stayed in coco grove, and the resort is really really nice! with a very nice welcome for us in the pier. a little pricey, but it's really beautiful.

the signal is weak in siquijor, and there are only certain areas in the resort that has signal and also wifi. so, you can really relax and have vacation. just like what happened to me and my friends. when we were still in dumaguete, we were on our phones for work, and we can't work in siquijor anymore since there is no signal. time for us to rest.

siquijor is just a small island. you can tour the whole island in a day.

we took the coastal island tour.

first stop is a big balete tree. but its not only the balete tree that you can find there. you can have a fish foot spa.

and we visited a church made of wood. i think it's my first time to see church made of wood.

next stop is the cambugahay falls..

you have to climb 100+ steps, i forgot how many. we were warned by our kind driver/guide/photographer/videographer. when going down, we didn't mind it. going up, we counted aloud and we were out of breath.

that's the start of the adventure. when you reach the falls, you can do the tarzan jump.

even if you don't know how to swim, you can still do it. the water in that part is not deep. but there are full of rocks, so still be careful. and since we are adventurous, we jumped near the falls which is kind of high. this time, if you don't know how to swim this is not recommended coz the water is deep.

i also jumped! thanks to the encouragement of my friends and pol who assured me that he will save me after i jump. everyone just told me to relax and i will be fine. amazingly! i did not panic after jumping and i did float! a little fyi about me.. i don't know how to swim. hehe.

next stop: salagdoong beach. it's a public beach. for the first time in siquijor, we ate a lot since the food is cheaper. hehehe.  you can swim in the water, better to wear sandals because it's kind of stony.

but the real highlight: cliff diving! it's so high. much higher than the falls. and you should jump if it's high tide and the water's really deep because it's full of rocks. it's sad that we were not able to experience it since it is low tide. it is not safe to jump. so we just took pictures.

honestly, i'm not sure if i'll jump if ever. the waves are also strong. why did i never learn to swim?

and you now another good thing about siquijor? everyone is so nice! i really recommend that you visit siquijor. go! book now!

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