Thursday, April 02, 2015

Hongdae to Nami Island/Petite France

when you research on how to go to nami island/petite france, it's kinda complicated. and when i was doing our itinerary for last january, i was kinda scared if we'll be able to reach the place. good thing korea has a new subway line which makes it easier to go to nami island. 

to help you more during your trip itself, download the korea subway app. it would help you a lot in going places.

okay here's the direction to nami island from hongdae.

Of course we will start from Hongik University Station. When inside Hongik Station, go to the G-J Line, particularly for the train going to Sangbong (G-J line). Transfer to Gyeongchun Line and go down in Gapyeong.

let's summarize: Hongik Univerity -> G-J Line - Sangbong -> Gyeongchun Line -> Gapyeong

yes, you will just ride the train and not go out the train stations anymore.

And when you reach Gapyeong, you can take the shuttle bus for only 5,000won.It's a ride all you can bus for one day. So you ca use it going to both Nami Island and Petite France. And it passes by every hour. But before you ride the bus, ask first if it's the shuttle bus because there are also ordinary buses that pass by.

Let's go first to Petite France. yes, i suggest you go there first coz i'm sure you're going to spend more time in Nami Island. so just for you not to rush your stay in Nami.

Petite France is as the name says, Little France.

the entrance fee is 8,000won.

it's a nice place to take pictures and show to your friends and trick them that you're somewhere other than korea. hehe.

Okay, next stop. so what is Nami Island? It is a park but on a different island.

So yes you have to ride a ferry going there. The entrance fee which includes the ferry is 8,000won.

It's a popular site for korean dramas, especially Endless Love. it's a beautiful place actually.

We went there during winter, well, as you know there are not much plants during winter. i guess it'll be more beautiful if it's spring or fall.


sorry, i'm not good in describing things and in convincing. the main purpose of this post is to just actually show you the new way in going to Nami Island/Petite France. but i just posted some pics and stuff to tell you what these places are about. i assure you, you won't regret visiting those places. it's not a waste of time. happy sightseeing!


Anonymous said...

big help! :) thank you for sharing

tin-tin said...

great to be of help. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for posting this! It's so helpful!! Anyway, how long did the train travel take from Hongik Univ. to Gapyeong? Hoping for your reply! Thanks!! :)

tin-tin said...

Hi! I think it took 2 hours. Sorry I can't really say coz we stayed in
Sanbong station for a long time so I can't really say

Vira Triwiarma said...

hi how much did you pay for the train from hongik university station to gapyeong station? thankyou

tin-tin said...

@Vira hi! sorry, for the late reply. it was 2,450won.