Thursday, January 02, 2014

2013: Blessed Year

if i can describe 2013 in one word, it will be blessed. i can't really particularly pinpoint major blessings but i really blessed for 2013.

the first month is already a blessing. i went back to korea, this time with friends. and experienced skiing, met g-dragon's dad.. and the highlight of all, watched bigbang's concert in seoul. the concert is a highlight coz it had been our dream for years already to watch their concert in korea.

and the second month for me brought a big change in (career) life. i resigned and went back to my former company. yes, it was still stressful most of the time, but something's different now. and it's for the better. some said that i've matured. i'm not sure, but the change in career is one blessing for me also.

and then of course, my winning of an instant camera! yes, it's a big deal for i have mentioned in my previous post, it had been a childhood dream to own a polaroid, that's why it's a big deal for me to win this. i was thinking of buying already, so the winning is perfect timing. thanks buzz korea!

but what makes the year a very blessed year is meeting friends again after not seeing them for a long time.

i'm looking forward to 2014 because i know it will be a year that i would always cherish. i know the lots of good things will happen to me this year :)

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sylvia christine said...

Hi Tin! You had a very good year! Wishing you a more blessed 2014! :)I hope I'll still be a part of it. ;)