Saturday, March 09, 2013

Binondo Food Walk

for her birthday, my friend Son wanted to go around binondo and have a food trip. eating and trying out their specialties. so we did just that. but we started late (after lunch) coz i still had some errands. we tried out different dishes and they were all good. and they're not expensive. there were four of us, tried out 10 food i think and spent only around P1,000. coz we started late and we were really full, we were not able to go to some other places so there'll be round 2 (hopefully). but here are the food that we tried:

Tasty Dumplings - Porkchop Noodles, Spareribs Noodles

Porkchop Noodles
 they're really tasty. i think they're really known for their porkchop coz every table has an order of porkchop, but some has rice with it. we had noodles with it. the porkchop was separated from the noodles unlike the spareribs noodles. i know why their porkchop is famous. it's yummy.
but if i have to choose between porkchop noodles and spareribs noodles, i choose spareribs noodles. for me, it's tastier.
each noodle costs P115

Sincerity Restaurant - Sincerity Fried Chicken
sincerity fried chicken

for us, it tasted like chowking's chinese-style chicken. but since that's one of my favorites in chowking, then i also like this chicken. hehe
sincerity fried chicken: half - P150; whole - P300

Shanghai Fried Siopao

obviously, we bought fried siopao. but they also have other goods to sell. for just P16, it has full of meat. it's worth your money. this is the only take-out i bought, and when i brought it home and heated it with oven toaster, it still tastes good

Dong Bei Dumpling

of course, when you talk about chinese food, dumplings should be included. this store offers different kinds of dumplings but basically the ingredients are the same. hehe.
you would also see how your dumplings are made

basically that's our food trip and also halo=halo somewhere. hehe

what's also nice about binondo is that you can find cheap gigantic vegtables on the road. here's an example of a giant ginger that my friend bought

at least now, my memories of binondo is not only the dentist (that was there my dentist was before) & my dad's office before but now also foodtripping in binondo :)


sylvia christine said...

Too bad I missed this! Let's do this again. Kasama naman ako. Hehe. :P

backpacking philippines said...

nice. i miss binondo.

good to know you're still blogging after all these years

kmusta na?