Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012: Fangirl and Reunion Year

honestly, a lot of things happened in 2012 most of them happy memories because of fangirling and re-acquaintance with friends and family. that's why it's fangirl and reunion year.

i had been fans of others before, but it's with bigbang that i had been a very big fangirl. and if you've read my past posts, i have been a fan of kpop & kdramas and coz of this i have met some cool people. in a way they helped in unleashing the fangirl in me.

as early as february 2009, i have blogged about my love for bigbang. and of course when they finally came here, i just have to watch their concert. so october 24 is the highlight of my year. it is the concert of bigbang here. highlight not only because i've waited for years for me to watch them but as early as april, we are already trying to find ways on how we can get good seats (no, i didn't get the tickets for free, no discounts even but it's okay). and seeing them just few steps infront of me and them smiling at me personally.... *faints* no i didn't faint in the concert, the ticket is too expensive for me to waste on fainting moments. hehe.

here are some pictures i took of the concert (except for those with me of course), and i have to make it fast coz of some technical problems. sorry

reunions with:
  •  family - it's my cousin's wedding so our relatives who are already based in another country went back and the wedding was held in bohol. bohol is a special place for us cousins since that's where we spent our childhood Christmases
  • childhood friends - these are the friends who saw me and who i saw in diapers. again, it's because of a wedding
  • friends: spammers, bld, angels, econsoc, etc - it's like i saw my friends more this year compared to last year. and went on a trip with some of them
  • philippines - honestly, i feel like i've reunited with my country again. after 4 years i've been to a lot of places here and also discovered new ones. it's not as much as my trips before but it still means a lot to me

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad, really thankful that you still blog. Still write. I haven't visited for a long while but it's always good to come back and visit you.