Saturday, October 29, 2011

Online Happiness

have you read Train Man? it's a book based on a japanese forum where a geek asked help from his online friends in dating a girl.

i know there had been a lot of news where people meet their online acquaintances and bad things happen. i'm really thankful that i am so blessed with the online friends i have met. yes, i've met some of them in real life. and most of them had been my close friends. they had been angels.

i have said a number of times that internet had been my outlet. i'm the kind of person who doesn't like to trouble others (especially friends) about myself. when papa was sick and later on hospitalized, i didn't tell my friends. but i was thankful to twitter coz that's where i had expressed my feelings (this was during the time only 10% of my followers really know me).

not only that twitter and tumblr had been my company when i had to stay awake at night in the hospital for papa.

so why am i writing this. i just want to thank my online friends for everything. :)


RennyBA said...

Just here to say hello and thanks for all your support :-)

Tani said...

what's your twitter name? :)