Monday, May 23, 2011

Sing Me Your Song Again..

i don't know what's with this week but i really miss papa so much this week. death is truly another thing than being separated. coz before, even if we don't talk, i know he was just there. that it will just be a phase. and i was right. but now, it's death. it's like it's over.

i have to admit, i still have not really accepted his death. when i pray for him on my own, most of the time my next lines would be.. "Lord, serious? he's really dead?" then i would think that maybe we killed him more having him cremated, coz it's like since he is cremated, he won't have a chance to rise again, incase it was a mistake that he died. and this is coming from me who saw him die. hehe.

and then i got to listen to Jose Mari Chan's Sing Me Your Song Again Daddy. which made me miss him more. and of course this made me cry. coz last yr (or was it two years ago?), meyms mentioned that song and i listened to it, and i already cried. and that was a time he was still alive and death is far from our minds. so what more now, that he is not here. that song is a special song. why? coz it was literally my song for him when i was still a kid. i think he knows it. so, it makes it sad for me.

for those who don't know the song, here it is..


freeze said...

aw, this song is really touching. hope things get better through time.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

This post of yours made me shed a tear as I felt the extreme loneliness gnawing your heart as you terribly miss your own dad. That song composed by Jose Mari Chan and sung by her own daughter speaks of the love and devotion of the daughter to her doting father. Someday you will see your dad again in the presence of the Lord. Right now, just do the things that your father will be so proud of you. I hope you already found the true meaning and significance of your life. Thanks for the profound post. God bless you always.

bw said...

really nice song. My wife likes to sing it too :)

Anonymous said...

I heard that song when I was still a child. It's a nice song indeed!

carey said...

Hi Tin! kumusta na... this is such a sad post, father's day pa naman last Sunday. :(
Thanks for dropping by my travel blog. sigh. I don't bloghop as often as before, and seeing your comments in my post really makes my day. Have a great day ahead prettyTin. muah.