Sunday, January 20, 2008

Leaving Something Behind

when i was still studying, i've always said that i would not work in a government agency. that is why it was really surprising that i've lasted for 3.5 years in a government agency. and honestly, i don't regret working there. even if the pay is low (trust me on that), it was still a blessing for me. i have learned to have self-confidence, i learned how to do multi-tasking and always in a rush, and most importantly got to know some nice and fun people.

i'm really thankful to God coz it had been a blessing for me. working for boss(es) who believes in you, tries to understand your having a loud voice, and entrusting you with responsibilities. honestly, these are the things i prayed for when i was asking God for a job before.

also, gaining friends. i came to know a lot of people. gaining travel buddies along the way. those you can call on when you want to go out, those who would lend you some money first if you want to have coffee (or chocolate for my case) yet you do not have money to spend.

another thing i asked for is the chance to travel. and it was granted. i was able to travel from luzon to mindanao. though the only new place that i have visited was bacolod, i still enjoyed my travels. taling to the field office people on the phone and visiting some of them in their offices is a great experience.

but for me to grow, i need to move on. i need to experience something different. and i believe God gave that to me again last year as His Christmas gift to me. many people were surprised at the last week of the year to learn that i resigned already. when i asked permission from my immediate supervisors to the SVP, i was really sad. as Boss Alex described our conversation, i was really emotional. i have learned to love the organization, the people and everything. but i need to move on. i hate to leave the company on the time it needed me, but i guess i was also selfish coz i did leave.

but as i embark on my new journey in life, i pray that i would still be able to see you guys, to hang-out with you once again, and most of all to help the company in ways i can.

thank you everyone for being understanding, nice, believing in me and most of all for loving me even if i'm really makulit, irritating, demanding, and everything. will see each other again, okay? thank you!

my department, the CRMD


Neil Es2pido said...

Leaving is such a difficult task for me. I dunno. I just don't want to see the faces of the people when I leave. I left our internship site without properly saying goodbye to them. I left my very first part-time job in a film prod house without properly saying goodbye to them. I left our student pub without properly goodbye to them... Geesh.

Wil said...

I agree. If a job no longer allows us to grow careerwise or other, then it's time leave that job. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i also worked with the government agencies before and you have different set of goals and fulfillment.... bless you!

kyels said...

It's often hard to leave when you're already comfortable in a specific area pero we all leave for greener pastures, noh?

I hope you'll excel in your new organization and that may you find new friendships too! All the best Ate Tin-Tin!


bw said...

Congrats Tin - very glad you got what you're looking for ! Not to worry, the first one is kinda hard but you will get used to it.

I resigned from a company many years ago and came back three years later. I was invited to come back by my ex-boss who was just like me - left and also came back. Kapal mok ba kami ? hehe :)

But here as long as you deliver what they pay you, that's what counts and it doesn't matter kahit malakas ang boses mo hahaha :)

Rey said...

Oy... So pareho pala tayo ha...

Abaniko said...

There's time for everything and moving on is one of them. Good luck!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

the very best tin...the very best


Anonymous said...

I agree that leaving is indeed hard but gurl we also need to move on to grow and become a better person in our own field

Ethyl Alcohol said...

You'll miss them for sure, but it's better to keep our doors open and try out something new. :)

God bless ate tin! :)

Orange said...

Hi! I was visiting blogs and chanced upon yours. Anyhow, you made a right decision. You don't have to feel guilty that you'll leave the company.For all you know, your officemates are happy too for the new journey that you'll be facing. :P

ghee said...

Hi Tin,you work for a gov agency pala?i didnt know.

keep up the good work!

btw,i have posted the tag that you passed me a generation ago pa,hehe.

HERE!Click it!


Toe said...

You are lucky that you loved your job in the government - kahit mababa sweldo... hehe. :) It's good that you learned a lot. Good luck on your new job Tin! And I'm sure that you'll keep your old friends and still make so much more new ones.

TK said...

reminds me of the Coke/Grand Theft Auto commercial...

"You give a little love
And it all comes back to you
(Da da da ra da da da)
You know you gonna be remembered
For the things you say and do
(Da da da ra da da da)"

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Tin-tin,
That was the time you have to move on. We leave lasting memories behind but we really have to move on with our lives. Don't worry you will meet new buddies and wonderful co-workers in your new job. Parting is really sad but then, nobody can blame you for trying to improve your working conditions. Thanks for the post. God bless you and your family always.

Sidney said...

I think it is good to change environment and work once in a while. If you don't you get rusted... ;-)
Good luck with your new work !

manilenya said...

sabi mo nga you need to grow, saka lahat naman nagdadaan sa ganyan e, kaya ok lang and I know you ex-officemates understand you :) kaya cheer up girl!

Ferdz said...

Wow Tin. Congratulations on your new job (?). 3,5 years is a lot and I'm sure you've been close to a lot of your co workers by this time.

But as they say, in order to grow you have to move on. So good luck! :D

ann said...

Goodluck to your new job Tin. Ganyan talaga, yung iba nga more than 10 yrs at mahirap talaga iwanan, lalo kung napamahal na rin syo.