Sunday, January 27, 2008

Atty. Pretty Tin

on my first week(?) in my new work, I was assigned in a training with the state prosecutors. i was in the room full of lawyers, and of course i had lunch with them. during one of the lunches, some participants joked that i should take up law already. i was like "umm... no way.." and when i was explaining to them my side, i realized, ang labo ko. hehe.

i love watching courtroom dramas. i like the movie A Few Good Men because of that (and besides the fact that Demi Moore & Tom Cruise starred in it. hehe), and you know i love the tv show Boston Legal. my dad is a liar este lawyer. so i you can say i have a little background. my third year highschool classmates thought i'll be one coz of the way i recite in our geometry class proving the theorems. when i was still in gradeschool my dad would ask for my help in typing affidavits.

but i never wanted to be lawyer. a doctor, yes. but never a lawyer. why? i don't know. i love studying the laws, could be passionate with it, but i still do not want to be a lawyer. why? i don't know. it's like since i was already typing affidavits in gradeschool & being a minor secretary to my dad i sensed it to be an easy job. so i guess i said to myself when i was still young, no to being a lawyer. now, i don't think being a lawyer is an easy job. for me it's an interesting job. but i still won't take up law. i still won't be a lawyer. the farthest thing that i dream of in connection with being a lawyer is my plans of taking the UP Law Aptitude Examination (UP LAE), just to see if i'll pass but still i won't pursue it. really just to see if i'll pass the entrance exam. hehe.

labo ko noh? i can't explain myself. maybe that's why i don't like to be a lawyer. because i know i can't express myself well. hehehe.

re the title.. i can't say Atty. Racho coz that's my dad. and i don't want to write Atty. (my full name), coz i feel awkward seeing my whole name in my blog. hahaha.


ghee said...

i wanted to be a lawyer :)

kaya fav ko yung ally mcbeal series,gustung gusto ko yung hearing nila :)

why not try tin?


Abaniko said...

Wonder what type of exam they give in UP LAE. Sige, take it and post about the exam. When?

RennyBA said...

Sorry I haven't been around for a while, but your always one of my blog friend!

Congrats with a new job - sounds exciting!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead :-)

Sidney said...

“A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns.”
-Mario Puzo-

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Tin-tin,
No you're not cut out to be a lawyer. Being a lawyer is a compromising job. There's so much graft and corruption and a lot of compromising in lawyering that I don't think you will stand that. It's just like descending in a crocodile den. You'll be eaten alive there. You're doing fine in your job now. You can stick to that. Thanks for your post. God bless you and your family always.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

atty. tin


TK said...

unsolicited advice to a future solicitor or... non-solicitor:

don't let strangers like us influence life changing decisions like going to law school or not. It's up to You and The Lord, and Your Family, and Your True Friends.


Ferdz said...

Err... labo ah. hehe joke

Me time nun na paborito ko mga courtroom drama tv shows. Katuwa kasi sila panoorin, me mystery and all

kyels said...

My dad wanted me to be a lawyer; my mother told me pero he did not state his wishes and decided to let me choose my pathway.

Honestly, I'd rather do Law rather than Computer Science. All the programming work ... Tough! Haay!

You're dad is an attorney?


ann said...

May law subjects din kami sa accounting dati pero ewan di ko rin naging dream maging lawyer, di ako mahilig makipag argue...hehehe.

Wil said...

as the saying goes, "everyone hates lawyers... until they need one." hehe

Taking a law exam just for fun? That is strange. ;)

RennyBA said...

You've been tagged - no obligations! Have a great end to your week!
Canadian Maple Fudge invading Norway.

bw said...

Atty. Pretty Tin, I would be delighted to be your first client hehe :)

Rey said...

Attorney Cristina Racho : Notario Publico.

Aba, magandang pakinggan ah. :)

Peko-peko said...

gosh, you look to young to be a lawyer :-)...itwas my dream too to become a doctor..but ending up a lawyer is something to rejoice about too!! guess i have to bookmark your site in case i'll be needing one in the future :-)

btw, how's ur job like..more like ally mcbeal series??

tutubi philippines said...

ang fave ko dati lagi sa courtroom was Ally Macbeal may CD soundtrack pa nga ako nun

i love the law just to be not an ignorant. i don't like lawyers and much more i hate lawmakers who're mostly lawbreakers and pork barrel pigs