Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Posts of My Blogsy Friends

i've been tagged again. again, by Carey. and i am thankful for this tag coz i don't have anything to post. and i just have to do this because carey was the one who thought of this, and she really thought hard of this. i think this is the only thing she did while in cebu.. how to do her tag. wahehehe. and it's a cute tag. so here goes..

Here are the rules:

1. Choose five blogs randomly from your blogroll.
2. For each blog, choose at least one entry (you could add more) which is your favorite post by this blogger.
3. Include a link to this post and explain why you like it.
4. The chosen five bloggers are considered tagged and they will also have to do the same in their blogs.

Don’t be too hung up on grammar or some writing technicalities, just choose for the simple reason that you enjoyed reading the entry - it made you laugh, shed tears, fuming mad, motivated, inspired - whatever your reasons are, you think it’s the blogger’s best post so far and could even make it to the list of the blogosphere’s all time favorites.

i'm sure some of my friends do not want their sites/blogs to be announced to the world so i'll just stick to those who i have not met personally. sad lang coz i can't share with you guys ralph's bitterness, pusit's tsinelas, mei's teleserye line, jamie's conversation with God, meyms' new sm, emcee's thoughts that are sooo similar with mine, denz's drama mode, baby polo's pictures, idda's boredom, and lots and lots more..

and since it's limited to only 5 blogs (it was emphasized), i'll just pick 5. hehehe. next time na lang yung sa iba. so the five lucky blogsy friends (wow carey! something new, hehe)..

1. Toe - a diplomat in Cambodia. naks! it just dawned on me.. may kilala pala akong diplomat. hahaha

Fun Facts Pinoy may Want to Know about Cambodia - i'm really aliw with this post. hehehe. i've learned a lot and it's great to know that cambodians appreciate filipinos. sikat tyo! hahaha

My Province of Kamuning - i can relate to this coz when people ask me what my province is..i can't mention quezon city coz it's not a province. bohol is the province of my dad. damay-damay na lang. hehe

2. Renny - someone who'll tour you around Norway. better than a tourist guide coz there are personal stories behind

Brazil Never Beats Norway in Football - i'm sure you didn't know that. hehehe. i also didn't until i read this. and i love this post coz i got to have a free lunch. wahehehe

Porcelain from Porsgrunn, Norway - another trivia for me. there's a famous porcelain factory there that makes really durable cups that even if you stood on it, it will not break.

3. Chase - the blog is supposed to have recipes coz he loves to cook but since he's a film student, what you'll see now in his blog are their projects.

The Comment Whore - it's like a blog party where you can meet new friends. as a matter of fact, this is where i met Ate Ghee. right, Ate?

his lovestory with odd. aliw sobra! hehehe. i didn't put the link. sorry.

4. Lazarus - a Cebuano who's always in Manila and who loves poetry

Nanampiling sa Kalaay - this is written in Cebuano. and i just love it coz i had fun in really trying to translate it. even the comments. hehhehe

My Stuborness Saved My Mother - this is part of the tales of his dad. and i like the story coz it proves that a delay or an instant decision could really change your life.

5. Alternati - the title of her blog is sarcasm aside. and it really fits her blog. coz she's really sarcastic at its finest. hehehe

13 Villains I Root For - she loves making 13 lists of not to be thought of lists. like her all-time fave villains. and the list is really an all-time fave for many.

Sagada 01 - Living on a Rock - the first time i saw her picture. and i even until now, i can't still believe that she looks a good angel. hehehe. pansin ko ha.. parang ang bad impression mo talaga saken. hahaha.

but I have a bonus, since carey loves me. hahaha. my gift to ther (other than doing this tag) is i'm gonna mention my favorite entries of hers..

A Jump to Remember - this is sweet and intriguing. for me ha. hehehe. and after a few days, the realization of the dream came to her. ang galing lang! sana ganyan din ako.

and because of this tag, i'll start labelling my entries. coz when i was looking for my favorite entries, i had a hard time. and the labels/categories really helped me a lot. hehehe.


Kyels said...

Awesome na!

I will check them out.


Daisy said...

ang bilis mo namang nakagawa! ako hindi pa eh!

Alternati said...

Hahahha... I had loads of fun reading this meme/ post of yours. I have read the blogs of Chase (love the Comment Whore too), Toe and Renny, but I haven't been to Lazarus yet. I'll check him out after I finish my comment :)

Those are two of my fave posts as well. hehehe... I am glad you liked them as much as I did. :)

I am so gonna do this next post. I am gonna visit Carey's blog too! Anyone who can make a meme like this is definitely a must read. :)

Alternati said...

and PS nga pala... I am an angel! honestly! (hehehe) I need to work your impression of me. hmmmm...

Lazarus said...

Thanks for featuring me here, tin! I really don't know what to say. I'll do this tag. I also wanted to feature some blogs on my site. Perhaps, now is the time to do it.

ann said...

I enjoy reading Toe's posts too. Very down to earth pa di ba?

tin-tin said...

kyels: thanks po. next time ikaw naman featured dito. hehe ;p

daisy: hehe. tagal ko na din kseng walang post. :)

alternati: thanks for visiting their sites. galing nila noh? parang ikaw. kaya nga featured kyo e. naks! hehe. i hope di ka galit saken coz of my impression. hehe. mabait ka naman but not an angel. wahehehe. bawal pikon ;p

tin-tin said...

lazarus: i'll wait for that. and you're welcome :)

ann: yup. true! ate ann, if ever mabalik saken intong tag na ito, expect mo na nandun ka na. wahehe ;p

RennyBA said...

Awww Tin-tin, your so sweet. Thanks so much for plugging me and I'm glad you like and find something of interest on my blog about Norway!
Yes, you have free lunch in Oslo invitation for sure. And; when you are coming my wife and I will serve you Fårikål for dinner too:-)

iskoo said...

3 out of 5 kilala ko, magagaling nga silang blogger :)

carey said... sweet of you to do the tag sooner than i expected. muah! love you Tin! hhehehee....
and that post you liked, i thought it was just so corny, parang ayaw ko ngang i-post eh... i'm so touched that somehow at least one person appreciated that one.

carey said...

@Alternati: wow, thanks for enjoying this meme. :) this has been on my mind for ages na, might be a result of blog-hopping... and i thought i have been to lots of blogs already, but i realize i am missing out on a lot of good reads pala. sigh. will be visiting your site too.

THINZ said...

saw this sa multiply.. i keep on forgetting to ask, nagawa mo na ba header mo? well, i'll check na lang din sa multiply mo later.. ingat!

tani said...

maybe i should also start labeling my entries.

tin-tin said...

renny: yipee!! thank you so much. by the way, it's your turn now to do this. hehe ;p

iskoo: teka! hulaan ko yung 3 na yun. si lazarus, alternati and toe? :)

carey: excited ako gawin ito. syempre.. kaw gumawa eh. and ito lang inisip mo sa cebu. joke! of course i liked it. kse nacurious ako. wahehehe. and ang galing lang ng analogy mo when you were in thailand. iniisip ko na din tuloy what my dream could mean :)

tin-tin said...

thinz: di ko pa po nagagawa. don't worry. i'll do it. i'm trying to learn photoshop muna. hehehe. thanks tlga ha :)

tani: yup. it would make it easier for you and us to find your entries :)

Wil said...

What a cool meme. There's so many good posts out there though, so it'll be hard to leave other good posts out. Still, I do have favorite posts also from the bloggers on my blogroll. :)

sexy mom said...

seems interesting, though some are my favorites, too.

now, now, there'll be loads to read. :)

ghee said...

oh yes!!Thats right Tin!nakakatuwa nga yung comment whore ni Chase,and im lucky din dahil we become good readers to each other`s blogs :)

Sidney said...

Good choice!

tin-tin said...

wil: yup, it's really hard to choose :)

sexy mom: it really is interesting. try to read the posts that i've mentioned. or just visit the blogs, you'll love 'en ;p

tin-tin said...

ghee: yupyup. i'm really thankful for that :)

sidney: thanks! next time, i'll do a feature on photoblogs . coz i also like your blog totally:)

Jhed said...

Nice. I'll check them out later! Tamang-tama, bored ako dito sa office. :D

Ferdz said...

This was a fun read. I read the post of the three I know (Toe, Lazarus and ALternati) and yet to read the other two. I'm sure I'll enjoy them as well.

chase said...

Wow nice meme dear and thank you for the plug in. There will be another Comment WHore soon and make sure to be there coz there will a prize again.

iskoo said...

tumpak ang hula mo, isa ka talagang henyo!

Toe said...

Blush! Blush! I'm glad I got picked. A compliment from you means a lot... really! And I'm in good company too. :) Will definitely do this and will also check out the links. :)