Friday, March 30, 2007


i didn't know that i was inlove. hehehe. actually, i really am not. almost everyone who left a comment in my last post (Moments) said that i was inlove. i'm not. promise! as in there's no one in my life right now. not even a kilig someone. none. sad noh? but it's true. and i'm okay with it.

honest. i'm okay even if i have a zero lovelife. every thursday, i'm doing a novena to St. Jude. as in i really go to mendiola to attend the novena mass there. i have been doing it for four consecutive weeks already (5 more to go). St. Jude is the patron saint for hopeless cases.

my officemates know that i'm doing this novena and they are all teasing me if i'm really deperate of having a boyfriend already. honestly, it's not what i'm praying for. it would just come as a bonus if ever. honestly, i'm not a hopeless case even with what i'm praying for, i know i can have it (to the smallest details) in the right time. i know God will not abandon me. i'm sure He will give it to me. i just go there because an officemate invited me and i just can't say no. hehehe.

but yesterday when another officemate asked me what am i praying for.. i said: "just wait after a month.. i'll already be thin."

after saying that, it got me thinking... i now know at where i am a hopeless case. it's in slimming down :)


lazarus said...

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart

For me, di hopeless ang pagpa slim. Why do you want to slim Tin? :)

tin-tin said...

lazarus: super taba ko na kaya :-l

vina said...

hehe. that i gotta see!

as to the're right tin. don't rush. things always fall into place in the proper time :)

happy weekend tin! take care!

Estupidormitorian Neil said...

Hahaha. Ate tin-tin talaga.

I agree (with the guys... hahaha) that we tend to be superficially picky when it comes to girls. if you think you don't have a problem with your attitude (which I think you are... x-ing fingers ^_^),

Buy the Pilates dvd and say goodbye to your cellulite.

By Nivea Body.


snglguy said...

Hey I was baptized in that church. It was still a chapel then and the St Jude catholic school wasn't around yet. Tagal na ano? Anyways, my Mom probably thought I was going to be a hopeless case that's why she chose that chapel for my baptism, haha. Was she ever right on that...

Anyways, prayers might help, Tin. But there is still no substitute for dieting and exercise. If slimming down is indeed what you are praying for... ;-)

Good luck, and happy weekend.

ghee said...

hey,a pretty Tin shouldnt be hopeless,and im glad youre not. :)

goodluck sa mga prayers mo Tin!i wish you all the best!!

happy weekend!

Kyels said...

In love; let it come slowly. That's the best.


chase said...

I dont think you're fat. And hey you should try those online dating or something hehehhee

chase said...

and yeah I know try but anyway things will come when it comes

tani said...

boyfriend ang ninonovena ko sa st jude dati. nadinig din nya ako at happily married ako for almost 5 years now.

Anonymous said...

No worries Tin. Your BIG day will come I'm quite sure. Trust me - it does come when you least expect it ! :)

Richard said...

The last novena I did was the First Nine Fridays about 25 years ago or so.

I have never heard of a novena to St. Jude.

While I do pray to St. Jude. I mostly pray to Mary, Joseph and Michael (and now my mom) ... and of course, God!

Good luck with your novena.

tin-tin said...

vina: i believe i have more important things to accomplish pa. hehe ;p

neil: i have a pilates dvd pero di ko masyado makuha. hehe. so aminado kang superficially picky ka? :)

snglguy: you really are a manila boy. for me, it's really a sacrifice going there. layo!! hahaha. i do exercise and sometimes (or rarely, hehe), i choose my food :)

Toe said...

Naku, ginawa ko din 'yan... pray to get thin... but I continue to eat a lot... hehehe! I'm also hopeless in slimming down. :)

tin-tin said...

ghee: naks! thank you po :)

kyels: true! :)

chase: i really love you! hehehe. trust me. i'm fat. sexy but still fat. hahaha. online dating? ummm.... :)

tin-tin said...

tani: sbe nga nila effective kaya try na din ako. hehe. hindi boyfriend yung saken. at mejo demanding yung request ko, pero pray pa rin. hahaha. wala naman mawawala diba? :)

bw: my big day will come when i least expect it?!?! big day is my wedding day. yoko naman na least expected. gusto ko planado sya. hehehe. namilosopo daw ba :)

tin-tin said...

richard: i don't think i know that novena. this is my first time to do a novena. hehehe. i also pray to st. joseph. i pray the rosary when i travel. hehe :)

toe: hahaha. hirap ka nga kse sarap pa magluto ni honey. hehehe ;p

carey said...

mostly mga reviewees nag-nonovena dun sa St. Jude diba? marami kasing review centers sa area dun. hopeless daw kasing makapasa sa boards. too bad, i wasn't able to go and visit that chapel nung nagreview ako sa manila. my fave church is yung San Sebastian, ang ganda talaga then walking distance lang. nagnonovena ako every wednesdays dun, shempre para makapasa. hehehhe...

prayers give you the much needed boost to overcome being discouraged. and God likes it when we include Him kahit sa maliliit na bagay. so maybe you've been praying for the strength to say no to tempting cholesterol-laden food and the urge to be lazy with your fitness schedule. :)

Richard said...

The claim is that if you receive communion on 9 consecutive first fridays of the month, you will not die without receiving Holy Eucharist and last rites.