Monday, February 12, 2007

Random Facts

i was tagged by Tin, weeks ago. hehe. this is to write down 6 random facts about me..

1. I am pretty. - fact daw diba? for me this is a fact. hehehe

2. When i go to the mall, I have to buy something. - when i go home, I should be bringing one shopping bag. even if it's a food or whatever as long as i have something

3. I took up karate, swimming, guitar and aikido lessons - and i never learned anything from these classes. hehe.

4. I am brand conscious - this is hard for me to admit but it is true. when i go out, i should wear something branded. even if it;s just my top or my pants. or just my shoes. as long as there's something branded. bad noh?

5. I love to walk - i would rather walk than ride the jeepney. hehe

6. I don't ride Manila buses if i'm alone - i hate the smell and i have a traumatic experience before. hehe. because the first time i rode a bus alone, i was caught by an MMDA for jaywalking. honest, i didn't know it. coz i just followed someone. after that incident, i don't ride manila bus anymore. i just ride a bus alone if it's provincial like going to laguna.


Wil said...

ginamit mo na ang #4 sa "never again" meme. hehe. ok lang.

kakatawa ang #3. :D

ticket for jaywalking? grabe naman ang mga pulis. they should be arresting real criminals, not jaywalkers, di ba? :)

manilenya said...

wow! pretty!
hmmnn when i go to the mall ...hanggang window shopping lang ako la kasi ako pera e :)

wow hanep sayang naman ang pinambayad mo sa mga lessons na yan pero tyak ako di rin ako matututo pero gusto ko yung guitar class :)

tin-tin said...

wil: it's different. my never again is buying imitations. no. 4 is being plain brand conscious. hehe. defensive! hehe. they didn't arrest me for jaywalking. but they got 100 from me. as in i really cried after that experience. hehehe ;p

manilenya: hindi noh! kahit super mura lang. basta may bitbit ako. weirdo ako eh. di naman pera ko nasayang sa mga klase, sa tatay ko. hehe. wala tlga talent ko jan. pero siguro kung piano lesson yun, baka ang galing ko na. hahaha :)

Raquel said...

#1, yes you are, love yourself talaga para masaya tayo sa buhay.

#2, how sweet naman. May gusto ko kung food ang dala talaga, hehehe.

#3, funny, sabi pa nila we can't master two at the same time, kaya one at a time daw.

#4, I was like you before when I was a student pero nung may work na ako, nabago lahat, kahit barat ay ok lang sakin.

Rey said...

1. I am pretty. - FACT. Yes, and a lot more of other wonderful things that made you who you are.

2. When i go to the mall, I have to buy something. - Para ka palang lalake. Most guys, especially me, only go to the mall or store if we have to buy something. window shopping or palamig is not just me.

3. I took up karate, swimming, guitar and aikido lessons - I took up Tae Kwan Do in college. I guess it related to being too busy that I also parted from it.

4. I am brand conscious - I guess many are guilty of this. I only buy a small amount of dry goods in a year. But I make sure I have what I wanted.

5. I love to walk - I like walking too. It relaxes the mind and it help you loosen up your thigh arteries. It will be a plus if you have someone you love to walk with you. Now, that's a walk in the clouds.

6. I don't ride Manila buses if i'm alone-- Well being from outside of Manila, I don't too. I always ride taxi everytime I'm in Manila. hehehe.

Kyels said...

You are pretty ate, inside out.


And as for the brand conscious fact; that's true 'cause I'm sometimes like that too. Haha.

cruise said...

mukhang magkakasundo tayo, mahilig din ako maglakad. from SM makati to Makati MEd, nilalakad ko lang yun. basta wag lang sa direct sunlight (arte ba?) kapag may payong ayus!

Abaniko said...

Unlike you, gustong-gusto kong sumakay ng bus. It gives me time to daydream and think deep thoughts. :)

Anonymous said...

I am forced to love walking. LOL.

Ang layo kasi ng bahay namin mula sa gate, at walang tricycle kapag umuuwi ako ng madaling araw. -___-

Haha! :P

Richard said...

I am brand concious too, except that I am concious not to be seen wearing any brand.

Walking is good - but I think my legs are fogetting what it is. I heard that walking is faster than taking the jeepney anyway.

Anonymous said...

#1 - agree :)

#3 - hmmm.. you're kidding. You must be a karate expert :)

#4 - hmmm..not bad

#6 - agree. A bus ride in Manila can be aggravating.

Ann said...

Same pala kayo ni tin2 ko, ang daming pinasok na lessons pero ilan lang yung mga tinapos talaga. Pero sya more on music and arts, ikaw more on sports.

Lazarus said...

I used to be #2, 4 and 5.

Now I avoid the malls. Most of the people I'm with don't care much about brands. I'm too lazy to walk nowadays.

iskoo said...

kita naman sa avatar na pretty ka. naks!

ako din mahilig sa branded, problem kapag suot ko na mukhang japeyks.

racky said...

sabi ko na nga masarap kang kasama sa shopping ... nandito lang ako! heheh

oist, may kasama ka na bukas? may nakita ako para sa iyo :D

oo nga pala, advance na dahil sigurado alang time maglakwatsa bukas BATI KO SA IYO

THINZ said...

advance happy valentine's day!
just a lil somethin for you :) take care!

Octavian said...

That's very interesting. I happen to be a blue belt in Aikido, it is a wonderful art.

tin said...

Thanks for doing the tag! Wahhh! nahuli ka pala ng jaywalking! Hehe! Sayang naman yung pinambayad mo sa mga lessons, hahaha! Gusto ko yung swimming lesson, dahil hanggang ngayon, di pa rin ako marunong lumangoy. Wahehehe!

happy V-day tin!

Sidney said...

I actually like local transport here in Manila. I have always fun watching people...

Alternati said...

ayen! jaywalker! hehehe

I am not at all brand conscious... If it looks good, branded or not, I buy it... but like your previous post, no imitations with tacky brand names. I guess my only category for clothing, especially noticeable ones is that it's unique. I hate running into someone wearing the same ensemble... embarassing!

Tani said...

I too am brand conscious not so much to be noticed but I have to have the best quality in items. Provided I can afford them. I also don't like riding buses alone. And I'm also pretty. ;)

ghee said...

yes,i do agree,Tin!you are pretty :)

happy hearts day,belated! :)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

jaywawlking ba?
did they ask you to sing the national anthem?
ako din, as much as possible ayaw ko mag commute sa manila, lalo na jeep

Estupidormitorian Neil said...

1. Sige na nga. ^_^ (gulp)

2. Oh, so if you're my ate, I always have something from you each time you get home.

3. I took up karate, swimming, guitar, and aikido lessons - and I never learned anything from these classes, too. ^_^

4. I am price conscious.

5. I love to walk if I have no money to afford a tricycle.

6. I don't ride jeepneys in Manila if I'm alone. I am afraid of snatchers. And the smoke. And the smell. I was always dizzied.