Saturday, February 24, 2007

book review and a new baby

The Devil and Miss Prym is a book by my favorite author.. Paulo Coelho

this is a very inspiring book. a rich one. especially if you are a faithful or religious person, you'll learn a lot from this.

the book mainly focuses on temptation. if the people of a small village will commit a crime for the future (of the village). as with other paulo coelho books, there are a lot of profound messages and words. the story is actually really simple but the learnings are really great. you get to think on how is evel and goodness is here on earth. the task there is a hard one, it's murder, i'm sure a lot of people would not do that. but still, you would learn a lot from the simple conversations. you would get to reflect on how temptations attack you, and how you respond.

if you've read other Coelho books, i'm sure you'll love this one. for me, this is his best book so far.


a good friend gave birth last Wednesday.. congrats Ate Jopay. and of course the new father is sooo proud, he posted the pictures already in his blog. welcome to the world baby polo!
and melai.. sorry ha. you're wrong. i didn't have a new post yesterday. ngayon lang. hahaha.


Octavian said...

I'm not very religious, but I always enjoy getting other points of view. I often read bits of Christian literature because I think understanding is always better than fear or hatred.

Maybe I'll check this out too! Thanks!

Tani said...

Haven't read this one. When I find time, I'll do. :)

chase said...

I will try to read this one since now I am enjoying The Devil Wears Prada and The Zahir

melai said...

hahahaha! buti na lang di ako pumusta lol!!

Sidney said...

Thanks for the tip! Will purchase this book next time I visit a bookstore!

RennyBA said...

Thanks for your recommendation - maybe i should give the book a try:-)

It's alway nice to hear about a new baby born - send my greetings all the way from Norway!

tin-tin said...

octavian: understand fear or hatred? then read a book by paulo coelho. coz most of his books deal with that :)

tani: para di puro medical books ang binabasa. hehehe ;p

chase: honestly, i didn't really appreciate the book version of devil wears prada. for me it's kinda dragging. i've read the zahir..of course i learned something from there also :)

tin-tin said...

melai: buti na lang tlga. pero grabe ha! super pigil ako magpost. hahaha. pero di din nakatiis, kaya sa multiply na lang. hahaha

sidney: you're welcome :)

renny: thank you and you're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

From your synopsis, a real nice book. Thanks for the tip - we'll give it a shot :)

Anonymous said...

While surfing in the net I discovered your profile and I also love
the work of Paulo Coelho!!!! Do you know that he is launching his new
book, The Witch of Portobello, through his blog
I found it out because i'm inscibed to his newsletter
it's simply wonderful!
have a nice day!

tin-tin said...

bw: yupyup :)

aart hilal: i saw the first chapter of the book in his website. thanks for the info :)

melai said...

itold you so :)
kaya hwag ka na kasi papaalam pa na pahinga ka kasi mas lalong hirap magpigil lol!!
naeksperiens ko kaya yan :)

vina said...

i only have his The Alchemist.

and until now, di ko pa rin matapos-tapos, as well as the rest of the books that are just piling up.

welcome back tin! *hugs*

Kyels said...

Ah, Paulo Coelho, I love all his books!


And congratulations to your good friend.

By the way, kamusta ka?

Abaniko said...

I'm sure the father shed some tears of joy. Congrats to the couple. They must be very proud and happy these days.

ann said...

Kala ko naman ikaw yung nagka baby kasi nagpaalam ka eh...hahaha!

ghee said...

I love Paulo Coelho,too.

thanx for the tip!gotta find that one :)

Richard said...

I see your long hiatus was not quite so long.

I have never heard of the author or the book, but, based on your personal recommendation, I requested a copy from the library.

Richard said...

I read the book last night. I liked it a lot. It was nice to read something well written and thoughtful.

Thanks for your recommendation.