Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Birthday Gift

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that I’m conceited or in tagalong, makapal ang mukha. I admit I am like that and since it’s my bday next I’ve decided to write my wishlist from you guys. what I’m gonna ask from you is somehow related with you, or what reminds me of you. Some of it could be out of this world and really expensive. But remember that this is all just for fun. If you’ll take it seriously, don’t get mad just give it to me na lang. Hahaha. I hope you’ll not be offended. Remember, this is just for fun.

Okay here goes…

Kuya Marvin and Ate Jopay – a 3G phone. So even if I don’t see you guys personally, I can still see you kahit sa phone lang. if you’ll give me one, kahit di niyo maremember bday ko, okay lang. you’re forgiven. hehehe

Duke - just a postcard. Because from all those I’ve mailed a greeting card that year, you’re the only one who replied the same way. You letter was very much appreciated. Thanks duke!

Ate Mylene – DVDs of the three best movies your company made. You’ll be the one to choose.

Kuya Beautiful – hairclip. Whenever I see your picture or name, I would always remember when I gave you the name kuya beautiful. Hehehe

Sir Tony – my own photo shoot. Hahaha

Julie – a ticket to Singapore coz I miss you and so I can see ice

Toe – a ticket to Cambodia. So I’ll be able to meet you and I’ll be able to visit the country I reported about during second year highschool. Hehe

Rey– jersey of any team

Alternati– a dollhouse. So I can show off how great of an architect you are

Mai– my digiscrap in frame. Vain talaga. Hahaha

Maan– photoshop tutorial

Therine– a computer that you yourself assembled

Toni-ann– scrapbook natin

Lei- a dinner treat. Kwentuhan lang tayo. It’s been a while since we last talked kasi

RalphT– treat in café breton for a week

Renny– Fårikål so I’ll be able to know if you can really cook. Heheh. Just kidding. And so I’ll be able to know how a lamb taste. Or better yet a round trip ticket to Norway so I’ll be able to experience in person its wonders

Neko– a round trip ticket to Hawaii

Vina– manila tour

Jase– perfume or flowers

Yuri– just your presence be felt again. What happened to you?? I miss you!

Jairam– your presence be felt also. Isa ka pang nawawala

Snglguy– a subscription to Time Magazine. Ikaw newsperson ko, diba? Since I don’t want to hold a newspaper (sorry, I don’t like it’s smell), time magazine na lang. hehe

Abaniko– a ticket to Davao. Even if you’re already staying here in manila, I still associate you with davao.

Cruise– mountain climbing

Iskoo/Piolo– camera

Sidney– black and white camera

Duke– sibik! O kahit hindi sibik basta kotse. Gamitin mo credit card mo ha

Mei– an angel figurine. Ito talaga naisip ko sayo.

Tani– a doctor toy set. Coz you’re a doctor. And I love those toys when I was a kid

Richard– dictionary. so I’ll be grammatically correct in my writings and also correct spelling

BW– Egyptian artifacts. Just make sure it’s not a mummy ha. And chicken inasal if you go home to bacolod

Jef– a painting made by you

Melai– cake. Ewan. Siguro kasi naalala ko nung maraming tira nung nagparty kayo dati. Alam ko kanin ata yung natira. Eh gusto ko cake. hehe

JV–DVD of Rent

Annalynn– roundtrip ticket to the US. So I can visit you guys. hehehe

Julie– doggie stuff toy

Bananas– nestle products. Joke!!!! :)

Lazarus– book on quotable quotes

Ann– shawarma. hehehe

Ghee– yakisoba. Coz everytime I visit your blog I see food. And this is the Japanese food that first came to my mind. Pero ayoko ng yakisoba. Except if it’s the instant noodles. Hehehe

Jon and Jeff– clothes from people are people. Wala lang, naremember ko lang ang F. hehehe

Manang– my own tarpaulin also. Nainggit. Hahaha

Jhed– a copy of your best dvd collection. Ayoko ng pirated ha

Bryan– a ticket to South Korea?

Neil– pringles!!!

Rex– Grey’s Anatomy DVD. Hehehe

Charles– food that you cooked

Ainah – pink bag. hehehe

Plong – blackberry. hehe

Emil – cellphone. Joke lang emil!

Neneng– dutch dictionary

Lalaine– load. Hehehe

Carey– one of your products. Ano ba business nyo?

Any violent reactions? For those I’ve failed to mention here, it doesn’t mean you’re not to give me a gift anymore. Hehehe. I’m sorry. I just can’t think of anything. But I have a question, if you’re really to give me a gift (it can be something impossible or not), what would you like to give me?


Iskoo said...

hehe nakakatuwa nga ito. happy happy birthday tintin hayaan mo sasali ako sa deal or no deal tapos yung mapapanalunan ko ibibili kita ng magandang camera, hehe.

kawawa naman yung maraming identity dito, kasi marami silang gift sayo, bwahahaha

charles ravndal said...

Happy Birthday dear! I would certainly cook for you if only I could! I do miss Yuri and Jane as well.. hmmm

jase said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Tin-tin you are sooo cute !!! Kakatuwa ka talaga! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Dear! Hope you get the flowers on time! If sent on the right address :)

Abaniko said...

I won't give you a ticket to Davao. Instead, I shall lend you my private jet (with a pilot, of course). How's that for a wonderful gift? Hehe. Happy birthday to you, Tin.

Sidney said...


I will give you "The World's most expensive camera."

Description here:

All the best and many more birthdays to come !

tin-tin said...

iskoo: pag sumali ka, sabihan mo ako. para watch din kita sa TV. hahaha. oo nga. kawawa ang maraming identities. ayoko pag-isahin. hahaha. hmmm... ano kaya sasabihin ni cruise? hahaha ;p

charles: thank you! if ever i'll go there, cook for me, okay? :)

jase: thank you. i'll be expecting it. hehehe ;p

tin-tin said...

abaniko: really? wow!!! that would be the greatest. thank you! haha :)

sidney: i don't like the most expensive camera. it's like a big camera a complicated one to use :)

ghee said...

Happy Birthday,Tintin!!

aww,you re a cheap date huh? :)

yakisoba,sure..ipagluluto kita para do instant..pag nagkita tayo :)

enjoy your bday and many moreeeeee bdayssss to come!!


ann said...

Happy happy birthday! Wait mo yung balikbayan box na padala ko at puno yun ng shawarma...hehehe...assorted yun (beef, chicken, lamb at camel).

Anonymous said...

ibabalot ko ang picture ni tweety de leon kasama ang mga products nilang nestle para sayo love.


happy birthday.

tin-tin said...

ghee: sige, dagdagan mo na rin ng sukiyaki. puro pagkain talaga noh? eheheh

ann: camel?!?!?! yikes! wag na yun! ;p

Sidney said...

Sad ako... you don't like my birthday gift :-(

Tani said...

girl, i don't know about the doctor toy set... but here's a better gift... I'm sending over positive vibes your way. God bless you, birthday girl.

carey said...

happy birthday pretty Tin!
"I admit I am like that and since it’s my bday next I’ve decided to write my wishlist from you guys."
di masyadong complete ang nasulat mo ah, next what? kelan ba talaga bday mo?
too bad, our biz is put on hold for now, bagay sana sayo - we do personalized gift items esp. mugs and plates.
I pray you have a blessed and meaningful birthday! *hugs and kisses*

Richard said...

Urg ... a dictionary? Makes me feel so old and dusty.

How about a poem instead for your birthday? (Sorry, it is not mine, it was written by some guy named Lord Byron):

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent.

Richard said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Estupidormitorian Neil said...

I'm baack!!

Yikes! I'll be giving away Pringles as a gift? No way! I'll munch on it first then leave the empty canister on your table. Just kidding.

Sure! We accept all major credit cards, check, and COD.

Alternati said...

Happy Birthday Dear!

Kakaaliw naman! Eto ang pinakainteresting na Birthday Post na nabasa ko! hehe...


I hope you have the greatest birthday!

Alternati said...

Happy Birthday Dear!

Kakaaliw naman! Eto ang pinakainteresting na Birthday Post na nabasa ko! hehe...


I hope you have the greatest birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tin - How about a round trip ticket to Cairo? OK sana yung Egyptian artifacts kaya lang baka may curse! Kaya mabuti pa chicken Bacolod na lang, ha ha ha.. Maligayang Kaarawan girl .. Bonne Fete! Hope you have many more.

Rey said...

Damn. Kelan ba birthday mo talaga at para mai-package ko? :)

Gusto mo nude portrait?

tin-tin said...

sidney: i like it. it's the thought that counts. most expensive pa. kaya lang, i may not be able to use it since it's sooo expensive. i'll just leave it as a display coz i might just destroy it if i'll use it :(

tani: wow! thank you so much tani :)

carey: napansin mo yun? hahaha. ang galing mo! next... secret. bahala ka na kung next week o next month. hehehe. sayanG! bket naman on hold ang business nyo ngayon? :)

tin-tin said...

richard: thanks for the poem. the dictionary has nothing to do with age. i thought of that coz i remembered your post on being gramatically correct and having the correct spelling. remember that? :)

neil: welcome back!! yup, pringles. pero yung may laman pa ha. and can it be the original flavor? hehe ;p

alternati: hahaha. thank you. parang no comment ka dun sa dollhouse ha :)

tin-tin said...

bw: may curse? sige round trip ticket to cairo na lang.b etter pa yun. at least i'll see the pyramids also. chicken bacolod? uwi ka ba soon? :)

rey: ipadala mo na. go! :)

ainah said...

tin, pwedeng second hand pink clutch bag? :)


jef said...

Hahaha! Shoooore! Pero isang request, palibre rin nyahahaha! :-)

Cheers to your birthday.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Tin-tin! Queerchef blew me here. Quite a wishlist you got there, hehe. Advance happy birthday!

amanda said...

happy birthday. tin tin. the queer chef pimped me here!

Alternati said...

Nung ginawa ko ung comment, nagiisip ako ng magandang ilagay sa dollhouse! hehe... sasabihin ko sana, lagi sya may dial tone. heheheh

Lazarus said...

Happy birthday tin-tin! May you have many more birthdays to come!

A book of quotable quotes. Hmmm...
Page 1 muna ha.

"A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug" - Patricia Neal

"The right to be heard does not include the right to be taken seriosly" - Hubert Humphrey

"Love is a great beautifier" - Louisa May Alcott

Toe said...

Happy Birthday Pretty Tin!

Wow, you reported on Cambodia when you were in high school? That's fantastic! :)

Pwede bang idaan ka na lang ni Abaniko sa Cambodia when you ride on his private jet? ;)

tin-tin said...

ainah: ayaw! khet sa divisoria lang binili. hehehe

jef: libre saan?

kai: hehehe. thanks kai :)

tin-tin said...

amanda: thank you for the advanced greeting :)

alternati: hahaha. sana maganda yung telepono. para khet mawalan ng dial tone, okay lang ;p

lazarus: thanks for the page 1. just three quotes on the first page? :)

tin-tin said...

toe: yup, that's the country i reported on. that's why it's my favorite asian country. heheeh. sige, baka pwedeng mahiram yung private jet ni abaniko papuntang cambodia :)

puklo said...

hello tin.. thnx for ur comment sa dati kong entry. i'm back! hehe.. btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY -->>sana hindi na late.. better be late than never. right? hehe

wala ako sa entry. gusto ko mapasama next time.. kaya, let's exchange links-- if okay lang.. :-)

God bless!... :-)

Anonymous said...


Happy birthday, Tin! Hehe. Teka, copy lang ba? No froblem. Print ko ba sa bond paper? Nyahaha.

Joke. Ang corny ko talaga.

Hmm. Gift ko na lang sa iyo... hmmm... isang single guy na biglang lalabas sa isang life-size na cake. O di ba? Para masaya. Hehe!

Yun lang. By the way, I already answered the question you posted in my blog. Bisitahin mo na lng! :P

tin-tin said...

richard: sige, next time kasama ka na. sa christmas list. hehehe

jhed: gusto ko gwapo ha :)

melai said...

kelan ba birthday mo muna?
bigay mo sakin ang address at phone number mo pabilan kita sa sis ko siya me pera e hehehehehe!!!
mahal kasi kung dito kita ioorder pagkatapos e tatlong oras sa eroplano baka masira ang cake sayang :)
daya ka e di mo sinasabi kung kelan bday mo daliiiiiiiiii!!! excited akong magpabili ng keyk at ano flavor basta panalangin mo pumasa ako sa medical lol!! hehehe sowee di ba sabi i'll scratch your back and you'll scratch mine :) jowk lang to sisterette but it's my pleasure to give you cake on your birthday :)

tin-tin said...

kapatid mo bibili? wag na lang!! gusto ko kaw bumili. demanding! hahaha :)

melai said...

hehehehe yung nasa pinas syempre ..alangan namang dito pa kita bilan ;) I'll ask her to buy you a cake o kaya padeliver na lang sa inyo :)..siguro yung key na gawa sa bakeshop sa tapat ng bahay nila pwede na ano? :)

duke said...

my dearest tin!

touched naman ako at special mention ako sa post mo :D Di ba november pa bday mo??

email me your addie so I can send you a postcard.

Emer said...

HAPPY Birthday, Tin. 'Hope it was a blast. God bless you always.

yuri said...

touched ako girl... ang tagal ng lifrspan ko sayo ha nde pa rin ako expired. friendship! hahahaha sa dec ill be in mnl.. pkita kayo skin.. dami kong kwento bsy lang lola mo ahahah luv yah tin! miss u too mwah! happy bday!

ralphT said...

happy birthday my dear!!!!!!! :)

treat you for a week??? haha. grabe! parang mura lang sa breton ah! lolz ;)

i could like treat you naman.... but not for a week. haha. i dont have the funds for that :p

pasenxa at ngaun lang nakadalaw... had shit.... :(

cruise said...

mag practice ka na dahil iaakyat na kita sa bundok! hehe

RennyBA said...

Happy birthday dear Pretty Tin and thank you: I’m proud to be mentioned as one of your friends and for being listed on your wish list!
There is nothing in the world I would have loved to give you more than a round trip to Norway and to prove my cooking skills. Of course it should be Fårikål (you even wrote it with the Norwegian letters!!). Let’s both hope one day, you wish will come true and remember if you ever come to Scandinavia, you always have a home to stay in and my wife and I can do more than cook Fårikål you know, so you won’t starving:-)

Lazarus said...

Here's page 2 Tin: large print kasi.

"Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure" - Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice"

"Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get" - Bernard Shaw

"To meet, to know, to love - and then to part, is the sad tale of many a human heart." - S.T. Colereidge

"The right man is the one who seizeth the moment" - World Tonight Quote 3.11.96


mei said...

happy birthday tin!!! ang cute naman nito, i'm sure majority of us will make your dreams come tru, hehe.

ei, how can i give you your angel figurine? :)

when is your birthday ba talaga tin? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday uli,Tin tin! :)

tin-tin said...

melai: key? masarap ba yung bakeshop sa harap nila? hehe

duke: wow! you know my bday! i'm so touched! thanks duke :)

emer: thank you so much :)

tin-tin said...

yuri: of course! you'll be here on december. i hope i'll be able to see you. i hope everything's okay with you :)

ralph: hahaha. ey! what happened to you? are you okay now?

cruise: kelan? at saang bundok? :)

tin-tin said...

renny: i'll be honest. i cheated. i just copied then paste the anme from your blog. that's why it's written that way. hehe

lazarus: aba! ang dami nga. hehehe

mei: thank you so much mei :)

ghee: you're really sweet. thanks ghee :)

babymoi said...

ang kulet ng list tin! hehehe! wen is ur bday pala? happy bday!!!! :)

ralphT said...

aba.... hindi mo pa sinasagot ang tanong ng mga tao: "kailan nga ba and birthday mo?" hahahahaha ;)

well, mej ok na ng konti.... still perplexed kaya nde pa makapagpost ng bagong entry... thanks for asking tho! :)

halika't tayo'y magkape sa Cafe Breton! ;)

yuri said...

everything's ok tin no worries. happy bday!

tin-tin said...

babymoi: kulet ba? ehheehe. thanks! :)

ralph: libre mo na ko? :) hehe. bakit? anong nangyari sayo?

yuri: buti naman everything's okay with you. you got us worried there.

ralphT said...

mura lang naman ang brewed coffee. :) masarap pa! :)



Lalaine said...

Pwede pa ba humabol sa pabati? hehehe... nahuli na ata ako eh :D

Happy Birthday! nu ba network mo? :D hehe

Yngatz! Hapi Bertdey uli!

melai said...

hehehehehe actually walang keyk doon puro tinapay lang pero pipilitin ko silang gumawa ng keyk para sa yo lol!!

vina said...

hi tin! advanced happy birthday!!! email mo naman ako when exactly is your birthday o! don't worry, i won't tell if you don't want it to be told :P

sorry i've been gone for are one of the few, few people here that i miss. i hope to be back to "regular programming" soon :)

manila tour lang ba? hehe, yabang. i'll treat you to pizza ~ all you can eat!

Anonymous said...


Galing nito.

Would love to do a link exchange!

Keep up the good work!

--Nostalgia Manila