Wednesday, September 20, 2006

let's sing a song

got tagged again. this time by snglguy. i was to list the seven songs that is currently in my playlist. i'm in a sentimental mood right now. and i really want to listen to music that would really make me feel more depressed. i guess, i'm having my monthly visitor that's why. hehe. yup, i really have to announce it. hahaha. and i guess it also has to do with what happened to my friend Liebeth. kindly pray for her soul. so here are the songs...

1) Lately - "Lately, i've had the strangest feeling..."
i think this started my senti mode. after listening to the song, i feel like crying and would just listen to it again and again

2) Crave (by Marc Dorsey) - "It's you i crave, i crave your touch. i crave your lips.."
i saw a cd of my sister and it includes this song. i'm so happy! i love this song kse.

3) Somewhere Out There - "..beneath the pale moonlight"
i'm returning to my childhood. hahaha

4) A Whole New World (from the soundtrack of Aladdin) - "i can show you the world shining shimmering splendind..."
told you. i'm being childlike

5) Invisible Man (by 98 Degrees) - "Baby to you all i am, is the invisible man"
wala lang. gusto ko lang. hehe.

6) Warrior is a Child (by Gary Valenciano) - "Lately, i've been winning battles left and right"
feel ko talaga toh. it's like the song is describing me

7) Who Am I? (by Casting Crows) - "Who am I that the Lord of all the earth.."
a praise song that i like right now

sayang! the instructions are for 7 songs only. i really enjoyed this meme coz i was singing while typing the lyrics. hehehe.

Since this is called a tag, i'm gonna tag 7 people. I don't want to be the last one to be it. hehehe.
here goes the lucky persons are:

1. Tani - since you would like to be tagged, right? hehehe

2. Jhed - my bday gift for you

3. Renny - i don't know if you do tags, but i'm curious on the kind of music you're listening to

4. JV - aside from kapag tumibok ang puso, ano pa song mo? hahaha

5. Mai - so your mind would be off from digiscrapping for a while

6. Jase - i hope the list would not be purely madonna songs. hehe

7. Vina - what are your music on your new car?


melai said...

uy senti ka rin? puro mga senti songs yata yang mga nasa unahan ... uhmmn I like Warrior Is A Child too :)

vina said...

bring it on! :)

RennyBA said...

First of all thanks for sharing your favourite music. It’s a great way getting to learn you better and I think you have a great taste.
There seams to be a music tagging fever in music going on and I’ll see what I can do to return the favour (thanks for tagging me!!).
So far I can say that my music hero is Bob Marley and then I like, Beatles, Stones, Jethro Tull, Leonard Cohen, Rod Stewart, Pink Floyd and many more. I also like classic music like Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi and of course the Norwegian famous composer Edvard Grieg.

Tani said...

haha... i've been tagged by bugs also. di ko alam song selection ko... all i've been hearing our children's songs...:)

ann said...

Buhay pa pala tong tag na to, layo na nang narating.

Have a nice day pretty tin-tin!

snglguy said...

So far, the only songs that are familiar to me are songs number 1, 3 and 4. I guess I need to widen my music preferences, hehe. :-D

Iskoo said...

haha, i was about to tag you about this, naunahan ako, hahaha. so just read nalang yung sagot ko sa previous post ko, if you have time.

gusto ko rin somewhere out there, lalo na nung kinanta sa isang full length cartoon, nakalimutan ko na title. mouse yung kumamta nun.

Tani said...

just did the tag... not exactly my favorites...

Bryan Anthony the First said...

warrior is a child ang ginamit sa libing ng daddy ko...

by the way thanks sa bati!

have a great day!

tin-tin said...

melai: sobrang kasentihan talaga. ewan ko kung bakit :)

vina: i'll expect it ha :)

renny: oh no! i'm not yet alive when they became famous. i'm just kidding renny! hehehe. if i'm in the mood i like classical music also :)

tani: will check out your answers po. so what if children's songs? 2 of songs nga children's songs eh :)

tin-tin said...

ann: honestly, i was thinking of tagging you. buti na lang pala hindi coz mukhang nagawa mo na :)

snglguy: your age is getting obvious. hahaha ;p

iskoo: i didn't think sumasagot ka pala ng tag. hehehe. yung movie.. American Tale. yup, mga daga ang kumakanta :)

bryan: sorry about your dad. siguro ako sa libing ko.. hindi ko pa din alam. iniisip ko tlga promise. ayoko yata ng Warrior is a Child kse parang yun na lang lagi. but it can describe me tlga

Major Tom said...

Hi...I do also like the song "Lately" so much that it has become an all time favorite. Such a moving and evocative song, and trylu meaningful...

Alternati said...

Ooohhh... I love your senti-list. I listen to alot of Stevie Wonder and mushy boy bands as well pag senti mood with friends.

I have a lot of em Disney songs as well! haha...

Jhed said...

Senti-mode engage!!

Hahaha! Nice list of songs. I especially like "Lately". I always sing that in the shower, pretending I'm in American Idol. Haha!

Anyway, thanks for tagging me. Now I can update my blog. :)

Shari said...

I especially love Crave, Somewhere Out There, and Invisible Man. ^_^

Whoo. Someone's in senti mode.... =)

Sidney said...

Nice choice of music!

tin-tin said...

major tom: truly meaningful for you? it's a sad song. but i really like it

alternati: disney songs, ikaw??!?!! hahaha. sorry, but can't seem to imagine it

jhed: hahaha. you should have joined philippine idol.

shri: alam mo yung crave? yehey! coz it seems like only a few people knows it. or from those i ask ha :)

tin-tin said...

thanks sidney :)

Rey said...

hmmm... I'll just leave you a poem.

Let mortals beware of words
For with words we lie
Can speak peace
When we mean war

But a SONG is true
Let music for peace
Be the paradigm
For peace means change
At the right time

tin-tin said...

rey: hahaha. wala kang macomment noh? :)

Alternati said...

hahaha... natuwa daw ako na d ka naniwala... well I do have them. My way of coaxing my niece and nephew to like me more than any of their other aunts and uncles. :)

ghee said...

uh oh..tagging time na naman,ilang blog na ba ang naround kong ganito? hehehe..

sana wag sa kin...

jase said...

Hi Tin,

O yan, I already answered your meme... kahit late :)

tin-tin said...

alternati: hahaha. coaxing style? now i believe you. hehehe ;p

ghee: buti pala hindi kita ni-tag. dapat ikaw. hehehe ;p

Anonymous said...

I love stevie wonder and of course his latety. sobrang pang-pinoy ang drama.

senti mode pa rin ang tin pretty?

ralphT said...

yun 4th at 6th selection lang ata ang alam ko. hehe. yun iba, i dunno na. hehehe

natatawa ako sa mga taong pumapatol sa mga 'tagging schemes' na ganito. hehe. wala lang kaung tlg mapost. hahahahaha. "due to boredom, eto ako ngaun, nakikitag". lolz. ;)

pasenxa at ngaun lang ulit nakadalaw. busy. ojt :)

melai said...

hulaan ko kung bakit ka senti :)

tin-tin said...

bananas: di na po ako senti mode. pero tama ka sa sinabi mo about lately. hehehe ;p

ralph: hay naku! i'm sure alam mo yung somewhere out there. yung mp3. try ko email syo. tagal kse mag-attach. wala akong patience. hehe :)

melai: sige hulaan mo nga :)

melai said...

kasi la ka pa lalabs? or uber ka sa lalabs? wahehehehehe di ako magaling manghula tulad mo lol!!

babymoi said...

hey! tnx for the is well appreciated.. :) thank you again...:) and oh by the way, i love some of your choices especially 3,4, and 5! i was so crazy with invisible man during those years when i was crushing over this guy way back in highschool! hahah! brings back crazy teenage memories! :P

ralpht said...

yun ba yun sa land before time?

kaya mo yan! send mo saken! hahaha

Shari said...

Yes, yes I know it. It's such a romantic song. *sighs* I even pulled the leg of a classmate for him to give me a copy, lol.

Anyway, no big, no big. =) I actually like default layouts of Blogger or WordPress than the default layouts of some of the others. *rolls eyes* Haha!

Anonymous said...

I love LATELY by Stevie Wonder but is quite a difficult song to sing. It's powerful "relationship" kinda song. You like the Invisible Man eh? That's funny. Most girls like their man to be "visible" at all times!

tin-tin said...

melai: hahaha. hindi ako magaling manghula. di ko din kse alam kung ano dun sa dalawa. hehe ;p

babymoi: hahaha. and those highschool crushes are really funny, right? hehehe.

ralph: sa american tale. send ko tomorrow. mas mabilis connection sa office. hehehe. bad

shari: hahaha. demanding!hehehe. what i like about blogging is i'm learning htmls. hehehe

bw:the story of the song invisible man tells of a man who likes someone but the girl doesn't notices her :)

cruise said...

maganda yang mga selections mo a, ma download nga mamaya ;)

jef said...

Si kuya Rey and nag tag sa akinnito, will do this 2morow pa hehe :-)

melai said...

hehehehe pareho ng comment si cruise sayo at sa kin ..... nukaya yun :)

Anonymous said...

uhm, tin, medyo luma na yata ang mga kanta?

hahaha! joke lang ha! =p

Anonymous said...

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