Thursday, September 14, 2006

death and a question

a batchmate of my brother (who is in third year highschool) died last weekend coz of dengue and pneumonia. my brother knows him coz they belonged in the same club (Boy Scout) when they were in grade7. i asked my brother to describe his batchmate. he said that he has a sunny disposition and would smile always. it's just sad how death can just happen and with the most unlikely people.

RalphT and Charles asked on their blog the one question you would like to ask them. i have a different question. my reply to ralph. what would be the one question that you would like to be asked? :)


cruise said...

dami ng nasawi dahil sa dengue, sana hindi masayang yung mga buhay nila para mapaalalahan na mag-ingat ang mga natitira pa sa mundong ibabaw sa sakit na dengue at pneumonia.

Alternati said...

Sorry about your brother's friend.

Interesting question... hmmm... mind gears churning...

I can think of a million questions I wouldn't wanna be asked.

I'd like to be asked: "Deal or no deal?" hahaha just kidding... I liked to be asked "What inspired you to write this bestseller?" (But then, I'd actually have to write the book first)

tin-tin said...

cruise: grabe noh? ang prayer ko kay God, kung mamamatay ako.. wag sana dengue. basta yun yung sakit na ayaw ko. at sobrang uso yung sakit na yun ngayon noh? haay... sana wala nang mamatay dhel doon.

alternati: i was to ask you already what is your book. hehehe. what kind of book are you planning to write? (of course i'm already assuming that you would like to write a book) ;p

Sidney said...

No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow. -Euripides-

Sad story! Sorry to hear about your brother's friend.

jef said...

Hard question = brain hemorrhage


I think the one question I'd like to be asked is:

Did I live my life to the fullest?

JV said...

I have already been hit by dengue many years ago when the dengue outbreak was not, ehem, "famous" yet. I had dextrose, and the nurse pierced my fingers for blood tests (ouch!). Better be careful these days especially when it's raining. Ang daming nagkakasakit at namamatay. I sympathize with your brother's friend.

Oh, BTW, the pesky mosquitoes who suck blood from humans are females. The males are the ones who suck fruit juices. Aaaargh, could someone hand me a mosquito squatter?=D

ralphT said...

:) ang hirap naman kasi ng tanong na 'yun. hehe

aaaawww.... ang daming namamatay sa dengue. wala daw kasing 'cure'.... sad.

parang yun death ni steve irwin. sad. biglaan. pero kung oras mo, oras mo.... miss ka na ni God eh! ;)

snglguy said...

Don't want to be asked since I don't have the answers....

Sorry to hear about your brother's friend.

Estupidormitorian Neil said...

Question for me?


"How young are you?"



Life is full of surprises. Ask Forrest Gump why. ^_^

bananas choking said...

The beauty of death can only be realized if we all recognize that this life is cruel and difficult.

manilenya said...

it seem like everybody wants to be asked, mangilan ngilan na ring blog ang napuntahan ko gusto nilang tanungin sila ng kahit anong tanong ..hmmnnn usong uso ang dengue na naman diyan :(

Alternati said...

hey Tin, come to think of it when you asked me, I have no idea what to say! haha... Probably a compilation of essays like David Sedaris. Grabe, his work inspires me so much.

vina said...

that's so sad about your brother's batchmate. we really should be careful din.

on the question i would like to be asked, how about, "will you marry me?" hehe. joke.

i would be happy with "i like your (whatever it is i'm wearing). where did you buy that?"

oh, i'm so shallow.

happy weekend tin!

vina said...


i'm just starting to discover david sedaris. i'm reading his "Me Talk Pretty" now, and i'm sooo having a great time!

jase said...

The sad thing about death is when it takes those who are still very young - and has a lot of potential to do good in life!

Shari said...

Aww dang. I can only completely agree that death is really a sudden thing.

Tani said...

sorry about your bro's friend. dengue and pneumonia deaths are tough more so because they could have been prevented.

i would like to be sincerely asked, "how are you?" just to be asked that brightens up my day... i feel that someone genuinely cares.

tin-tin said...

sidney: it's really sad. especially with his young age

jef: so jef, do you think you've lived your life to the fullest so far? :)

jv: me too! i've been hit by dengue when i think i'm only 3 years old. they also asked for my blood so they can study it

ralpht: ako kaya kelan mamimiss ni God? hindi mo pa nga pala nasasagot yung tanong ko noh? :)

snglguy: are you sure you still don't have the answer? :)

tin-tin said...

neil: hahaha. so how young are you? i'm sure you're still young :)

bananas choking: but life is also worth living :)

manilenya: kaya ako ikaw ang tinatanong ko ngayon kung ano gusto mong itanong sayo. at hindi po ako manghuhula, researcher lang. hahaha ;p

vina: honestly, i thought you were asked that question na. about the marrying question that's why you were sooo happy dati

tin-tin said...

alternati and vina: haven't read any of his writings yet. sorry.

jase: very true!

shari: it would just surprise you

tani: so, how are you doc? busy pa rin? :)

ghee said...

sorry to hear about your bros batchmate`s death..

its sad...

question I`d like you to ask me?

Whats your new "dream" in life..


yung other na sinasabi ko ay yung sa option below the comment box..

and anonymous.

sorry for the inconvenience.

happy weekend!

ann said...

Buti na lang dito walang dengue, pero kakaawa talaga pag nakikita ko sa tfc, lalo yung mga bata.

charles ravndal said...

That's why we always have to live our lives fully so when our time comes at least in some way it feels that you didnt waste anything

tin-tin said...

ghee: you have a new dream in life? what is it?
ghee, as in di ako makapasok sa comment section mo. baka dito lang sa house. mejo weird kse internet namin. wish ko lang di naka-block ang blogspot sa office. check ko tomorrow sa office. hehe.

ann: sa pilipinas lang ba ang dengue?

charles: you're right. ako honestly, i don't know if i'm ready

Abaniko said...

Sorry to hear about the sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the person who passed away.

RennyBA said...

So sorry to hear about the batchmate of your bro. My thoughts are with his family and friends!
About questions, may I ask you one: what would be a perfect birthday for you?
Have a lovely Sunday Tin-tin:-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the sad news about your bro's friend. Just tragic to hear how a young man's life can be lost to an illness that is for the most part preventable and curable if detected early.

Lazarus said...

Death is a sure thing to everyone. When just don't know when. It's good to thank God even for this short lives of ours.

ralpht said...

wag ka muna sana mamiss ni God. hehe

oo, nde ko pa nasasagot yun tanong mo. haha ;)