Sunday, May 07, 2006


last night, i noticed that there's a new message in my tagboard and it really made my blood boiled. i shouldn't be affected, but i am. here's the message:

joey: Im really worried because every time i see your picture, i dont see it pretty or beautifull.One thing is sure, you're healhty in plain language you're mataba.

before that, there's a message from the same person (i presume)..

joey: Why are you so fat?ay mali healthy pala.You're not pretty naman but you keep on calling yourself pretty.

to joey, whoever you are. and i think i know you personally. thanks for worrying about me. i'm touched. but no need to worry about me because i don't really worry about it. i'm trying to enjoy my life, okay? and you're not even my boyfriend. and don't tell me that you won't have a gf as fat/healthy as me, because i won't have a bf also who's not a gentleman. and don't tell me, i would never have a bf with my size. well, to tell you the truth, having a bf is the least of my priorities. you may hear me always saying that i want to have a bf, believe me. i'm just saying that to silence you guys out. i have more important priorities in my life now that i want to accomplish than having a boyfriend.

and for the record, i don't call myself pretty because i see myself as the prettiest girl, but i call myself pretty because i want to. if i want to be called a princess, i can easily do that.

with this entry, i wanna apologize to sam and gani who i texted and emailed regarding this. sorry if i somehow assumed that it's you guys. because you're the only ones who always use different names in my tagboard. promise! i believe now that you're not joey. sorry...


Anonymous said...


You sure told that "joey" guy! Napaka-judgemental naman nung guy na un.

Teka, baka you're thinkin' na ako yun with a different name, no, it's not me. :)

by the way, you have a nice blog.

snglguy said...

Pretty rude of that guy, does he even have a blog? If he does, then why is he hiding it?

Toe said...

Ignore that jerk Tin-Tin! He's not worth anything. Having said that, I think he has a crush on you but he doesn't know how to express it. I think that he really thinks you're pretty (because you are). Some boys are like that. :) But as I said, ignore him as if he doesn't exist... it would drive him crazy! What he's doing is not a gentlemanly way to get your attention.

tin-tin said...

thanks everyone! :)

jhed: thanks. don't worry, i don't think that's you.

snglguy: haay.. i don't know if he has a blog

toe: naks! thanks! hehe. am okay now. and he doesn't leave any rude messages anymore. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Now that's really silly.Me thinks this rude comment came from a guy you refused to go out with or an envious girl!

tin-tin said...

bw: honestly, i have no idea who that joey is :)

duke said...

tintin- relax. some people do silly things to catch your attention.

may ni reject ka ba recently? lol

tin-tin said...

duke: sa pagkakaalam ko wala. hehe. am okay now. thanks :)