Friday, May 19, 2006


i wasn't feeling good the whole day today. not really in the mood to work. didn;t finish my lunch. and was somewhat quiet in the office. then after office, a sis in lb called me up to see if i am okay coz they are worried for i don't answer their text messages, calls and even emails.

then later on, i've texted selected friends from the soc that i am really thankful for them, that i saw how blessed i am with their friendship. that even if i don;t make my presence felt (just for a month), they still give a damn about me. then most of them gave the same reply. sent almost the same message. finally, i've made my presence felt. that they are worried about me already. that they miss me. and whatever is happening, they are just there.

of course i cried. that moment i've felt loved. i realized that there are still someone who worries about me, who misses me. in other words, who appreciates me.

as i've told iyna in my comment.. not talking to you guys is like punishing myself. actually, it really is a punishment. then why in the first place why did i do it? i don't know. i just didn't realize that my silence would mean a thing to you. love you guys. thank you :)


snglguy said...

You're very lucky to have friends around you who cares for you...

Sidney said...


tin-tin said...

snglguy: you're right bout that

sidney: thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ang sweet naman ng friends mo. :P

plong said...

hi tin!

i may never know whatever you've been going thru right nw. but i feel it is something so hard and tough. yet being someone who has strong faith in God, I know and I believe you can make it.

we are always here for you... and we are damn missing those pretty tin's jokes, smile and of course (uh-oh do i have to say this, ehehe), golden singing voice.

love you tin.. mwahmwah!

dreaming-neko said...

all those symptoms... are you in love?
* hugs *

Rey said...

Sometimes all we need is little silence to realize that we are indeed missed, loved and wanted.

tin-tin said...

jhed: you're right bout that. swerte ko noh? :)

plong: thank you :) i miss you guys also. don't worry, you'll be hearing my golden singing voice soon. hehe

neko: you're back? nope, not in love. ;p

rey: true! and that's what i realized :)

iyna said...

i don't know where we (econsoc) went wrong. sorry for whatever it is that made you want to ignore us. but it's good that distancing yourself from us, in the end, made you realize that you are loved and important to us. pero wag masyado pa-importante ha??? ahehehe. jukas!

and sorry i wasn't able to reply to your message last friday. anyway, this was supposed to be my reply:

tae ka tin! tae!!! love you! mwah!

hehe. anyway, you missed a lot of chismaxes. hahaha. jukas.

hope to see you soon! mwah!

tin-tin said...

iyna: tingnan mo naman supposedly reply mo saken. pano ko naman mafee-feel na love nyo ko. huhuhu!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're OK now. It's great when you have friends who really care about you. They're for keeps indeed.

tin-tin said...

bw: am okay now. thanks. and you're about those kind of friends :)